Check out the Benefits of Jasmine Tea for Your Health

Some of you might already hear about this Jasmine tea,  or some even drink this jasmine tea every day. Today, let’s learn about how Jasmine tea will benefit you.

Origin of Jasmine TeaJasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea was originally known in China and began to be produced about 1000 years ago. To be precise, in Fujian, Fuzhou Province as a location with a tropical climate and does not experience a very extreme winter, it is suitable for planting jasmine flowers as a raw material for this tea.

Jasmine Tea was originally introduced during the Southern Song Dynasty in 960 to 1127 AD. Initially, jasmine flowers had flourished since the Han dynasty’s reign in 260 to 220 AD.

However, they were still not produced to be developed into drinks.

Jasmine Tea is increasingly developing through trade routes around China. Over time, this drink has also been known to several other countries.

The demand from abroad increased during the Ming Dynasty, to the point that jasmine flowers had to be moved to be planted in pots. 

Ingredients Jasmine TeaIngredients Jasmine Tea

The Chinese people have actually felt the benefits of this Jasmine Tea since the first production process. Along with finding jasmine flowers in this tea, many people are curious to try it because it is considered to have many benefits.

Jasmine Tea is a tea that has high antioxidants because of the caffeine content in it. This compound will reduce the presence of free radicals in the body; thus, it can reduce the risk of degenerative diseases such as stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and others.

The green tea leaves in Jasmine Tea contain about 24 to 45 mg of caffeine in one cup.

This compound can reduce drowsiness and increase alertness, so it must be considered the amount of consumption. For recommendation, adults should consume 2 to 3 glasses per day.

The Difference Between Jasmine Black Tea, White Tea, and Green Tea

Tea culture cannot be separated from the habits of people around the world. It is no wonder that a type of Jasmine Tea also has several different sources, for example, black tea and white tea. The differences are as follows:

  1. Jasmine Black Tea1. Jasmine Black Tea

Black tea is the type of drink most often consumed by Indonesians because it is very easy to find.

Many people also refer to it as red tea because the color is slightly reddish. You need to know that the caffeine content is higher than any other kind of tea.

Black tea is able to reduce fat, improve digestion, and reduce the possibility of coronary heart disease when consumed regularly without added sugar.

This drink tends to be stronger, slightly bitter and sour, and has a distinctive aroma, namely jasmine.

  1. Jasmine White Teawhite jasmine tea

Unlike black tea, this white tea is obtained from the youngest leaves that are picked while still rolling at the tops.

The leaves will turn white after undergoing the drying process during processing. This drink has the highest antioxidants than other types.

The antioxidants in white tea are believed to be able to beat ten glasses of apple juice. White tea is rarely found because the price is quite high. The taste is lighter when compared to black tea or green tea.

  1. Jasmine Green Teajasmine green tea

This green tea is easier to find and is famous in Japan because it is the origin of green tea most commonly found or produced for consumption.

This green tea does not undergo an oxidation stage to maintain its pure and natural content. Good for preventing liver disease, cancer, and diabetes.

The caffeine content in green tea is still much lower than black tea but is still relatively high than white tea.

The taste of the tea is very light but has a bitter after-taste that is quite strong even though it has been processed with jasmine flowers. 

What Are the Benefits of Jasmine Green Tea?

It has been mentioned earlier that jasmine green tea is one of the most familiar types of tea in Japan.

This makes many people feel unfamiliar with this drink. So what are the benefits of consuming it regularly? Here’s the review:

  1. Lose Weight

Actually, green tea is not really able to lose weight. It’s just that you can make jasmine green tea as an alternative choice to replace sugary drinks that are commonly consumed daily. Of course, if drunk in excess can increase body fat.

While jasmine green tea itself can accelerate weight loss because it can speed up metabolic processes in the body.

Mechanisms that run fast can process changes in nutrients and macronutrients such as protein and fat will be quickly removed if not needed by the body.

  1. Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

One study based on the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2006 stated that consuming green tea could be associated with reduced heart disease risk.

This study has been conducted with as many as 40,000 participants until the results are accurate and reliable.

These participants have an age range of about 40 to 79 years who already have a heart disease history.

They consume at least 5 cups of tea every day was able to reduce the risk of death compared to patients who did not drink it at all.

  1. Reducing the Risk of Cancer

Lately, people in the United States are increasing their consumption of green tea because it is believed to be able to prevent cancer.

This is based on research from the National Cancer Institute, where the polyphenol content is effective enough to suppress tumor growth.

Researchers believe that the polyphenol content in green tea can kill cancer cells and stop their rapid growth.

The presence of antioxidants is indeed effective in warding off free radicals in the body as a cause of various diseases.

  1. Relieve Stress

You can get this benefit due to the taste and aroma of the green tea blend between jasmine flowers.

Jasmine tea itself already has a fragrant and refreshing aroma. No wonder it is able to relieve stress when someone inhales it.

This jasmine tea is the most suitable drink if you want to relieve stress. Not only from jasmine, but in fact, the aroma of green tea is also very appealing, so it will give you a relaxing effect when you drink it warm.

  1. Source of Antioxidants

All types of teas are known to be high in antioxidants, and this jasmine green tea is no exception.

One cup contains polyphenol compounds and acts as an antidote to free radicals. You can consume it regularly to reduce the risk of degenerative diseases.

Lots of diseases are caused due to free radical activity in the body. Some of them are heart disease, cancer, heart problems, and others.

Jasmine tea itself also contains catechins where these compounds are able to control blood sugar levels, so they are not excessive or caused diabetes. 

