Think of all the choices open to you in life, and how they all might pan out so differently. They might as well lead to completely different lives. And you can only pick one. All the other lives you didn’t pick—you just about killed them.

Today, you’re presented with more choices. Which one of your potential lives will survive?

Taku Hirayama @ URVC
Where: 999 Xikang Road (西康路999号)
When: Fri. Jan. 29 10pm

For all you vinyl lickers and analog fixators, Co:Motion presents Taku Hirayama—a bonafide Japanese dance music legend, known for his gauntlet sets, eclectic samples, and, just like some of you out there, a possibly unhealthy appetite for vinyl and analog mixing. But hey, life is short. Listen to something that sounds alive.

Uberjak’d @ Fusion
Where: 5/F, Bldg 6, South Block, 123 Xingye Lu (兴业路123号6号楼5楼)
When: Fri. Jan. 29 9pm-4am
Uberjak’d, despite his name, is not German. He’s Australian, and his raves are no deception. When you’re finally all partied out, knees feeling ten years older, heels blistered from moving in your shoes, your clock really is reading 4am.

Popasuda @ Dada
Where: 115 XingFu Rd (幸福路115号)
When: Fri. Jan. 29 10pm

Ayy Popasuda mon, bach at de Dada. Expect da floor ta bumpity bump ya bumbaclot wit da records from me homelandsa Afrika, Latin America, India, and mah ‘eart of de Caribbean. None o’ dat honkey tongue, but plenty o’ dem lazers n’ party horns n’ good times to get ya dem punani’s. Needles hit dem records at 10pm, and den it’s free for ya’ll.

[Translation, courtesy the jive turkeys at EnjoyShanghai]

“Hello everyone, I am Popasuda and I shall be returning to Dada, an establishment of good repute. You can expect the floor to be “bouncing” with such animated good cheer that your posterior will experience an overwhelming need to “bounce” along, thanks to the delectable songs I have selected to play at elevated volumes, most clearly drawn from my multiple homelands in Africa, South America, India and, of particular significance, the Carribbean, which I consider my place of origin. There will be nothing suggesting even a whiff of colonial culture and/or parlance featured in my recital, but there will be an abundance of laser lights and dance-floor party bugles, and the electric atmosphere will aid you in attracting the opposite gender for intimate relations. The music shall commence sharply at 10pm, and thereafter I cannot be held accountable for your actions. Thank you and God save the Queen.”

Eat My Beatz @ The Mansion
Where: 2388 Hongqiao Lu, B18, Dynasty Villa (虹桥路2388号B18)
When: Sat. Jan. 30 10pm-8am

You know what The Mansion is good for. Nutritious taproots, AKA beets. Also, “beatz” featuring LeiHong and French DJ Gordon David. Expect Arno&Johannes, Lina K, and Floveet to fill in the gaps with some thick techno and rough minimal. 100 RMB for 5 drinks to grease your joints.

Swimful @ The Shelter
Where: 5 YongFu Rd (永福路5号)
When: Sat. Jan. 30 10pm-late

Seek Shelter (Hah! So clever.) because Swimful is celebrating his new PM2.5 album with a show…in a repurposed bomb shelter/music club. If you could hear the air pollution, the city smothered in a sleepy haze, and the lazy sun, all floating above a wild city, you would hear Swimful. Howell, Alta, Naah, Damacha, and Zean open it up. Entrance comes with a digital download code for his album, and a limited edition SVBKVLT mask. Entrance is 50 RMB.

Soichi Terada @ Arkham
Where: 1 Wulumuqi Lu (乌鲁木齐路1号)
When: Sat. Jan. 30 10pm-late

You remember Ape Escape? Soichi Terada did that game’s soundtrack, so that should be enough reason for all you primate flight fans out there to check out his show at Arkham. For those unfamiliar with the monkey breakout can expect his groovy but technical disco. Laura Ingalls, Yeti B, and Allan Marshall also in attendance.

Soul Train Greatest Hits @ The Pearl Theatre
Where: 471 Zhapu Rd (乍浦路471号)
When: January 29th & 30th Happy hour 5-8pm, show starts at 9pm

If all that techno, dubby, bass, robo-beatin grease dance electronic music is not your jam, then the Soul Train Greatest Hits show at The Pearl Theatre ought to better jive with your badonk funk. I mean, Soul Train is for everybody. Smokey and The Shake Your Booty All Starz band to snake charm the groove in your bones. More fun stuff with 70s dress contest and drink specials. 200 RMB pre-sale tickets, or 220 RMB tickets at the door.

Author: Enjoy Shanghai

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