China is a country that is part of the East Asian Continent with considerable influence on other countries. This includes various fields, such as entertainment, business, and so on. The descendants of this nation have spread throughout the world. No wonder there are so many famous people there who are often talked about and inspire. Even the richest people in the world are filled with Chinese businessmen and businesswomen.

Some Famous Chinese People That Much Talked About

Chinese descendants are considered as the most persistent and diverse skills. This makes some figures an interesting conversation topic for anyone. The following are some names of famous Chinese people who are often the subject of discussion:

  1. Jack Ma

    Jack Ma
    Jack Ma

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Who doesn’t know Jack Ma? One of these Chinese people, his name already spread all over the world. Of course, the reason is because of the great things from him. This billionaire is a businessman with Chinese nationality. His company has grown to an international scale.

Jack Ma is the founder and former Executive Chairman of a giant company called Alibaba Group. He succeeded in becoming a Chinese citizen to become a highlight in the prestigious magazine, Forbes. In 2015, Jack Ma got the title as one of the most influential people at rank 22.

What really amazes and inspires many people about the figure of Jack Ma is that he started his success from the bottom. His parents are traditional storytellers and musicians. Although his father’s retirement benefits were not that great, Jack Ma did not give up on his dreams and endeavors.

  1. Dylan WangDylan Wang

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Dylan Wang is a Chinese name that is often the subject of conversation, especially for those who are fans of the Chinese movies industry. This man is a popular actor with the success of carrying out his role very well and stunningly. He is still young, which is 21 years.

This Chinese actor, besides having extraordinary talent, also has a beautiful face. He was able to act as Daoming Si on the last 2018 Meteor Garden show. Dylan Wang is also a singer and model. Thanks to his role, this man, whose real name is Wang Hedi, has grown in popularity.

Dylan Wang won an award at the 2018-2019 Golden Data Entertainment Award for the Most Influential TV Drama Newcomer of the Year category. He also often attends various variety shows such as Super Idol, The Inn 2, Supernova Games 2, and The Irresistible.

  1. Wang YiboWang Yibo

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Wang Yibo’s name has skyrocketed over time and has become a hot topic of conversation, especially among women. This handsome and tall man is a singer, dancer, actor, and racer. This 23-year-old man is a member of the boy group UNIQ.

In 2019, Wang Yibo starred in a film called Gank Your Heart with the theme Esport-Romance. This handsome man managed to get various awards for his talent. One of them was at the 2020 Weibo Awards Ceremony for the Person of the Year and Dewa Weibo categories.

In addition to previous awards, Wang Yibo also won 71st on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 in 2019. Still, in the same year, he won the Forbes China 30 Under 30 Asia 2019 List and Thailand Headlines Person of the Year.

  1. Yang HuiyanYang Huiyan

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Yang Huiyan may be one of the women who are often the subject of conversation or maybe a role model for business activists. She is one of China’s richest people, with total wealth reaching USD 20.7 billion.

She is a woman with great business skills. This can be seen in its success in becoming the largest shareholder of Country Garden Holdings. This company is engaged in property development. In fact, she obtained a nomination for the richest Asian woman.

Yang Huiyan is a smart figure who is good at doing business. She was a student at Ohio State University. Based on a nomination from Forbes, she has listed the name of being the richest woman from China in 2018.

  1. Huang ZitaoHuang Zitao

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Huang Zitao’s name seems familiar to lovers of Chinese artists and fans of Korean artists. This talented man was a member of the South Korean boy group EXO under SM Entertainment before starting his career as a soloist.

Huang Zitao himself is a person with many talents, apart from being able to sing well, he also has the ability to play roles in martial arts. Of course, with myriad achievements, his current stage name “Z.TAO” skyrocketed and became increasingly popular.

During his career, Huang Zitao won various awards. An example is the China Music Award in the Asian Influential Power Male Singer category as well as the Versatile Artist of the Year in 2019. In 2018 he won the Baidu Baike in the AllRound Artist of the Year category.

  1. Zhang YixingZhang Yixing

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Zhang Yixing is a singer from China whose popularity has skyrocketed. This handsome man is a member of the boy group EXO from SM Entertainment. Apart from singing as an EXO member, this 29-year-old artist has also begun to develop his solo career.

In addition to a career as an artist, Zhang Yixing has also published an autobiography entitled Standing Firm at 24. The singer with the stage name Lay managed to become a celebrity with the title as a Publicity Ambassador for the Chinese Communist Youth League from Changsha in 2016.

Not only good at singing, but Lay has also starred in several television series. Examples are We the People (pre-debut), Exo Next Door, To Be A Better Man, The Mystic Nine, Operation Love, The Tomb of Sea, to Challenges at Midlife in the future.

