Using a laundromat to do your laundry is a great way to help you save time and energy. Professional laundry services can be affordable and you can save money on soap and detergent.

The laundry machine or washing machine is not very expensive nowadays, so it is a convenient option to have if you are able to. Clothing that requires special treatment must go to a professional and are handled with care in the laundries.

Having all of your clothes washed at a specified time is a good option to have if you always have a busy schedule.

Are laundromats hygienic?

The cleanliness of some laundromat locations is often questioned. It is quite normal for people to assume that laundry facilities are kept clean and sanitary.

They take your dirty clothes and return them fresh and clean. For most clothing, they use water and detergent for cleaning. The laundries that wash your clothes for you can be trusted to be clean and sanitary.

The laundromat that you go to wash your own clothes may not look dirty. However, you can never know whether the person using the same machine before you had any kind of residual substances (e.g., mud, oil, chemicals) or bacteria in their clothes that may have been left behind in the washing machine.

It is a good idea to check the machine before you put your clothes inside.

This doesn’t mean that all laundromats are unhygienic. If that were the case, they wouldn’t have survived this long. Some essential procedures have to be followed to keep a laundromat safe and hygienic for customers.

Many laundromats use hot water, antibacterial detergent, and clothes dryers to kill any bed bugs, mites, and bacteria.

Therefore, choose a laundry shop with a good reputation and a clean facility. They could really help you ease the pain of doing the laundry yourself.

What do the Chinese normally do with their laundry?

The typical method of doing laundry in China is quite different from how it is done in the United States and many European countries. Americans and many Europeans normally wash their clothes themselves, either at home on their own personal laundry machines, or at a local neighborhood laundromat.

There are also laundry shops called “dry cleaners” that people can pay to clean special fabrics, expensive clothing, and oversized items like bedding, but this service can be very costly.

In China, some people use home washing machines that have a top-loader design. Unlike American machines, they do not have the center arm that agitates the clothing.

The clothes always end up in one big tangled mess. They do not wash their socks and underwear at the same time; they think that it spreads bacteria. In the United States, this isn’t a problem because these items are typically washed in hot water to kill bacteria.

However, in China, the clothes washers are only connected to cold water. Hot water can be manually added, but that is not an easy task.You have to buy laundry machine specifically with hot water function.

In China, they dry their clothes out in the sun. They don’t use tumble dryers because they believe that drying clothes in the sun is healthier as the UV rays kill bacteria, which is true.

However, the dusty and polluted air makes the clothes a bit dusty. This will also cause other problems.

Hotels with laundry services in China charge extreamly high price for doing laundry. Therefore, if you would like to save money, you have to do it yourself .

What is the best day to go to the laundromat?

No one wants to be stuck waiting for the machines in laundromats. For the working people, Saturday and Sunday are usually the busiest days of the week at the laundromat. It also depends on the neighborhood you are in. In areas where the universities and colleges are, the weekends may not be as busy. The best time to arrive at a laundromat should be very early in the morning, right when they open.

Discount days are the days when the shops offer discounts on their services. During a discount period, they can get very busy, so you might try to go there before or after the day of the discount. So it’s up to you–you can either save money or save time.

How to find a laundromat near me by online search

Nowadays, if you want to find something you go to Google. It is easier to use a phone or tablet to find the nearby laundromats than try to ask. Just go to Google and type “laundromat near me.” The ‘near me’ will be replaced by your location. The results will find you some laundromats nearby but will not describe the best place suited for you.

You can find ratings and customer reviews on various platforms and compare them to understand the pros and cons of their services. You can also find information online provided on the shops’ websites.

You can also find a laundromat by asking your friend

You can always ask your friends where to find a nearby laundromat. Your friend might suggest the place he prefers and uses to do laundry or he can look up other nearby laundromats on the internet or in any newspaper.

Anyone familiar with the neighborhood can always suggest the best one.

Does shanghai have 24-hour laundromat shops?

Shanghai does not have any 24-hour laundromats. Most laundromat shops are open from 9am – 8pm every day. When looking for a laundry service online, look for one that offers pickup and delivery service to save your time.

Many shops use mobile apps to make it easier to order their service. If you are a busy professional that needs good laundry service, the cost is worth it. They will offer door-to-door service usually from 9am to 11pm. Check with each laundromat for their available services and hours of operation.

If you are staying in a hotel, they will probably offer 24-hour service. Some hotels may offer other services such as dry cleaning and self-service machines. Check with the hotel to find out what laundry services they offer to guests.

What options do you have when doing laundry in shanghai?

1, Easy Life laundry: They offer free pickup  online laundry service for the customers . They also charge a minimum (3KG=68RMB) for wash and fold service. They provide services for washing, drying, ironing, repair, and folding at the same time. Their employees also speak English to lessen the trouble for foreigners.

2, The Elephant King Laundry: It is a famous one in Shanghai. Starting way back in 2002, which covered Shanghai in 2003. They are providing nationwide services since 2004.

3, Foret Laundry: Foret laundry provides the latest equipment in the laundry with advanced technology. Their service is clean and secure. They also provide free valet for the customers.

4, Witters Laundry : It is situated in Qingpu. They provide all the laundry functions such as dry cleaning, washing, ironing, leather maintenance with other services. Their equipment is imported from Italy and provide quality services.

5, Uk Banas Fast Dry Cleaning: They are a brand in supplying washing equipment. They are famous worldwide. They offer a very fast “fast dry cleaning” which takes only (1-2) hours. They have the most advanced washing concept. Much attention is paid by them in time efficiency.

6, Tai Jie: Tai Jie stated their Washing Research centers in China in 1997. They study different washing styles for different fabrics. The additives used are introduced from research in Germany and Britain. They provide the most scientific and up to date care for the clothes. They also clean furs, darns, carpets, toys, and curtains.

With these aside, you can also find many 24-hours Laundromat services in Shanghai. The scenario has completely changed over the years.

Summing Up

For the people who do not have a washer or dryer at home, a laundromat is a great option. Shanghai doesn’t have many laundromats where you can do your own laundry at their shop. The local laundromat shops with staff will normally do the laundry for you, but they only provide dry cleaning and laundry service that charge by the piece, and the price can be quite high. If you have some clothes that need just basic wash and fold service by weight, try to choose an online laundry service provider who could do such service. Choosing the right laundromat is important. The hygiene and cleanliness of the laundromat is necessary in choosing the right one that has the services you need.

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