Shanghai, the world’s fastest-growing city that never sleeps and offers every type of night outs. This fast-paced city is full of youngsters and old ex-pats who enjoy their nightlife partying and socializing. The clubs and bars are the top spots which positively pulsates with the energy and excitement of people. 

Shanghai keeps some of the sophisticated and trendiest nightspots in Asia. Once you visit it yourself, you will come to know why shanghai is the most alluring entertainment spot in china. 

The statistics reveal that about 57% of the Chinese show up at the local night scene such as bars, clubs, etc. as a leisure trip. 

If you are a night owl, must-see our list of popular clubs across shanghai.  

30 popular venues of Shanghai’s nightlife club

1.  The Geisha1. The Geisha

This place is the combination of a restaurant and a club with 3 floors having different things. You will love this Japanese restaurant, a club with the DJ, and sake lounge. They offer a unique, delicious cocktail menu. This venue has a special dress code, so open-toed footwear is not allowed here.

Location: 390 south Shaanxi Lu, near Fuxing Lu.

2.  Monkey champagne2. Monkey champagne

This is also famous with the name of the monkey lounge. This tiny bar or restaurant switches into the club after around 10 at night. The prices of the cocktail at the bar are quite expensive, about 75 RMB or more. So mainly people visit the bar due to the promising fun night with hip hop dance music.

Location: 38 Donghu Lu, near Xinle Lu

3.  The apartment3. The apartment

The apartment is the highly popular Shanghai’s nightlife which is divided into 2 areas for hip hop dance music. It tends to get populated on the weekends. If you want to have dinner, that’s also possible at the rooftop patio. After partying and clubbing here you must have some delicious burger or tasty street food.

Location: 3/F 47 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Lu

4.  The shelter4. The shelter

The shelter is an underground dance point, close to the apartment. Once this place was a bomb shelter so when you are here, you almost feel the being the part of vogue. With the acid jazz and heavy bass hip hop, this place will provide some good rap music. If you are lucky, you might enjoy the musical nights with some international music DJs. The shelter offers cheap drinks but they might be smoky inside.

Location: Basement of 5 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu

5.  Downtown5. Downtown

This spot is right next to the Shelter in Yongfu Lu. The atmosphere inside the downtown is perfect and in no time it has become popular among the fans of techy house music. The place has meticulous interior décor with a very cultish underground feel. It offers the drinks at a reasonable price i.e.; 30 RMB beers and 50 RMB cocktails.

A fact: downtown came out as a result of the shutting down of the Shiva lounge when the resident’s complaint of the excess of noise.

Location: 449 Hua Shan Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu

6.  Unico6. Unico

If you are looking for a fashionable hip club with a Latin flavor, Unico is the right place to visit. This place is the great combo of cocktails, live bands, and salsa nights. You can fully enjoy the dance at the great music. The cocktails are pricey of about 75 RMB or more.

Location: three on the bund, 2/F 3 Zhongsha Yi Lu, near Guangdong Lu

7.  Hollywood7. Hollywood

Hollywood, a branch of the Milan club is a popular late-night spot in shanghai. You will mostly see the long lanes of the party lovers twisting and turning out of the entrance. This is more of an after-party spot, for the late party animals who always feel excited to drink and enjoy on the dance floor.

Location: 46 Yueyang Lu, near Dongping Lu

8.  Bar Rouge8. Bar Rouge

The most popular clubs, famous for the best night out services. Bar rouge presents a beautiful terrace view with a pretty expensive drink. If you are an out of Towner, who want a classy partying at this fun night place you must visit it. The décor is alluring and fantastic.

Location: Bund 18, 7/F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Nanjing Dong Lu.

9.  The Camel9. The Camel

If you are searching for a fun and sports place where you can catch a game with a drink and a meal, The Camel should be your top pick. This spot has an Australian feel with many types of live sports. It also offers a happy hour around 4 pm to 8 pm with an impressive selection of beer. You will have great entertainment at the pool table and foosball tables in The Camel.

Location: 1 Yueyang Lu, near Donping Lu

10.         Arkham10. Arkham

This underground place is best known for visiting DJs and high-quality cheap drinks. The music always has the shade of the EDM ad house. It gets overpopulated at the concert nights, so if you are claustrophobic, it’s not an ideal place to visit.

