Culinary tourism in Shanghai is never-ending. There are always unique places to eat, and one of the hits is the Hot Pot restaurant. In Shanghai, many Hot Pot restaurants offer unique menus. This kind of restaurant is also a favorite place to eat in the rainy season because of its warm and refreshing broth and soup.

Hot Pot is a dish of self-cook restaurants. This dish from China has a long history. Hot Pot or steamboat, or Chinese fondue, is one of the most popular foods in China. In the form of a pan containing broth that is boiled in the middle of the table. The raw food ingredients are then placed on the side of the pan. The connoisseur can add and cook the ingredients they like into the broth.

Reportedly Hot Pot existed more than 1000 years ago in China. Hot Pot is perfect for winter dishes because eating it makes the body warm. Besides being delicious and warming, many people love Hot Pot for two things. Hot Pot is considered to be a great way to socialize and gather with family or friends, and second is the fact that Hot Pot is a portion of healthy food.

For hot pot sauce, it consists of clear and spicy sauce. Clear broth generally has a savory taste because it is made from chicken or beef broth flavored with ginger and other light spices. While the spicy sauce is added with Sichuan pepper, chilies, chili oil, and others.

Hot pot fillings are also very diverse, such as sliced ​​beef, lamb, chicken, duck, fish, shrimp, and so on. There are also various meatballs, tofu, various noodles and vermicelli, and various vegetables as a compliment. Hot Pot is even better to eat with dipping sauce. You can mix various sauce ingredients according to taste. Usually available sesame oil, chili oil, soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, pepper sauce, seafood sauce, leeks, and others.

Best Hot Pot Restaurant in Shanghai

When the winter or rainy season arrives, the best food is warm. Hot Pot is one of the delicious foods that you can eat whether it’s raining or not. There’s nothing better than a steaming hot pan filled with thin slices of beef and veggies with the soup of your choice.

So, to help you make your choice, here are the recommendations for Hot Pot restaurants in Shanghai:

  1. Dong Lai Shun

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  • 5F No. 66 Nanjing East Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai China
  • 5F 818 Plaza, No. 818 Nanjing West Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai China

According to information, this restaurant is the oldest hot pot restaurant, evidenced by the traditional building design. A red door with two lanterns will greet you when you enter the restaurant area, which looks spacious inside. The appearance of the food also reflects the traditional North Chinese serving habits. Those of you who want to enjoy a distinctive atmosphere is suitable to visit this place.

Oh yes, the hot pot here still uses a traditional cooking method, namely wood charcoal that is placed in the funnel in the middle of the hot pot. Yes, different and traditional experience of hot pot.

There are many menu choices at this restaurant, ranging from beef, mutton, fish, seafood, vegetables to complimentary items such as tofu and noodles. There are also various other menus that you can choose from, one of which is ginger soup combined with chives and dried shrimp, for the filling is mutton and shrimp. We recommend that you not boil it for too long to remain juicy and not too “hard” when eaten.

This restaurant will also present you with a basket of vegetables fresh. The ingredients are cabbage, chicory, mustard greens, green onions, lettuce, and various other fresh vegetables.

  1. LaiFu LouLaifu lou

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Location: No.1416 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai Cina

The main dish of this restaurant is fresh seafood supplied from Hong Kong. The menu itself consists of boiled beef, abalone, meatballs, and fish. Some spices are served to add to the delightful taste that you can choose according to your demands to make it even more delicious.

The freshness of the ingredients is guaranteed so that the resulting taste is more delicious because the sweetness inside is still natural. This restaurant has several branches, namely in the Hunan Road Residental District. It is strategically located, so it will be easy to find even if you use public transportation.

Laifu Lao is one of the affordable Hot Pot restaurants in Shanghai. But you should make a reservation in advance to avoid long queues on the weekends. The location is pretty good, and there are lots of good bars you can visit after having hot pot at this restaurant.

  1. Wulan Elixir Hot Pot Shanghaielixir

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Location: No.2 Hengshan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai China

This Hot Pot restaurant emphasizes Taiwan-style hot pot. They also promote their restaurant as a vegetarian-friendly Hot Pot in Shanghai. Of course, you will get a Hot Pot restaurant experience that is very different when you eat hot pot at this restaurant.

This restaurant is one of the favorites in Shanghai and even has three branches spread across several areas. The visitors themselves are not only locals but also foreigners. This is because it provides a variety of healthy and fresh products.

Several locations can be your destination, such as:

  • North Maoming Road Branch. Lokasi: 2F, Fengsheng, No.16, Lane 281, North Maoming.
  • Jing’an Branch. Lokasi: 1F, Sheila Mansion, No. 1829, West Beijing Road
  • Hengshan Road Branch. Lokasi: No.2, Hengshan Road
  • Huangjin Road Branch. Lokas: No. 667, Huangjin Road
  1. Hong Chang Xinghong chang xing

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Location: No. 1, South Yunnan Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

This restaurant has been around for a long time, around 1891, and provides the authentic taste of Shanghai hot pot. The way to serve it is by boiling these ingredients with plain water in a copper kettle and then dipping it in a sauce that has been mixed with peanut butter.

