Found 158 Shanghai is one of the favorite destinations of tourists when visiting Shanghai, Found 158 Shanghai has lots of places to visit for eating, drinking, and also for entertainment.

Shanghai is one of the cities that has become a favorite destination for traveling, spending time, and looking for entertainment.

Shanghai is also famous for its nightlife which is very much liked by many people, including foreign tourists. So it won’t be complete if you don’t feel the experience and sensation of nightlife when visiting Shanghai.

13 Fun Places in Found 158 Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the major cities in China. Starting from natural tourism to destinations in urban areas, you will find them here.

For tourists who are still confused about where to go, here are some fun places at Found 158 Shanghai:

  1. Arkham1.	Arkham

Initially, this place was forced to close at the end of 2016 and was successfully reopened with the same name.

Arkham loyal visitors will certainly be happy about this news because the club location has undergone many updates and renovations to become more attractive.

You need to know that Arkham is located underground. The layout has been designed in such a way as to produce sharp sound quality for music.

This is the reason for some local residents and tourists to enjoy their night time here.

This place consists of several VIP rooms, one of which is a DJ booth that is ready to vibrate the night atmosphere for visitors.

There is also a larger area for the VIP or exclusive guests if they want to enjoy a luxurious drink and meal package.

  1. Sober Café2.	Sober Café

For those of you who like to enjoy the sweetness of ice cream, especially in other countries such as China, it is recommended to visit Sober Café.

This cafe is precisely located at 99 Yandang Lu, near Nanchang Lu, Huangpu district.

The place is not exactly located in the Found 158 area, but it is still in the same district, Huangpu.

One of the favorite ice creams from Sober Café is Black & White, a blend of vanilla, coconut milk, and mascarpone flavors that will become blended when eaten.

  1. Homeslice Pizza3.	Homeslice Pizza

As the name implies, one of these places does provide a wide variety of pizza choices for those of you who visit this place.

HomeSlice Pizza is only open Sunday to Thursday from 11 noon to midnight. While on Friday it will close at 2 am.

Here, you can visit Homeslice Pizza located at Found 158, 158 Julu Lu, Rou Jin Yi Lu, Huangpu district.

This restaurant also has many branches in Shanghai such as in Xujiahui, Jingan, and Zhongshan Park.

Both local residents and tourists (especially American countries), will definitely be interested in visiting this place.

Because Homeslice Pizza does provide a large slice of pizza as a hallmark of New York.

  1. Hookedhooked

Hooked is a well-known western-style place to eat in the Julu Lu area. This restaurant is open only during certain hours, namely Monday-Wednesday 5 pm-midnight, Thursday and Sunday 11 am-midnight. While Friday and Saturday between 11 are to half 3 am.

You can enjoy western-style food in Hooked that located at Unit 5137, Found 158, 158 Julu Lu, close to the Ruijin Yi Lu area, Huangpu district.

This restaurant is a choice for many tourists if their taste buds don’t match Chinese specialties.

Hooked provides a lot of seafood-based food, so it is often referred to as a fish shop. These menus are available by cooking in the form of baked goods, cooked with spices until served using sliced potatoes and boiled peas.

  1. El Santo5.	El Santo

For those of you who are bored with Asian cuisine, you can try ordering food at El Santo.

This restaurant provides a variety of typical menus from Mexico such as tacos, burritos, and other dishes.

The most favorite menu from El Santo is a drink from Margarita, Mescal, and also Tequila. Also, you can try it by coming to the address Found 158, 158 Julu Lu, near the Ruijin Yi Lu area, Huangpu District.

This restaurant is open every day with opening hours starting from 11 noon until the menu is up. Many people visit this one location, especially for foreign tourists, especially Mexico (especially on weekends).

  1. Blackstone Magic Bar6.	Blackstone Magic Bar

This place is arguably the best choice if you want to try a variety of cocktail menus.

Interestingly, there are many attractions, such as a magic show from cool magicians, that’s why the bar named the Blackstone Magic Bar. In fact, this is China’s first magic bar with a fantastic concept.

Each visitor will be presented with an unforgettable experience because they can enjoy cocktails and see mysterious tricks from magicians.

If you are interested, you can come every night by paying a show ticket of 240 RMB for each person (including seats).

Not only a mysterious attraction, but the place design of the Blackstone Magic Bar is also designed with a mystical impression. Some of the shows are edible make-up trios such as lipstick jelly, compact powder from sago balls to spray bottles to enhance the atmosphere.

  1. Deus7.	Deus

Almost the same as before, Deus is the best choice if you want to visit the cocktail bars.

