For those of you who want to have a vacation in one of the major cities in China, Shanghai, especially for days, it is important for you to know 30 fun things to do at night in Shanghai. Of course, this holiday experience will be much fun and not boring.

Is It Safe to Walk in Shanghai at Night?

Shanghai is a busy place, be it for business, financial and trade hubs. Shanghai is also a favorite destination for tourists to travel, vacation, and also spend their time. This makes Shanghai a very busy area, full of activity, even filled with tourists. This then makes the risk and potential for crime to occur anywhere. Even so, Shanghai is a relatively safe area. This is because China is very strict on public security.

But the same as other crowded places, we as tourists or visitors must still be able to use our common sense. Maybe at night, you should be more careful, being aware of your surroundings is the best strategy. Even though Shanghai is a relatively safe area in China, the potential for crimes such as robbery, burglary, and pickpockets is still there. If you need assistance, the local police and security are fairly present in the city in uniforms, and the Shanghai police can be reached by dialing 110.

Some Activities You Can Do At Night in Shanghai

Boredom often haunts you, either because of fatigue at work or other activities. Therefore, visiting Shanghai can indeed treat it. Even at night, visitors can travel to some of the locations below:

  1. Visit the Tian Zi Fang Night Markettianzifang-2

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The night market is very interesting to visit wherever you are, one of which is Tian Zi Fang in Shanghai. You need to know that this area will present many interesting places such as bars, cafes, to craft shops.

Not to be missed, one of the interesting icons, namely Shikumen or a door house with a stone frame so you can visit it and take photos that are quite Instagrammable. You will experience a slightly different experience by walking around the Tian Zi Fang night market, which has a very long walking path.

  1. Touring the Bundthe bund

Photo by he zhu from Pexels

Many people think that a vacation in Shanghai is incomplete if you haven’t toured The Bund. This area is a symbol of the city’s pride, so it is quite busy and crowded to visit.

The Bund is also the center of the world’s busy container port transportation. This, in fact, makes this area even more visited. You will see lots of skyscrapers from the Pudong area, and it looks very beautiful at night. If you haven’t visited The Bund, your trip to Shanghai will be lacking.

  1. Enjoying the Night View of the Huangpu Riverhuang pu river

Photo by Richard Tao on Unsplash

The Huangpu River is approximately 97 kilometers long in the Shanghai area. This city cannot be separated from its beauty. One of the interesting things about this place is the many rows of ships perched on edge.

Some interesting icons that need to be enjoyed while visiting the Huangpu River are witnessing the splendor of the two bridges of Nanpu and Yangpu. Furthermore, there is also a boat trip with the aim of Wusapai. Relaxing by the urban River, which is also accompanied by high-rise buildings in Shanghai, is an experience that is hard to forget.

  1. Dinner at Changli Street Food Marketchang li road

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For those of you who like culinary tours, especially local specialties, then try to have dinner on Changli Street. Because Changli Road has many restaurants on the side of the road and it is very interesting to try.

This place is even considered a culinary market where people stay up late. Changli Street is very famous for its barbecue. No less interesting, namely snacks on the side of the road or commonly called street food.

  1. Watch an Acrobatic Show at Shanghai Circus WorldShanghai Circus World

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If you want to enjoy unusual sights such as acrobatic shows at night, Shanghai Circus World is a perfect choice. Interestingly, these acrobats are equipped with beautiful lights that make the appearance look even more indulgent to the eye.

Shanghai Circus World also earned the nickname where circuses in China started because it offers high-quality performances for visitors. You don’t need to worry about running out of tickets because this entertainment place provides 1638 seats for audiences.

  1. Culinary Tour in Tongbeishanghai seafood market

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Culinary tours are very fun for anyone. For those of you who are on vacation in Shanghai and happen to really like seafood, then try to try a variety of dishes at this Tongbei.

Because various kinds of fresh seafood dishes are already busy in the spotlight at this Tongbei. Interestingly, you don’t need to dig into your pocket too deep because the price is very affordable with many menu choices, so it’s quite varied.