The most popular menu is boiled mutton with a distinctive taste, which will impress culinary connoisseurs when they first try it. You can find three branches on Guangxi North, South Yunnan, and Meiluocheng roads.

This restaurant’s unique thing is that this restaurant uses coals or charcoal to heat the hot pot, unlike modern hot pot restaurants that already use electric stoves. A unique and different experience, right?

Hong Chan Xing is a Hot Pot restaurant that provides halal food so that this restaurant can reference your halal culinary destination. Not only does it provide you with delicious hot pot food, but this restaurant also has a cake house, food shop, and snacks to take home.

  1. Hai Di LaoHai Di Lao

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Make sure you include Hai Di Lao in your culinary tourism destination. This restaurant is one of the most famous hot pot restaurants in China and even has branches in other countries.

The thing that makes it superior to others is its service, for that people will be comfortable eating their dishes on the spot. There are various dishes from soy milk, fruit, and free snacks while waiting before the main course arrives.

Not only does it provide delicious food, but by visiting the Hot Pot Hai Di Lao restaurant, you will also get other free services such as shoe polish and manicure. Currently, Hai Di Lao has branches in the Minhang, Hongkou, Yangpu, and Pudong districts.


  • Longming Location: 3F Gumei Life Shopping Plaza, No.58 Lane 1.300 Longming Road Distrik Minhang.
  • Huashan Road Branch. Location: 5F Sunning Electrical Appliances
  • East Nanjing Road Branch. Location: 5F No.830 East Nanjing Road
  1. Dou Lao Fang (ZhongHuan Bai Lian)dou lao fang

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Location: ZhongHuan Lian 4 Lou, Shanghai

The main dish of this restaurant is seafood or fresh meat supplied from quality providers. The menu itself consists of boiled beef, abalone, meatballs, and fish. To make it even more delicious, some spices are served to add to the delightful taste that you can choose according to your needs.

The freshness of the ingredients is guaranteed so that the resulting taste is more delicious because the sweetness inside is still natural. This restaurant has several branches, namely in ZhongHuan Lian 4 Lou. The location is quite strategic, so you will easily find it even if you use public transportation.

  1. Jade Chinese Restaurant, InterContinental Shanghai Jing’anjade

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Location: 5F, InterContinental Hotel & Resorts, No.500 Hengfeng Road, Shanghai 200070 China

This dining place is one of the best hot pots in Shanghai. The menus are exceptionally authentic so that you can get a taste of Chinese specialties. The place is also very supportive because it is also far from noise, quieter, near a beautiful environment.

Each visitor will get a small pot and sauce in a separate container, while the ingredients for the hot pot are fresh vegetables, meat, shrimp, and other additions. This restaurant has two branches, namely on Tianmu W. Rd, which is close to Bu Ye Cheng Park.

  1. Hot Pot King Shanghai

    The Chinese dish huoguo is perfect for winter entertaining.

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Location: 2/F, 1416 Huaihai Lu, near Fuxing Lu Old Xuhui, Xuhui District

According to information circulating, this restaurant occupies the top position most in demand by local residents and tourists. The thing that makes it has many enthusiasts, one of which is because the location is still stunning, supported by the simple design of the place.

The culinary service is also quite diverse, ranging from meatballs, shrimp, beef, and delicious snacks. One of the advantages is that usually during lunch you will get a special discount. You can visit it at Xinchang Road Branch and Damuqiao Road Branch.

  1. Little Sheep Hot Pot (Dong Fang Road)little sheep

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Location: Pudong New Area Dongfang Road 1298 2 Floor, Shanghai China

This dining place is famous for its restaurants that use premium ingredients, but in terms of taste, there is no doubt because it is guaranteed in terms of quality and level of hygiene. The most popular dishes at the venue are abalone and fresh fish.

There are also beef, lobster, and instant meatballs with boiled fish flavor served with several special spices. You can visit it in the Tangqiao Park area (East Gate 2), close to the highway. So that visitors will easily find it and can be accessed quickly.

  1. The Mahota Restaurantmahota

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Location: 1/F, M-Town, No.680 Huaihai West Road, Changning District Chang Ning District, Shanghai China

This dining place is one of the best hot pots in Shanghai, and the menus are exceptionally authentic so that you can get a taste of Chinese specialties. The place is also very supportive because it is also far from noise near a beautiful environment, quieter.

This restaurant’s location is at 1 / F M-Town, No. 680 Huaihai West Road, Changning District Changning Shanghai China. The main menu available is meat and vegetables, besides that there are many others with the best quality service. Support of bright lights makes it more comfortable.


Hot Pot has become one of the culinary trends, from then until now. The unique way of serving it, namely self-cooking, makes this culinary dish a favorite. But having a Hot Pot experience in China is one culinary destination you shouldn’t miss, especially in Shanghai. You can enjoy delicious Hot Pot dishes after a day of traveling around Shanghai, visiting the Bund, and other travel destinations in Shanghai.

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