Get to Know the Types of Jasmine Teatypes of jasmine tea

Jasmine tea is one of the main flower drinks in China. Made from fresh leaves and jasmine flowers, it gives freshness and aroma to those who consume it.

Chinese Jasmine Tea has been found and produced since almost 1000 years ago.

Many benefits of this Chinese Jasmine Tea you can get. One of them is to provide a beauty effect. This tea is believed to be able to fight premature aging and common skin problems, such as dehydration and facial blemishes.

Like tea in general, Chinese Jasmine Tea also contains caffeine, although not as much as coffee.

For people with insomnia, arteriosclerosis, and hypertension, it is recommended to reduce the consumption of this drink because it is quite dangerous if consumed in large quantities.

Benefits of Jasmine Tea for Hair

Various types of tea do have many health benefits, including hair. One of them is Jasmine Tea, which is made from fresh tea leaves with high antioxidant content and added jasmine so that the aroma is very distinctive. Here are some of the benefits:  

  1. Reducing Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem that many people experience and is very annoying. The causes also vary from stress, immune disease, unstable diet, or hormones. It turns out you can try jasmine tea to reduce it.

A study conducted an injection of Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) extract obtained from green tea into the human scalp. As a result, all participants felt that the growth was quite significant, namely that hair growth was getting stronger and faster. Of course, this can reduce the risk of hair loss.

  1. Eliminate Dandruff

Not only hair loss but dandruff is also a problem that is often experienced by many people. You can reduce it just by consuming jasmine tea because it has anti-inflammatory properties in green tea to prevent irritation.

Some researchers believe that jasmine tea containing green leaves can help the head fight dandruff and prevent inflammation symptoms in the skin.

This is due to the presence of antiseptic content so that it can protect the follicle from accumulated dead cells and bad bacteria.

  1. Reducing Oil Productions in Hair

Jasmine tea can control excess oil production on the scalp. This jasmine tea can work to balance the pH level even when you are in extreme conditions.

Of course, this is very useful if someone is often in the hot sun or outdoor activities.

You don’t need to worry if the oil production will decrease, which makes your scalp dry.

In fact, at the same time, jasmine tea is able to hydrate and nourish the surface of the hair to keep it moist and healthy.

  1. Streamlining Nutrition Circulation

Human hair is part of the integumentary system, which consists of the skin and hair itself.

In fact, they will grow directly where they have to receive blood flow to get nutrients so they can continue to grow and get higher.

In a study involving 15 participants, some researchers found that taking a supplement containing green tea extract for at least 4 months can increase the flow of oxygen and blood to the skin by 29%. Of course, this will also affect hair nutrition.

Benefits of Jasmine Tea for Skin

Consumption of Jasmine Tea has many unexpected benefits for skin health. You can drink it regularly so that you are able to maintain beauty from within the body.

One of the most important compounds is polyphenols. The benefits are as follows:

  1. Delaying Premature Aging

Polyphenol compounds in jasmine flowers function as an antidote to free radicals and inhibit signs of premature aging. The benefits are not half-hearted, these compounds participate in reducing the presence of fine lines on the skin and even out pigmentation.

You can drink as much as 2 to 3 cups of tea every day. Regular consumption can provide maximum benefits. Interestingly, the steeping water can be washed on the face to make it look fresh.

  1. Reducing Dark Circles on the Eyes

Of course, you know that tea contains caffeine, which can shrink the blood vessels under the skin. This ability turns out to be able to remove dark circles in the eye area. At the same time, the tannin content can reduce swelling.

You can moisten two jasmine tea bags and place them over your eyes. Leave it for about five to ten minutes. You can do this regularly until the dark circles look less and less like skin tone.

  1. Reduce Excess Oil

Excess oil on the face is certainly a bother for some people. You can try this Jasmine Tea to reduce because jasmine tea has anti-microbial properties and effectively absorbs it.

You can brew jasmine tea and let it cool down first. Next, apply it to the skin, which is excess oil or acne-prone areas. They will fight bacteria on the face and maintain the pH level.  

Benefits of Jasmine Tea for Overcoming InsomniaBenefits of Jasmine Tea for Overcoming Insomnia

Not only can it relieve stress, but many insomniacs have also tried consuming jasmine tea to restore their normal sleep time.

This is believed because drinking jasmine tea can increase energy and improve mood so that you get a more relaxed feeling.

Jasmine tea also has a sedative role, so it can make you sleep better. You can brew tea at a temperature that is not too high so that the aroma of the jasmine flowers is still maintained.

The jasmine scent plays an important role in providing a calming effect for someone after consuming it.

Especially if you combine it with other types of tea such as Himalayan green tea, which can overcome fatigue. This is certainly able to provide a more relaxed feeling, especially if the person has been undergoing heavy work all day and experiencing sleep disorders.

Is Consuming Jasmine Tea Safe for Pregnant Women?

The many benefits of Jasmine Tea are indeed beneficial for most people. Unfortunately, this is more concern for pregnant women.

Some of the ingredients in jasmine tea will have dangerous effects when consumed by pregnant women.

One of them is caffeine. You need to know that jasmine tea is a source of this compound. This content can block certain neurotransmitters in the brain that cause alertness.

Of course, this is not good for pregnant women, where the hormones are less stable during pregnancy.

Some aromatherapy techniques are quite popular during pregnancy. Unfortunately, the smell and chemicals of jasmine tea are not recommended for pregnant women.

In fact, there are cases that the use of jasmine tea can cause premature contractions in them.


Those are some of the benefits of jasmine tea that you can get when consuming it regularly. Of course, this drink still has side effects for the body if consumed in excess, given the caffeine content in it.

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