  1. Shopping on Nanjing Road Shopping on Nanjing Road

Nanjing East Road, Huangpu, Shanghai, China
Photo by
David Veksler on Unsplash

Not only interesting at night, but Nanjing Road is also already busy with visitors during the day. You can take the metro from line 1, where Champs-Elysees is already connected to Concorde Square and very close to this Nanjing Road.

Then take metro line 2 to exit People’s Square and enjoy a walk along Nanjing Road. The interesting thing about this region is that the combination of tradition and modernity has grown into one. You can shop with satisfaction here because there are so many shops. Nanjing Road is one of the favorite tourist destinations when visiting Shanghai.

  1. Seeing the View Through the Altitude at the Shanghai World Financial Centerthe Shanghai World Financial Center

Photo by Benjamin Patin on Unsplash

Witnessing the view of the corner of the city from the second tallest building in the world is indeed a very extraordinary experience. So you can stay at the hotel and start enjoying the night atmosphere through the highest deck and tower in China.

Shanghai World Financial Center is considered to be the most attractive deck to visit. You will be presented with a view of the hustle and bustle of Shanghai’s city at night, and of course, this will add to the impression of a vacation in Shanghai. Don’t miss these moments by capturing beautiful photos of the city of Shanghai at night.

  1. Trying Culinary on Shouning StreetShouning Street

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Shanghai is also a city that cannot be separated from its culinary tour. One of them is Shouning Street, precisely located near the Dashijie subway stop. Many Chinese people spend their time here just looking for things like fried rice to crayfish.

One of the most famous preparations on Shouning Street is crayfish and is already considered the attraction of this place, especially at night. Don’t forget to enjoy a glass of cold beer as a compliment.

  1. Take a walk at Linfen Night MarketLinfen Night Market

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Do not stop there for the problem of culinary tourism. Linfen night market is the perfect destination for those of you who are spending all day in the city of Shanghai, especially to fill an empty stomach because this place provides a lot of roadside culinary.

One of the most famous menu items at Linfen night market is Chinese fried chicken that you can’t find anywhere else. You can visit this place precisely in the Jing’an district of the city and is a favorite icon for outside visitors and locals alike, so it is very crowded.

  1. Experience Local Snacks at City God Templetemple-of-the-town-god_orig

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City God Temple is indeed a historical place when visited during the day, so you can also learn about Shanghai’s history from this site. Interestingly this temple consists of several palaces ranging from Huo Guang, Chang, Guansheng, Wenchang, and many more.

Meanwhile, at night, you can enjoy local snacks at the City God Temple and be considered the most attractive icon to visit. There are many famous restaurants in the area, starting from Lu Bo Lang, Shanghai De Xing Guang Nanxiang. Don’t forget to try the steamed bun as a compliment.

  1. Hunt for trinkets at the Dongchang Street Night Marketdongchang road street food

The night market on Dongchang Street is the busiest area. It is considered a rival to Linfen because it is equally busy. Before visiting here, you need to know that this area will be enlivened by local residents, especially office workers, to lovers.

Not only consisting of local hawker vendors, but this night market in Dongchang is also actually famous for its many cute knick-knacks such as wallets, socks, necklaces, clips, key chains, and much more. The price is very friendly, so it is filled with pedestrians.

  1. Visiting Found 158 ShanghaiVisiting Found 158 Shanghai

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There are many reasons why Found 158 Shanghai is visited by many people, especially at night. One of them is Arkham, which is a local underground club so that it has a special design to make the quality of the music even more classy.

There are also several interesting restaurants to visit in the area, such as Homeslice Pizza, Hooked, El Santo, and others. One of the most interesting cafes at Found 158 Shanghai is Le Café des Stagiaires because it offers typical Parisian drinks.

  1. Have fun at the Shanghai Happy Valley Theme ParkShanghai Happy Valley Theme Park

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Shanghai Happy Valley is famous for being one of the theme parks that has beautiful views. The area is so wide that the use of game technology is quite extraordinary and amazing. You can visit it precisely in Songjiang District, Shanghai.

Happy Valley consists of seven main areas, each of which has a different theme, such as Happy Times, Gold Mine Town, Sunshine Harbor, Typhoon Bay, and also Happy Ocean. Visitors can enjoy hundreds of attractions in this theme park.

