Internships are one of the activities most targeted by students to explore themselves and also gain a lot of experience. Joining an internship will increase students’ confidence in their abilities so that future prospects are even better. Below is the ultimate guide to internships in shanghai to help you know more of those opportunities.

Why do I need to get an internship in Shanghai?Internship in Shanghai

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Shanghai is one of the regions in China that plays an important role in China’s development. Shanghai is a significant business and financial and trade hub. This has made Shanghai one of the favorite destinations for internships, especially in the fields of economy, trade, and finance.

In this era of globalization, many companies in Shanghai have business relations with leading companies worldwide. If you do your internship in Shanghai, of course, you will get more value in the eyes of future job recruiters.

If you are from outside of Shanghai, your internship experience abroad will convince the company that you are more open to different opinions and perspectives and understand how to mingle with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

An internship in Shanghai will also provide an opportunity to expand your connections in the business field. You will have relationships with well-known and qualified business people as well as economic actors because it needs to be known and emphasized that Shanghai is one of the world’s economic and financial centers. So, Shanghai is very relevant to be your destination to intern and explore yourself and your abilities. Then what is the right way to get an internship opportunity?

6 ways to for search internship opportunities6 ways to for search internship opportunities

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Learning does not only include what you learn in college. By working on an internship, you can get more practical knowledge and may not be found when studying in classes in your lecture. Therefore, don’t waste the opportunity for internships during college.

Finding opportunities for internships is sometimes not easy. It starts from determining the internship location, the company that is opening vacancies, and taking care of permits from where you study or work. But take it easy, Enjoy Shanghai has summarized some tips for you to try to make it easier for you to intern in a cool place.

  1. The initiative, don’t be lazy!

Many say that getting a chance to join an international internship is impossible and very difficult because the opportunity itself is scarce, even though it is actually an incorrect assumption.

Information regarding internship opportunities is extensive and easy to find. The key is initiative, don’t be lazy to seek information and take action. The source can be from anywhere, even from the internet. The initiative is the main asset that must be owned in looking for internship opportunities.

Today is a very sophisticated era. Just open Google, and you can get thousands of internship information. But don’t forget to stay critical and smart in filtering the information you get to avoid scams or fake internship providers.

2, Networking

Having a relationship or knowing seniors is also one of the things that you can take advantage of. Maybe your co-workers or seniors have internship experience at the place that you are looking for, or even your seniors are working at the company. References and recommendations from them can also make it easier for you to get opportunities for internships, even if it’s as simple as job information.

Having good relationships and connections with those who have internship experience will also be able to help you get internship opportunities. They can provide important internship information, advice, and guidance when looking for internship opportunities. So, if you have a broad relationship, try to discuss with them about their experiences. So you can apply it and have an unforgettable internship experience.

3, Know the skills and experience you want to get

Finding a good and right internship must match the industry in which you want to have career prospects. Also, make sure that you can deepen the various things you have learned previously in college at the internship you choose.


There is no need to prioritize the company’s scale. As long as the company is in an industry that matches your dream career and offers a position where you can learn the various skills you need, that’s enough.

The position and the company where you intern will determine what experience and skills you will get. Even though there are many limitations when you have a career as an intern, there is nothing wrong with doing in-depth research on the position you are applying to estimate what skills and experience you will get later and whether this is consistent with your goals in finding an internship.

4, Start updating your CV and show off your abilities!

Do not underestimate a CV because it is only part of a formal procedure. CV is the opening gate to give an excellent impression to the employer. Make your CV as attractive as possible. Write down your abilities and what makes you stand out from the other applicants.

If you’ve worked before, include those experiences but not all of them. Just select a few that have good records and are related to the field of work being applied for. But if you have never worked, write down the activities you participated in while on campuses, such as organizations or extracurriculars.

Your CV needs to be as detailed as possible, but not too long. Two pages are enough because it will make those who read it become bored if it is too long.

