Visiting Shanghai is incomplete without doing a culinary tour, filling your stomach, and experiencing new culinary experiences. Culinary tours are fun to taste the delicious specialties of the food, especially if done in an area that has a lot of restaurants, yes there are a lot of restaurants in Xintiandi, Shanghai. Here are some of the best restaurants to visit while staying in Xintiandi.

When visiting Xintiandi, the best way to get the experiences is to do culinary tours, capture moments on Xintiandi. You will get a different but unique experience when visiting Xintiandi. Moreover, most places in Xintiandi open 24 hours a day. So, you don’t have to worry about when to go, just spare some time, enjoy the moment and get the experiences.

Some of the Best Restaurant Choices You Must Try

Xintiandi Shanghai itself is a pedestrian area that has lots of old buildings with unique architectural styles. Most of them are indeed hunting for culinary delights because it is quite common to find restaurants with various food menus. When visiting Shanghai, don’t forget to stop by Xintiandi, and experience a typical Shanghai culinary hunt. Here’s the review:

  1. Simply ThaiSimply Thai

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Simply Thai’s location is in Xintiandi, North Block, Madang Lu 59 on the corner of Xingye Lu, Huangpu district. Many visitors choose this restaurant because the menu is available, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive. Just empty your stomach and feel the sensation and enjoyment of the food.

Simply Thai is widely recommended by local residents to try out for foreign tourists. This restaurant is famous for its affordable prices, a good taste of food so that the size of the dishes is suitable for all groups. Visitors actually find a lot of typical Southeast Asian menus. For those of you who are fans of Southeast Asian specialties, Simply Thai is one place that you should not pass.

  1. The Refinery. The Refinery

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The Refinery is quite a good restaurant in Xintiandi. There are many processed menus from this restaurant which are the favorites of visitors. One of them is a typical American food and is used as the focus of their preparation. You must be familiar with typical American foods, such as burgers and others.

There are many American specialties that you can try here as well as preparations from other countries. Some of them are chef calamari, spicy tuna tostada, boneless fried chicken roasted meatballs, ricotta crab dip, French fries, chicken and vegetable soup, and so on. In this restaurant, you will get an unforgettable American culinary experience. Make sure you visit with friends or family to feel even more sensation and excitement.

  1. Langham Langham

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Varied food, modern restaurant interior, exceptional architecture, and good food is the most appropriate way to describe this restaurant. You will get an exclusive experience when you visit and eat at the restaurant in this Langham hotel.

You will find international cuisines to be delighted. The restaurant also offers several styles and service concepts. You will feel a different experience because this restaurant has an interactive kitchen, you can interact directly with the chef who is cooking for you. At Langham restaurant, you will also get a unique beverage experience because they have creative and professional bartenders.

This restaurant has certain hours for its service. So, make sure you understand the service hours before visiting this fancy but simple restaurant.

  1. Khan Chacha4. Khan Chacha

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Khan Chacha is perfect for you to visit to try out some typical Middle East Asian and Indian food. Of course, the taste of the menu offered will be very different from local residents so that it has its own charm.

Khan Chacha is indeed visited by many foreign tourists, especially from India and are looking for halal food. Reportedly, this restaurant is often visited by foreign tourists or even celebrities.

So, don’t forget to visit Khan Chacha, when else can you enjoy Middle Eastern Asian specialties in Shanghai?

  1. Va Bene Italian Restaurant & Bar Va Bene Italian Restaurant & Bar

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As the name implies, Va Bene Italian Restaurant & Bar is a restaurant that will provide typical Italian food. Some of them also offer menus originating from European countries in general and are suitable for vegetarians.

You can visit Va Bene Italian Restaurant & Bar to be precise on the 2nd floor, House 7, North Block, Lane 181, Xintiandi Shanghai China. Many previous visitors admitted that this restaurant was highly recommended for everyone even if they wanted to come back next time.

Its distinctive interior will add to your experience and impression when you eat the delicious foods and drinks at this restaurant. You will feel the atmosphere like modern but traditional Italy.

  1. Estado Puro ShanghaiEstado Puro Shanghai

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Estado Puro Shanghai has adopted a little area of the building into a bar, so it is suitable for a visit just to hang out casually with friends. The exact location is on Taicang Road, Lane 181, Unit 3 1 / F Bldg 22/23 North Plaza, Xintiandi.

The dishes at Estado Puro Shanghai are offered from European, Spanish, Mediterranean to contemporary countries. Interestingly, this restaurant also provides several menus suitable for vegetarians, and many of them are free from the use of gluten.

You will be accompanied by an awe-inspiring interior, with modern lighting technology that is not painful to the eye. Don’t forget to capture your moment at this restaurant, because the interior and architecture of this restaurant are very instagrammable.