Location: 1 Wulumuqi Lu, near Hengshan Lu

11.         Paulaner11. Paulaner

If you are on a hunt for the German bar, that offers live music, great food, and beers then Paulaner won’t disappoint. This spot has become a very popular German restaurant I shanghai and has branches across four areas i.e.; Fengyang Lu, Xintiandi, Expo village, and Binjiang Da Dao. I always prefer the Xintiandi branch due to the availability of live bands on all the weekdays. It provides a warm cozy atmosphere together with yummy German food.

Location: Xintiandi North Block, Lane 181 Taicang Lu

12.         House Of Blues And Jazz12. House Of Blues And Jazz

It seems to be a traditional European bar with the retro style wooden tables, chairs, and huge black and white pictures of well-known jazz singers. If you are a jazz lover, this spot will surely hit you. The few drinks after a meal and the melodious jazz add more charm and joy to this place.

Location: 60 Fuzhou Lu, near the Bund

13.         Le baron 13. Le baron

Le baron, the hardest door to get through since it’s launched in 2014. Once you boom into the club you will find a place decked out in the red interior, two danceable bars, and a disco ball topped dance floor that exudes the style and exclusivity. So reach early to get the pre-game cocktails on the terrace in nice weather. 

Location: Donghu Rd, Huai Hai Lu Xi Duan, at Xuhui district

14.         Myst14. Myst Myst, Shanghai’s largest club is the great blend of loud EDM, music, VIP booths, and bottle popping tables. All these spread across the three floors of the club having a good-sized dance floor. The club sometimes also hosts the internationally renowned artists. Usually cheap unless a big name is playing.   

Location: 1123 Yanan middle road, Jingan District  

15.  Fusion 

15. Fusion

Fusion is a big flashy nightclub owned by Sino Group, who has various other venues in the city like MYST, S2, etc. if you have been in the club you must have noticed the best sound or visual system with a decent sized dance floor. The club is occasionally booked by international guests so it is not available for local people on regular nights. The drink is around 45 to 75 RMB and a table for RMB 6000. 

Location: 5/F, Bldg 6, South Block, 123 Xingye Lu, near Madang Lu. 

16.         M216. M2

M2 is One of the most popular and high ends go-to option for dancing in shanghai. It’s a fun place to drink and to lose for the moneyed local population. A large number of ex-pats also embrace the tables and bottles clubbing at M2. The hip hop music, techno, impressive on-screen graphics, and the dance troops makes it an impressive alternative to other nightlife clubs. Hence M2 has always been the best spot in the town. 

Location: 283, Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Huangpu Nan Lu, shanghai

17.         ASL 17. ASL

The newest club with the exclusive hip hop lounge that makes a fun night. If you not on the guest list, then it’s really difficult to get into the club. The bar is decently redecorated in 2019, paring down to the single bar off to the sides so you don’t get into the trouble of freeing up space, looking to add the beer pong table or having a drink. It is mostly popular among the champagne-popping ABC crowd but you can also see young Taiwanese and other locals. 

Location: 88 Tongren Rd, Jing ‘an District, shanghai. 

18.         Linx18. Linx

Linx is a mega club, packed up with the fiscally fortunate residents of shanghai. If you are spending the money here, they will provide you the best bottle serviced tables, champagne trains, and sparkler touting waiters. Along with the thumping commercial EDM music at 11/10. If you have booked a table, do dress up nicely because it’s a favorite spot of well-heeled locals and celebrities.   

Location: Golden Bell Plaza, Huaihai Road East Section, near Luilin Lu, Huangpu.  

19.         Diva19. Diva

Diva is a new club launched by the Sino Group, at the place where once infamous Bar 88 was situated. The tables, sofas, lasers, dice, oyster, and the commercial bangers are the standard things provided here. The drinks are reasonable around 50rmb with a beer of 900 to 1300 RMB. It is good for local style partying.

Location: 2/F, 291 Fumin Lu, near Changle Lu, Xuhui

20.  The Nest

20.         The Nest

The Nest, a 200 seat restaurant and a lounge bar, opened in 2015 by the nightclub brand muse group and grey goose vodka. This best late-night partying place in shanghai offers good designs, vodka-based cocktails, and high-end food like steaks, oysters to the customers. Early in the club, the music is indie rock at a reasonable volume but later in the night, it turns up into the loud electronic music. This is a fine place to visit and impress the guests, 

Location: 130 Beijing Dong Lu, Huqiu Lu, Huangpu.

21.         Dada21.         Dada

Dada is a classic small club that caters to the hipster heavy mix of younger locals and ex-pats. It offers a comfortable, pretentious free environment to the crowd. The drinks are reasonable, and they have got deals of different beers like vedette, beer Lao, cheap tiger drafts, etc. make sure that you visit on Friday and Saturday, as it is always busy at the nights. 