  1. Join a party at Perry’s (Huaihai Lu)Join a party at Perry's (Huaihai Lu)

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For those of you who are looking for an affordable bar, then give Perry’s Huahai Lu a try. The reason is that many local residents call this area the center of nightlife for students, so food and drinks are sold quite cheaply.

Perry’s Café has a bar style that will remind you of the long Viking halls with gravity layers and wooden benches. Reportedly, Huaihai Lu will distribute half a liter of rum and coke for 25 RMB.

  1. Enjoying Xintiandi Sceneryxintiandi-788

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Shanghai Xintiandi is very popular if you’re asking how nightlife is in China. This is a special attraction for foreign tourists to visit when they want to spend the night during the holidays.

There are many shops, restaurants, modern bars, and old Shanghai houses with old school architecture, so it will vary greatly when visiting Xintiandi. Many couples will spend their time here starting from singing, dancing and also enjoying various kinds of drinks.

  1. Visit the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV TowerThe_Oriental_Pearl_Radio_&_Television_Tower_at_night

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Witnessing the urban scenery at night is indeed a special attraction. You can try through the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Power to enjoy the evening atmosphere from a height.

Tourists will enjoy city views from 3 different floors. There are at least 3 rooms that can take you around Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Power, starting from the space capsule on the main floor with a distance of 263 meters, 259 meters, and 90 meters.

  1. Buying Various Drinks at the Grand HyattBuying Various Drinks at the Grand Hyatt

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Grand Hyatt is an area with many rows of five-star hotels, such as the Grand Hyatt Shanghai Hotel. You can try a variety of interesting drinks through the menu in the restaurant.

You can try various interesting dishes typical of Shanghai and of course experience like staying at a five-star hotel. There are lots of menus available ranging from appetizers to desserts and come from various countries such as Europe, the Middle East, and China itself.

  1. Enjoy a meal at UnTour Shanghai Food ToursShanghai_UnTour_Dishes

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One of the culinary tours that you can try in Shanghai is UnTour Shanghai Food Tours. As the name implies, vacation packages will focus on each visitor’s experience to enjoy a variety of distinctive preparations.

Generally, UnTour Shanghai Food Tours is scheduled for the evening, so the culinary experience is much more exciting. Some of the existing tour packages are visiting food stalls such as Jianbing and Liu Sha Bao, traveling to Donghu Wet Market, and others.

  1. Studying History in Nan Shi Old Townshanghai-old-town-nanshi

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You can also visit the old town of Nanshi if you have stopped at The Bund because the distance is very close. Some of the interesting icons are the City God Temple and also the Huxinting Tea House.

Formerly this Nanshi was inside the walls of Ancient Shanghai. The development has often been carried out but still maintains the atmosphere of past China. This is the main attraction for every tourist to enjoy it.

  1. Relax at Yuyuan GardenYU-YUAN-GARDEN

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Not only at night, but Yuyuan Garden is also considered a must-visit place when you are in Shanghai. This area has three interesting things: garden architecture, beautiful views, and amazing layout designs.

This Yuyuan Garden consists of several areas starting from the Huijing Hall, the Inner Garden, Yuhua Hall, Dianchun Hall, Sansui Hall, and also the Wanhua Chamber. You can also walk along the Jiu Qiu Bridge, where the locals believe that this place brings good luck.

  1. Trying the Typical Soup of Jia Jia Tang Bao Restaurantjia jia tang bao

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Jia Jia Tang Bao Restaurant is well known as a restaurant that specializes in dumpling soup. This restaurant’s popularity makes queues very long, so don’t be surprised if you have to queue for a long time just to enjoy its specialties.

The soup dumplings are made only based on the number of orders, so they will be served to buyers while they are still warm. This is also the reason why this restaurant is very crowded with visitors.

  1. Enjoying Old Music at the Peace Hotelthe Peace Hotel

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Some hotels often present performances for any visitor, especially at night. One of them is the Peace Hotel, which is known for presenting old music so that it will give a different atmosphere from the nuances of modernity today.

The Peace Hotel has a very luxurious building design but features an ancient touch sparkling on the walls. Interestingly, this lodging is located close to Nanjing Road and The Bung, so you can immediately go for a walk or shop at the two locations.