  1. Cobra LilyCobra Lily

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Cobra lily is a restaurant whose shape resembles a bar in Italian style. The menu can also be found very varied, starting from Italy and China. The exact location is on Taicang Road 181, Xintiandi, Huangpu Qu Shanghai Shi, 2000085

Cobra Lily is even considered the king of food and drink in Xintiandi. The atmosphere is very cool and casual, where the building concept combines Asian and Western cultures into one. Its flagship menu is cocktails with Thai curry flavors.

This luxury restaurant will offer an unforgettable dining experience because you will get a very professional and satisfying service. The atmosphere and interior of this restaurant are indeed very conducive to enjoying delicious food. When visiting this restaurant, don’t forget to taste the drinks formulated by experienced and friendly bartenders.

  1. ShangHai Fei Cui RestaurantShangHai Fei Cui Restaurant

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You can see from the name; this restaurant does not provide many or even specialties from other countries because the ShangHai Fei Cui restaurant will offer several menus belonging to Asia, especially China. Of course, you already know that Shanghai is a crab paradise. If you are a big fan of crab-related foods, then this restaurant is right for you. Shanghai is the perfect place to experience crab-eating.

There are several exciting services available at this restaurant, starting from reservations, seating, serving alcoholic drinks so that visitors can order by taking them home. While the exact location is at Nan Li 6-7 2nd Building, Shanghai, Luwan District Xing Ye Road 123 Nong Xintiandi.

  1. Element Fresh VintageElement Fresh Vintage

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This restaurant is known for its food preparation and processing that uses fresh raw materials as its name implies and provides Chinese and Italian specialties. Element Fresh Vintage itself is located at Taicang Road 181, Xintiandi, Huangpu Qu Shanghai Shi 200085.

One of its flagship menus is fresh sandwiches, salads, and juices. The three of them always use fresh ingredients as the name suggests. No less interesting, Element Fresh Vintage offers a complete cocktail menu with more than 100 wines.

When visiting, you will be amazed by the beautiful and modern interior of this restaurant. The enjoyment of your food and drinks will be accompanied by lighting technology that is very calming and creates a conducive and relaxed feeling. This restaurant is perfect for relaxing and chatting with your friends and family.

  1. Shanghai Min10. Shanghai Min

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Shanghai Min has a service focus on providing Chinese food. You can only visit this restaurant at night because the service is provided during dinner time. The exact location is at Ba Li Chun Tian 5 Floor Pudong New Area Pujian Road 118.

Some of the mainstay menus from Shanghai Min are those made from cakes and noodles. The atmosphere in it will make you feel like you are in a five-star hotel, so couples often use it to have a romantic dinner.

If you plan to visit Shanghai Min, don’t forget to reserve in advance to secure table spots for you. This restaurant is a favorite of many people, especially for business meetings, romantic couples and families. The modern and excellent interior will make your dinner even more romantic. You will have a very unforgettable and exclusive experience at this restaurant.

  1. 88 Sushi Bento Bar. 88 Sushi Bento Bar

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As the name implies, this restaurant provides Japanese specialties, namely sushi. 88 Sushi Bento Bar itself is located precisely at 1 / F Andaz No 88 Songshan Road, Luwan District Shanghai. Many visitors come to see the view from the Andaz Hotel.

Given that 88 Sushi Bento Bar has a building that integrates with the Andaz Hotel. Generally, visitors will visit this restaurant to enjoy their lunch through sushi dishes.

The interior and the location of the tables and chairs are adjusted like other Japanese restaurants. It is intended that you get the real experience when eating sushi or other Japanese specialties. This restaurant is perfect for hanging out with friends and eating light snacks.

  1. Ye Shanghai. Ye Shanghai

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As the name implies, Ye Shanghai will definitely focus on providing processed local specialties, namely Shanghai. You can visit here at Huang Pu South Rod, Xintiandi Huangpu Qu Shanghai Shi 200085.

Ye Shanghai is even considered the best choice when someone is craving dim sum as a dinner menu. Some people think this restaurant is quite expensive, but it will be worth the quality and taste. One of the flagship menus is the pancakes.

Visiting Shanghai, of course, you have to taste Shanghai specialties, don’t forget. The restaurant’s modern atmosphere is a very romantic place for you to eat together with your partner.

  1. Molokaimolokai

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Molokai is one of the must-visit restaurants in the Xintiandi row where the exact location is at Xing Ye Lu 123, Xintiandi, Huangpu Qu Shanghai Shi 200442. This restaurant again provides typical western food, especially Mexico.

Molokai has a building style that resembles the architecture in Hong Kong. This restaurant offers many staples such as lo mein, prawn dumplings, stir-fried rice to Hainanese chicken rice. Visitors will be very crowded, especially in the afternoon after office hours enter the break time.