This place has opening hours Sunday – Thursday 5 pm to half past 1 am and Friday – Saturday 5 pm to 2 am. This cocktail paradise is located in the Ruijin Yi Lu area.

Visitors can enjoy drinks formulated with rum, Cinzano Rosso alcohol, spices, Fernet Branca herbs to cinnamon. No wonder visitors enjoy the atmosphere at this Deus bar accompanied by classical music.

The cocktail bar at Found 158 was not as attractive as it is now. Now the manager has equipped it with bartenders to pamper visitors.

Lots of ingredients according to customer requests, such as Jack Rose which has a fresh, sour, and sweet taste.

  1. JZ Club8.	JZ Club

Still a bar that many visitors love and enjoy at night, JZ Club is a gathering place for people where they love the jazz genre.

You can also join on Sunday-Thursday at 6 pm-2 am and Friday to Saturday at 6 pm until closing.

The choice of a music genre in the form of jazz is able to change the atmosphere of a night in Shanghai, which generally tends to songs in clubs.

JZ Club is the most suitable place for visitors to enjoy quality time with their partners, colleagues, or to get acquainted with local residents.

Visitors will be spoiled by performances from the city’s top local musicians to the national ones while they are at JZ Club.

Unfortunately, you have to prepare a lot of money because this bar is known for its more expensive dishes compared to other places.

  1. Pera Turkish Restaurant and Bar9.	Pera Turkish Restaurant and Bar

As the name implies, this Pera Turkish Restaurant and Bar can be an option if you are looking for some Turkish specialties.

Interestingly, visitors not only enjoy the food, but the place is designed to resemble the original country.

Pera Turkish Restaurant and Bar can be found in the Found 158 complex. Pera serves Turkish and Mediterranean specialties.

There, visitors can capture the moment at the restaurant because it has a stylish design and is very instagramable.

Especially for those who prefer Middle Eastern specialties and find it hard to find in this city of Shanghai, then don’t hesitate to visit the Pera Turkish Restaurant and Bar on Monday-Thursday 11 noon to midnight and Friday – Sunday 10.30 am to 2 am.

  1. Le Café des Stagiaires10.	Le Café des Stagiaires

Don’t be surprised if you find many restaurants that provide specialties from other countries, such as Pera Turkish Restaurant and Bar and El Santo. Café des Stagiaires is no less to offer a variety of menus identical to the land of Paris.

You can hang out casually on the outskirts of Found 158 Shanghai to spend time with your loved ones while enjoying typical Parisian drinks.

This place is open every day until midnight, so visitors don’t have to worry about going home at night.

  1. Zapfler11.	Zapfler

Drinks, especially German beer, are no less interesting to taste. You can try it and stop by one of these bar places in the Found 158 area.

It is said that the raw materials used are imported directly from their home country.

Not only drinks, but Zapper also provides some snacks such as pretzels, cold cut boards, and meatloaf rings which are priced at around 40 RMB.

You can visit this place that located at Found 158 number B1, 158 Julu Lu, in the Rui Jin Yi Lu area, Huangpu district.

Meanwhile, the opening hours are Tuesday-Thursday from 4 pm to midnight, or Friday-Saturday 11 am to midnight or even on Sundays which will be closed until Monday.

  1. Cyclo12.	Cyclo

For those of you who come from Southeast Asia, it is highly recommended to visit one of the restaurants at Found 158, because Cyclo will provide various kinds of Vietnamese dishes so that they are familiar with their tongues.

This Cyclo is the second branch of the best Vietnamese restaurant in Southeast Asia. Visitors will also find several new Cambodian and Lao dishes. It is suitable if visitors come from the area.

  1. The Cannery13.	The Cannery

The Cannery is also an option if you are looking for western-style food. Interestingly, visitors will be presented with a fantastic view there because this restaurant is located behind the famous The Nest in Shanghai.

The menu offered is quite simple, ranging from seafood such as oysters, squid to crab.

One of their most favorite dishes is grilled octopus slices served with lemon sauce and sprinkled with watercress. You can get this delicious meal for 78 RMB.

There is also a tuna jaw that is smoked, leaving a crunchy impression on the fins. This menu is sold at a higher price of 98 RMB.

Also, you can get rid of the fishy taste of this seafood by drinking wine made by a professional bartender.


Those were 13 fun places in Found 158 Shanghai that you can visit to spend nightlife in Shanghai.

Don’t be surprised if this area does provide lots of typical bars with a nightly atmosphere. The reason is this has indeed become entertainment for local residents and foreign tourists.

So, when you visit Shanghai, make sure you feel the sensation of an enjoyable Shanghai nightlife at Found 158 Shanghai.

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