  1. Huateng MaHuateng Ma

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The name Huateng Ma once occupied the richest person from China. This certainly makes it a topic of conversation, especially for entrepreneurs. The amount of his wealth is very large, reaching 41.8 billion in US currency. So many, right?

Huateng Ma is the son of a Port manager. This man started his career studying computer science by becoming a student at Shenzhen University. He and four other friends founded a large-scale internet company called Tencent Holdings.

In his life, Huateng Ma believed the phrase “The idea is not that valuable – but the execution is important“. Apart from being a businessman and investor, this man with another nickname Pony Ma is also a Chinese philanthropist.

  1. Wang JianlinWang Jianlin

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Wang Jianlin was also one of the most-wealthy people who came from China. This makes his name frequently appear on business talk forums. Wang Jianlin’s net worth is around $ 18.1 billion.

Wang Jianlin founded the Dalian Wanda Group. The company has developed into the real estate sector since 1988. Previously he was a defender and patriotic of the country and was part of China’s People’s Liberation Army. This man also holds a 20% stake in a Spanish football club.

During his career, Wang Jianlin certainly made developments. In 2012, Wang Jianlin successfully purchased a cinema operator company from the United States named AMC Entertainment Holdings with a nominal value of around USD 2.6 billion. And in 2013, he bought a British yacht company.

  1. Li HejunLi Hejun

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Li Hejun may be familiar to those interested in reading about the richest man from China. He is one with a worth value of up to $ 15.5 billion. This number is certainly very large and indicates the success of an individual.

Li Hejun is the founder of the Hanergy Holding Group. Initially, he used capital of about 50,000 Yuan or the equivalent of 8,000 USD. The nominal he got by borrowing from his lecturer. With that amount of money, he founded an international renewable energy company.

Li Hejun once ranked as one of the richest people from China. He even shifted the position of Jack Ma in early 2015 on the version of the Hurun Global Rich List. A very extraordinary achievement, even though he only comes from a middle to lower class peasant family.

  1. Zhang ZhidongZhang Zhidong

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Previously, the name Huateng Ma had emerged as the founder of the company Tencent Holdings. However, he did not take this stand-alone, but with his colleagues, Zhang Zhidong was one of them. This success has led him also to become one of the most-wealthy people from China.

Like his four colleagues, Zhang Zhidong also studied computer science and telecommunications as a student at Shenzhen University. Tencent Holding itself is a company engaged in internet development with international markets.

  1. Yan JieheYan Jiehe

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When it comes to the names of the richest people from China, Yan Jiehe is certainly one of them. The number of his assets reached USD 14.1 billion. His success story, which is not easy and starts from below, is able to inspire many people.

Yan Jiehe started his career as a teacher. This is similar to the way of life of both parents. Then, in 1995 he changed course and began to work in the world of the construction industry. Until that time, Yan Jiehe founded a company called China Pacific Construction Group.

  1. Lei JunLei Jun

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The name Lei Jun itself is certainly very popular with fans of the business world, especially technology. On April 6, 2010, one of China’s wealthiest people founded his company under the name Xiaomi. You must be familiar with this product brand from China, especially mobile phones and android technologies.

Lei Jun studied computer-related sciences to start his career as a student at Wuhan University. He has been an engineer and served in senior positions in several technology companies. Until finally, he became the co-founder of Xiaomi.

Lei Jun has received various awards throughout his business career. One of them was the Businessman of the Year title from Forbes in 2014. From BAZAAR Men’s Style, he became the most popular entrepreneur and one of the 11 most powerful business activists from Asia according to Fortune.

  1. Ding LeiDing Lei

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Ding Lei is also one of the names of rich people from China who is often the subject of conversation. NetEase is a company engaged in providing services such as communications, online commerce, and other content. Ding Lei is the founder of this company.

Ding Lei entered the ranks of the richest people with total assets reaching 17.2 billion United States dollars. Ding Lei founded NetEase in 1997. He did this after feeling capable of understanding technology and electronics and becoming an engineer.

  1. Song Wei LongSong Wei Long

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Song Wei Long is an actor whose name is quite popular and is often the subject of conversation, especially film fans from China. His handsome face is able to make people admire him. Not only that, but his role-playing ability is also very good and capable.

Song Wei Long has successfully played various roles with various characters. One of his most recent is a romantic comedy-drama called Find Yourself. His co-star on this show is Victoria Song, an artist and member of the girl group f (x) from SM Entertainment.