5, Be active on social media and intern search sites

Internship opportunities can come from anywhere. Apart from sending the CV that you already have directly to your destination company, it would be best to be active in various forums and job search sites. Now, there are so many internship opportunities published online. One that you can use is a professional platform, namely LinkedIn. Many companies offer job vacancies and internships on LinkedIn because LinkedIn is a platform for professionals who are looking for work or are currently on the job.

6, Don’t waste your time, fill it with useful activities

The job search process can take a long time. Don’t give up, keep submitting CVs and cover letters, and regularly follow up on all unanswered internship job applications.

However, while waiting for a reply from your destination company, don’t let your time be wasted. Fill in the lang time you have with various useful activities such as being active in organizations, participating in volunteer programs, or deepening certain skills by taking courses. These positive things will also become more selling points that you can highlight to increase the chances of getting an internship at the dream company.

Paid internship in Shanghai

Internships are a huge opportunity to explore one’s own abilities and improve their abilities and experience.  This increased ability can also be used to enhance careers to be more successful and have good prospects. But internships can also be used to increase income. So not only to improve skills, increase knowledge and experience, but also to make money.

The trick is to find paid internships. There are many types and fields of internships, some are paid, and some are not. The type of internship that is not paid is usually only given a certificate of recognition or award from the internship place, without any material or financial provision. But paid internships provide salaries or payments to apprentices who are interns at that place.

Many students are looking for a paid internship to increase their pocket money and even meet their secondary needs as students. You can find a paid internship according to your field and industry on the following websites:

  1. Help Go Abroad
  2. Glassdoor
  3. China Internship Placements

Summer internship in Shanghai

Summer internships are very important and also an excellent opportunity to take advantage of summer vacation time by developing knowledge, expertise, and abilities. Improve skills in certain fields or industries, expand connections, and even earn extra money. Summer internship usually lasts 8 weeks (2 months).

As a student, it is better to take advantage of the summer vacation period to explore more to create more job opportunities after graduating or looking for work in the future. Summer internship offers that, so it must be used. Summer internships are everywhere, including in Shanghai. Suppose you have the desire to do a summer internship in Shanghai. In that case, you are accurate because Shanghai is one of the most targeted internship destinations for many people.

To get updated information about the summer internships in Shanghai, Enjoy Shanghai has summarized several sources:

  1. CIEE
  2. Go Overseas
  3. China Internship Placements
  4. Global Experiences
  5. Glassdoor
  6. IES Abroad

English speaking internship in Shanghai

Language is one of the main reasons why many students do not want to do international internships. They feel that their inadequate language skills will make it difficult for them to undergo their internship abroad. But that shouldn’t be the reason to stop achieving the dream of being able to intern abroad, including in Shanghai.

Shanghai is a significant region in terms of business, trade, and financial hubs. Therefore, Shanghai offers a myriad of internship opportunities for those who speak English only. Even the English-speaking internship in Shanghai is an exclusive and also an excellent type of internship.

Taking an English-language internship in Shanghai will give you a lot of benefits, such as practicing your Mandarin skills because you will live in Shanghai, then expanding your connections, as well as business and economics knowledge that is exclusive to Shanghai.

To get updated information about the opportunity for an English speaking internship in Shanghai, Enjoy Shanghai has summarized several internship information providers:

  1. iAgora
  2. Internship China
  3. Nextstep Connections
  4. Study Abroad & Global Engagement KU
  5. Expat

Business internship in Shanghai

For those of you who are currently in the business world, it is a good thing to take business internships to train your business skills so that your career can be even better. China is a country that has a significant influence on the economic, trade, and financial sectors. So, China is an excellent apprenticeship destination for business interns, including Shanghai. As one of the economic and business center regions in China, Shanghai offers many opportunities that are wide open for those of you who want to intern and strengthen your business skills.