Not only is the food delicious, the service and the restaurant atmosphere are thick, making you really spoiled when you are in this restaurant.

  1. Green and Safe the Barn

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Lots of restaurants with a mix of Italian and Chinese styles exist in Xintiandi Shanghai, one of which is Green and Safe the Barn. You can come and try some of the food menus at a precise location at Taicang Road 181, Xintiandi, Huangpu Qu Shanghai Shi.

Green and Safe the Barn is a restaurant known for its expertise in providing western specialties such as Italian. There are many must-try dishes for visitors from salads, pastries, seafood such as oysters, sandwiches and also some steaks. Don’t forget to try the cocktail.

You will be spoiled by professional bartenders who serve a variety of varied drinks and are prepared by the bartenders themselves. The restaurant architecture is sure to amaze you because this restaurant has an upper floor.

  1. Crystal Jademolokai

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For fans of snacks in the form of dim sum, it is obligatory to visit his specialist restaurant in Xintiandi Shanghai. You can come and try to eat by visiting the New World, Huang Pu Shanghai.

Crystal Jade is a restaurant owned by a Singaporean business chain but focuses on local cuisine such as dim sum. Many visitors will immediately order some starry foods such as pork belly, shrimp dumplings, grilled pork to xiaolongbao.

The interior of this restaurant is dominated by green and red as typical Chinese colors. Eating delicious food at a long table will create an atmosphere and dining atmosphere that is very different, unique, and certainly unforgettable. You will feel as if you are eating with members of the kingdom. Indeed an unforgettable experience, right?

  1. El LuchadorEl-Luchador-Xintiandi

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You need to know that this restaurant that stands in Xintiandi actually raises special processed menus from other countries. As the name implies, this restaurant serves Latin American foods, especially Mexican. One of them is El Luchador by providing predominantly Mexican dishes. The exact location is at Xing Ye Lu 123 Xintiandi, Huangpu Qu Shanghai Shi.

El Luchador has been known to serve conventional or traditional Mexican menus so that it has its own charm. It is not uncommon for visitors to queue up jostlingly just to order their favorite foods such as tuna tartare and avocado tempura.

It’s rare to find a typical Mexican restaurant in Shanghai. So don’t forget to visit and have a delicious meal at this restaurant while in Xintiandi.

  1. Din Tai Fung17. Din Tai Fung

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Din Tai Fung is a restaurant that is worth visiting if you want to eat light meals and snacks and relax. Generally, this desire arises because you are bored with local dishes or even your tongue doesn’t feel right.

Din Tai Fung has many branches in the world, one of which is in Xintiandi. Some local residents recommend that the restaurant’s mainstay menu is a basket of steamed buns, dumplings, leek noodles to preparations for vegetarians.

This restaurant is perfect for casual dining, chatting, and casual hangouts with friends and family. The simple atmosphere will create a dynamic conversation with your friends and family.

  1. Xixi Bistro18. Xixi Bistro

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While Xixi Bistro is a restaurant that provides many specialties from Italy and also Shanghai itself, you can visit it precisely at Taicang Road 181 Xintiandi, Huangpu Qu Shanghai Shi 200085.

For those of you who are new to Xixi Bistro for the first time, you will definitely feel that the atmosphere in it is very different because it has a cocktail lounge and a Tiki Bar. This place has two levels, where the second floor is used as a restaurant.

The atmosphere is soothing and distinctive will create unforgettable moments for you in this restaurant. This restaurant is also a favorite of many for romantic dinners or special celebrations. So make sure you pay a visit to this restaurant while in Xintiandi.

  1. Highline19. Highline

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This restaurant is the best recommendation if tourists in Shanghai are looking for American specialties. Dishes from this country are indeed considered the best as medicine if they feel incompatible with eating in another country.

The exact location is at Huai Hai Zhong Lu 282, Lu Dong Duan Huangpu Qu Shanghai. Many people consider Highline to be the best and most relaxed restaurant in Xintiandi. Some of the mainstay menus are wine, beer, cocktails, and classic American dishes, namely waffles and chicken.

If you are lucky, you can sit and have a good meal outside. You will get a unique and memorable experience because the scenery offered is breathtaking. You will eat your meal while gazing at the view of the tall buildings of the city of Shanghai which are so magnificent and beautiful.


A visit to Shanghai offers an immense and extraordinary experience. Gaze at and capture the beauty of high-rise buildings in Shanghai, feel a unique modernity experience, even for food hunting. You can experience the culinary hunting experience in Shanghai by visiting the restaurants above. Those were 19 restaurants that you should try while in Xintiandi Shanghai. Don’t hesitate to choose a restaurant with specialties from other countries in order to experience an unusual culinary experience.  Don’t forget to capture your moments when visiting the restaurants in Xintiandi, because it is certain that the experience will not be forgotten. 


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