  1. Hu YitianHu Yitian

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Hu Yitian’s name has also skyrocketed, especially after playing a character in a web series titled A Love So Beautiful. This opportunity was the first time he got a position as a leading role. In fact, Hu Yitian was able to amaze the audience and turn him into a conversation topic.

During his career as an actor, model, and singer, Hu Yi Tian won various awards. One of them is the 2017 Tencent Video Star Awards. He won the Most Promising Actor category with his web series called A Love So Beautiful.

In 2019 Hu Yi Tian won the award again. He won the Lizhi Annual Gala in the Voice of the Year category. Also, this actor won the Cosmo Glam Night in the Person of the Year (Love) category and the 8th iQiyi All-Star Carnival in the Most Promising Artist category.

  1. Lin YiLin Yi

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After several previous actor names, China still has other names that are very popular with various groups. Lin Yi is one of them. His popularity has increased even further after successfully portraying a character in a web drama entitled Put Your Head on My Shoulder.

Not only the web drama Put Your Head on My Shoulder, but Lin Yi has also successfully starred in various other films, such as Hope Island, Love Scenery, and Ling Long. He has also attended various variety shows such as Handsome Youth Society and Crazy Wardrobe in 2017

Thanks to his talent in the entertainment world, Lin Yi has won various awards in different categories, namely Golden BudThe Fourth Network Film and Television Festival in the Best New Actor category and Tencent Video All-Star Awards in the Youth Artist of the Year category in 2019.

  1. Hui Ka YanHui Ka Yan

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The name Hui Ka Yan is one of the ranks of the most-wealthy businessmen from China. His total assets reached 27.5 billion USD. He plays an important role in the Real Estate development company called Evergrande Group as Chairman.

Hui Ka Yan has another name, namely Xu Jiayin. He used to be a son who came from a rural village in Henan Province. In 1978 he became a student of a specialized college to work in the steel industry upon graduation.

In 1996, Hui Ka Yan had an idea to make a small apartment. He recruited less than 20 employees. Without ever expecting it, in 2004, his company called Real Estate Evergrande had already secured twenty major projects in China.

  1. Xiao ZhanXiao Zhan

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Xiao Zhan is a Chinese actor who has a high popularity. Not only that, but this man with another name Sean Xiao also has the ability to sing. There are many drama titles with him in the role; an example is Oh! My Emperor and The Untamed was the start of his career.

Apart from several previous film titles, Xiao Zhan has been in supporting roles in many television series; examples are Battle Through the Heavens (2018), Joy of Life (2019), Heroes in Harm’s Way (2020), to The Wolf (2020). Even so, Xiao Zhan was able to carry out his character well.

Apart from playing roles, Xiao Zhan has also become a variety of commercials and magazine models. He managed to get a lot of awards. An example obtained in 2020 is at the Tencent White Paper Festival with one of the Actors of the Year categories with the film The Untamed.

  1. Kris WuKris Wu

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Kris Wu’s name is familiar to fans of Chinese and South Korean artists. He was a member of the boy group E.X.O. from S.M. Entertainment, many people also recognized him as Wu Yifan. His handsome face and outstanding talent made many people admire him.

Kris Wu is a singer, model, and actor. He has starred in various films, for example, is Somewhere Only We Know, Mr. Six, The Mermaid, So Young 2: Never Gone, Sweet Sixteen, L.O.R.D.: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties, XXX: Return of Xander Cage, and several other titles.

Apart from successfully starring in various films, Kris Wu has also won various awards during his career. In 2016, Wu Yifan became the winner of the Sina Weibo Awards, G.M.I.C. X Annual Awards, Fresh Asia Awards, Tencent Entertainment White Paper, and various other awards.

  1. Li Yi FengLi Yi Feng

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Fans of Asian dramas may be familiar with Li Yifeng. This handsome man has skyrocketed his career after playing characters in the dramas Swords of Legends, The Lost Tomb, Noble Aspiration, and Sparrow. There is also a film that he starred in entitled Mr. Six.

He has also starred in these shows starting in 2014: Want to See Him, Tell Him Through Netease, The Most Beautiful Performance 2014, Being Real is Fun, Add You Add the Taste of New Year, to Youth and My Motherland in 2019.

Li Yifeng is also a talented singer. He started his career in music in 2007. He has also won many awards, such as at the 2019 Weibo Awards Ceremony. At the Forbes China Celebrity 100 in 2010, he managed to occupy the 43rd position.


Those are 20 names of Chinese people who have a high popularity and are often the subject of conversation. Of course, they get this because of their talents and positive values. These figures come from different fields, such as business people, actors, singers, models, etc.

Hopefully, those stories of the most famous people in China inspire all readers!

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