In Shanghai, you will exclusively experience how business is in the center of China’s business and economy. A business internship in China is definitely an opportunity not to be missed to get a new and exclusive experience in the business world to strengthen your ambition and also enhance your career.

To be able to get information about business internships in Shanghai, you can find it in the following sources:

  1. Glassdoor
  2. Gooverseas
  3. The Intern Group
  4. GradConnection
  5. Nextstep Connections

What needs to be prepared before getting an internship in Shanghai?Paid internship in Shanghai

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Of course, the preparation for an internship abroad is different when compared to an internship in your home country. So, if you come from outside China, you need to learn and understand more about what to prepare before doing an internship in Shanghai, China. 

  1. Plan your life while interning in Shanghai

Before leaving for Shanghai for an internship, it is better if you prepare yourself for a new life in Shanghai, even if it is only a few months. Especially if this is your first time abroad and even in China, it is very crucial to plan for life in Shanghai.

This is also very crucial, especially if you come from outside China. You have to understand the culture in Shanghai so that you don’t cause problems when in Shanghai. You have to understand very well about Shanghai in order to live and be able to run well. Even if possible, learn Mandarin or Shanghainese. This will make it easier for you to communicate and live in Shanghai as a foreigner. Because even though it is a big city and the center of business and finance, few people in Shanghai speak English. Only people in some sectors can speak English.

2. Pay attention to apprenticeship and living permit in Shanghai

Preparing for an internship in Shanghai, of course, cannot be separated from the apprenticeship permit and residence permit in accordance with the applicable provisions in China, especially Shanghai. Usually, for internships and living in Shanghai, things that need to be taken care of are legal documents such as passports, visas, residence permits, airplane tickets, etc.

Taking care of things like this is a bit complicated, time-consuming, and also costs money. But you can make this matter easier by using the services of a trusted agency that can help you take care of all the preparations and documents to be able to intern and live temporarily in Shanghai. Or if you feel that you are able to take care of all these preparatory matters, it will be even better, because you will know more about the procedures for apprenticeship and living permit in Shanghai.

3. Prepare all the requirements needed

This is very crucial in apprenticeship. An internship is a formal contract with a company or institution with an apprentice. Because it is a formal and binding contract, all the requirements that are asked must be fulfilled. Examples are academic achievements on campus, your CV, motivation letters, or even letters of recommendation. These requirements must be met in order to legally get a position at the company or place of internship.

Internships require many types of documents. So you must be able to make sure that you meet the requirements and all documents are complete according to the company’s regulations on time.

4. Do research on your internship

Before starting an internship program, it would be nice to research the workplace, starting from the area of focus, product or service information, the company’s latest trends, important figures in the company, to the awards the company has won (if there is).

In addition to information about the company, you must also do detailed research to find out where the company is located, how to get to the company from where you live, anything around the company, even where to buy coffee for those of you who are coffee lovers. These things are, of course, crucial. It should also be noted how long it takes to get to the company to avoid delays when the internship takes place.

5. Prepare your mental

After everything is ready, it’s time to make up your mind to participate in an internship program in Shanghai. Be prepared to adapt to a new place, meet colleagues, and build networking with the people you meet because your friends may not realize that a pleasant personality and attitude at work will pay off well too. Who knows the company where your internship offers you to become their permanent employee?

Don’t forget to be proactive when taking internships in Shanghai and learn as much as you can and assume yourself as a permanent employee because your hard work will pay off in the future. Ask something you didn’t understand during the internship program, and the most important thing is to be yourself.


Those are the tips and short guides for those who want to get and experience internship opportunities in Shanghai. Shanghai deserves to be a favorite destination for internships. The many opportunities available will make your journey to find an internship in Shanghai easier. If you have had the opportunity to do an internship in Shanghai, don’t forget to also to experience Shanghai’s favorite tourist destinations.

Take advantage of opportunities for internships to be able to develop and explore yourself even further. So that later in the future job opportunities will be wider and also have a higher life prospect.


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