  1. Relax with Cats at Qi Let Cat CaféQi Let Cat Café

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For those of you who really like this pet, try to come to Qi Let Cat Café. This one cafe will pamper every visitor with delicious processed menus accompanied by the many cats around him.

Qi Let Cat Café is on the north Shaanxi road. This place has a very beautiful and adorable decoration, so it’s quite satisfying if you like to pose in a unique area like this. one of its flagship menus is a special strawberry cake and latte.

  1. Play Rides in Jump 360Play Rides in Jump 360

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Unlike the area called Jump 360, this place is perfect if you are on vacation in Shanghai with family members because one of these entertainment locations provides many sports rides, especially for children, such as trampolines.

There are lots of rides that you can try in Jump 360, starting from volleyball and basketball courts, water slides, and of course, various kinds of trampolines. While the price will be pegged every hour, namely 118 RMB. Don’t forget to borrow supplies like socks and rubber grips.

  1. Enjoying Contemporary Art in Moganshan Street Art DistrictMoganshan Street Art District

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There is one area where local artists present their inspiration, namely Moganshan Art District Street. You will come across tons of contemporary art when walking through Shanghai.

In particular, you can enjoy the paintings directly on the walls of each street. Not only that, many works were developed from sculptures to photographs. This place offers a traditional side of China, which is a special attraction.

  1. Partying at the Rouge BarPartying at the Rouge Bar

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Since opening in 2004, Bar Rouge is known to be the most famous club in Shanghai. You will find true nightlife from this one bar. Several interesting icons are ranging from architectural sights, a mix of French and Shanghai culture to classy interiors.

This Rouge bar often features international class DJs such as Bob Sinclar, David Guetta, Claptone, and also Dennis Ferrer. For those of you who will come to this club, don’t forget to pay attention to some rules such as avoiding wearing sandals and shorts.

  1. Enjoy the Shanghai Skylineh as avoiding wearing sandals and shorts. 28. Enjoy the Shanghai Skyline

Photo by Adi Constantin on Unsplash

Shanghai Skyline is considered a symbol of modernization in Shanghai, where it features urban views. One of the interesting icons is Lujiazui because it is very close to the Huangpu River.

Shanghai Skyline will offer you the view as if you were touching the sky from a different perspective. You can enjoy it in The Bund area. Simply put, this big city in China does have a lot of multi-story buildings and decks.

  1. Try Local Dishes at South Barbarian RestaurantBarbarian-14

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Southern Barbarian This restaurant will provide many dishes ranging from local to other regional specialties. These restaurants are known for their slightly casual style and tend to have a bohemian concept and serve exotic dishes.

Some of the raw materials commonly used are goat cheese, spices, tropical flowers, to chilies. There is also a local dish made from dried beef and complemented by fried honey bees.

  1. Enjoying the Night View at the Shanghai French ConcessionShanghai French Concession

Shanghai is indeed famous for having many interesting spots with their own stories, one of which is the Shanghai French Concession. This place is at the top because it has architectural designs from Paris.

For those of you who use a holiday tour to visit the Shanghai French Concession, generally, you will get several packages ranging from knowledge of French concessions, walking, enjoying special dishes, and finally hunting for knick-knacks from local sellers.

What to Avoid in Shanghai?

If you are a tourist, things you should probably avoid and be careful about are unlicensed taxis or black taxis of Shanghai. What are the black taxis of Shanghai? This usually happens when you are still at the airport or a train station. Many taxi drivers will offer their taxi services to you, but you have to be careful when choosing a taxi. Because these black taxis of Shanghai will make you lose money. At first, they may be very friendly, but after traveling or at your destination, then the drama starts they would start asking a crazy amount of money for the shortest distance of travel. Things like this are common in major tourist destination areas. Many scammers are hanging around. So you have to be careful.

In addition, you must also identify and avoid tourist traps. Tourist traps are everywhere, especially in regions or countries that are crowded with tourists. These tourist traps are people who try to trick tourists into giving them big bucks. They may offer you something that is not acceptable, sometimes act too kind but has a bad intention.


That’s a complete review of 30 things to do at night in Shanghai. You also have to make a thorough plan beforehand, remembering that a vacation with a plan is more fun than having to spend time without a clear purpose.

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