Location: 115 Xingu Rd, Changning, Shanghai  

22.         Reel to Reel22.         Reel to Reel

This is an underground night club with two rooms playing different genres of music. The cassette themed club is owned by the same group as the popular Jing ‘an small club. At this spot, you have got a small room with an impressive sound system and a second room with hip hop music and other urban genres. The place tends to imitate the night owls, especially on Sunday for the rocky Ross jamboree. The drinks are mid rand (50rmb for cocktail or beer). You can also book a couple of small VIP rooms at Reel to reel.

Location: B1/F, 388 Madang Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu.

23.  Lola

23.         Lola

Lola is a club dedicated to the international and local DJs with the house oriented soundtrack or techno. It usually attracts hard-partying ex-pats. The club is always booked for an international crowd, for the house stars or upcoming artists. In 2015 they have moved from the old Hollywood club to a new location on Yueyang Lu.

Location: 46 Yueyang Lu, near Dongping Lu, Xinhui.

24.  URVC

24.         URVC

U R Vinyl Crazy, previously known as uDance vinyl Radio Club aka URVC. It is one of the unique clubs in shanghai that offers disco and techno nights. The music usually starts at 10 pm and on Sundays, it goes late and party until 6 in the morning. The quality of the music and the sound system is very nice. You are expected to pay about RMB 40 for the drinks.

Location: 999 Xikang Lu, near Anyuan Lu, district Jing ‘an.

25.  Elevator

25.         Elevator

This laid back club is now situated where was previously Harley’s underground bar. The bone shakingly loud sound system excites the air at night while at daytime, this place is switched to the ping pong tables and micro restaurants. The prices vary with respect to the night.

Location: 265 Nandan Dong Lu near Caoxi Lu, Xuhui.

26.         Ninja26.	Ninja

 One of the most offbeat restaurants, suitable for those who are willing to have some good time but should have no expectations. The drinks are pretty cheap, around 35rmb for a glass and 500rmb per bottle. The staff is friendly, dressed up as ninjas. This place offers a super par sound system and is good for upcoming rappers to get some practice.

Location: 478 Maotal Lu, near Shuicheng Lu.

27.         Celia by pulse27.	Celia by pulse

Celia by the pulse is after hour’s club on Xingfu Lu pumping tech-house, deep house, and techno most nights. This one is opened by veteran Shanghai DJ Emil Chang and other resident DJs. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can expect a die heart crowd at the midnights. Famous for the good sound system and a high end partying place.

Location: 298 Xingfu Lu, near Pingwa Lu, Xuhui.

28.         Lucca28.	Lucca

Lucca (previously famous with the name of 390) is a place filled with throbbing techno. It’s a hallmark of the gay-friendly Celia. You will see several gay men spilling out from this place with the muscles, sweat, and tears. Lucca is dominated by the locals who take off their shirts in the decent-sized dance area.  

Location: 390 Panya Lu near Fahuazhen Lu, Xuhui.

29.         Icon29.	Icon

The guys who run this night club started from a home bar. So if you expect to have a quiet intimate conversation at this place then you are mistaken because it’s a house of techno thumping through the sound system. The flashing strobe lights and heavy-handed liquor pour the extra fun at night. But you enjoy only if you are good at convincing the crew to venture out for dancing.

Location: 7 gate, Shanghai Stadium, Lingling Lu, near Xietu Lu.    

30.         Roxie30.	Roxie

The only lesbian bars in Shanghai is Roxie. It has well-priced drinks and a great atmosphere. This bar is an ideal place to hang out not only at night time but also in the day time. This bar is super busy at weekends, but during the weekdays it is a quiet spot and the best place for relaxing, drinking, and conversing with friends. This place is not huge but still, a large number of people are attracted to it.


Location: 359 Kangding Lu, near Shaanxi Bei Lu, district Jing ‘an


Final thoughts

The ins and outs of all the clubs are penned down in detail. Most of these are good for the person who is always ready to say cheers to the friends and can never refuse a drink. In general, if you like jazz music, rock music, or other different styles of music, then clubbing is an excellent choice in shanghai.

Shanghai is China’s second most populous city with over 26 million citizens. A huge number of migrants and businesspeople flock to this fast pace city. In shanghai, various new bars and clubs are replacing traditional haunts and nightspots. So whenever you want the gritty underground affair or a luxurious date, there are enough better options in shanghai.

Do visit these clubs and share your pleasing experience with us in the comment section below.   

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