Cinco de Mayo (literally 5th May in Spanish) is another excuse to drink. Okay not really. But people do a lot of drinking. The holiday dates back to 1862, when Mexico defeated the French army. There, you already know more than the vast majority of your tequila-buddies. But where can you go to really experience the holiday’s rich tequila cultural tequila heritage, history and tequila? Check out below for 11 deals, places and events by district. Warning: Some involve tequila.


Oh, and if you scroll all the way to the bottom, you’ll find details on a diabolical competition idea we had with La Coyota to get you and your friends a metric ton of burritos and a free bottle of tequila. Is that even allowed? Can we do a listicle and a competition at once?


By far the busiest district, Jing’an’s rocking the Mexican spirit through to the weekend.

On the 5th of May, Cantina Agave is no more, but Tepito (291 Fùmín Road, 富民路291号) is holding its grand opening! Three drinks (margarita, sangria or beer) for 100RMB, free Mexican tapas, and two drinks if you follow them on WeChat!

Logan’s Punch (2/F, 99 Tàixīng泰兴路99号2楼) is doing a Margarita deal, with 2 for the low-low price of 60 RMB! On top of that, chips and salsa courtesy of the hot-sauce wizards over at BYFO.

On 7th of May (because you need Sunday to recover), Maya (568 Jùlù Road, 巨鹿路568号) is holding a massive celebration, hosting the Cinco De MAYO party with Olmeca & Altos Tequila, because TEQUILA. Two of Shanghai’s best bartenders, Eddy Yang from Tailor Bar & Shane Xie from Connoisseur Bar, will be mixing the drinks. Tickets are 395rmb and dinner starts at 8pm with a welcome drink at 7.30pm.

If you’re not interested in Cinco de Mayo events and just have a craving for something vaguely Mexican, check out these places: Dos Locos at 1515 West Nánjīng Road (南京西路1515号), Mex & Co in K11 on 1818 West Nánjīng Road (南京西路1818号) and Jalapeno at 393 Wēihǎi Road (威海路393号)。


Zapatas (11 Dōngpíng Road, 东平路 11) isn’t doing anything jokes of course it is!  On 5th May, get your ticket for 128 RMB, which includes taco buffet from 6pm until 10 pm and free flow Carlsberg and margaritas. Special entertainment: DJ Naz, free hourly tequila shots and a Trump piñata. Yes. You can beat the ever-living tequila out of the presumptive Republican Nominee.

Another place to have fun is Pistolero (No 2, 838 Héngshān Road, 衡山路 838-2号). Three days of big celebrations, starting from 5th until 7th May with pitchers of Margarita for 100 RMB, 600RMB for a bottle of 1800 silver tequila, the famous Pistolero girls and a live Latino band.

(The one in Honqiao is apparently running a slightly different deal, with Margarita pitchers for 140 RMB, only valid on the 5th).


Mayita is your choice in Huangpu area (98 Shòuníng Road, 寿宁路98 号), the younger sister of Maya. The events start at 4pm on Thursday 5th May, ticket price is 150 RMB, and it includes tapas, Mexican meat plates, tacos al pastor and guacamoles. Get tipsy with, you guessed it, margaritas, beers or sangrias and go loco, muchachos y muchachas, to the rhythm of live Latino music. (Spanish speakers, we apologize.)

You’ve also got El Luchador in Xintiandi, which is handing out its happy-hour priced drinks all day, compadre (we did it again sorry).


Mostly populated by students, Yangpu area has its own affordable Mexican cuisine place called La Bamba. Located right next to Fudan University (333 Guódìng Rd, 国定路333 号), La Bamba offers everything you need for a good party and a monster hangover: budget drinks, decent food, Latino music and crazy people. Dancing on the tables is very welcome.


So you don’t want to go out, but you don’t want to pass on the party? We got you. La Coyota is offering a massive Burrito Party Box to one lucky EnjoyShanghai reader. It includes a staggering:

  • 10 burritos
  • 1 bottle of tequila 
  • Boatload of corn chips


Easy. Step 1) Take a selfie. But it has to be a Mexican selfie. The most Mexican selfie you can imagine. We leave it to you to decide what that means. Step 2) Send it to us on our official WeChat account, attaching your phone number.* Step 3) The most Mexican selfie will net you more burritos than you can shake a stick at, corn chips, and a whole bottle of tequila, delivered straight to your door. You’re welcome.

Deadline is tomorrow 6PM!

*It’s important you include a phone number because we’ll need a way to contact you directly in case WeChat decides to be difficult. Incidentally, if LaLa is reading this, please leave us a message so we can get back to you!


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