For those of you who travel quite far from one country to another, experience layover is always the most frustrating thing.

Using an airplane is indeed one of the best choices for those who travel long distances, such as a traveler, or people who have business occasions.

Because when compared to other modes of transportation, to reach a certain area can be reached in a faster time using a plane. But that plane’s boarding has its own schedule, so each of those planes has its flight schedule interval.

This term can be interpreted as stopping before flying again to the final destination of the flight. In short, a layover is a long transit, so you have to wait several hours to get on the next plane to reach your destination.

Sometimes people feel bored when layover because they have to wait for the flight for hours, but in fact, many activities can be done while waiting for this long transit.

Can You Get Out of the Shanghai Airport During Long Transit/Layovershanghai pu dong airport

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Quoted from the USA Today website, layover refers to flights from one point to a destination with a transit that has a delay of between 30 minutes or even up to 23 hours 59 minutes.

For example, suppose you want to fly to Shanghai from Jakarta. In that case, you will first stop at the transit airport, at this transit airport you will be required to wait several hours waiting for the next flight schedule.

This layover gives you a choice of flights with cheaper fares but a relatively long total journey time.

Another advantage is that you can take a short break, such as take a walk around the airport or even waiting in the waiting room, especially if the airport has an attractive building.

How Long is the Layover Duration?How Long is the Layover Duration?

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You can choose a flight by paying attention to the transit time. This will relate to how long the journey takes and the transportation fare.

Generally, the quicker the layover time, the cheaper the cost will be. This is taken into consideration before determining the airline.

Transit times also vary from 45 minutes to even one full day for switching other airlines. There are several airlines that provide a very narrow layover period, which is not only one hour, so you cannot leave the airport to avoid being left behind.

There are also short transit durations such as 45 or 90 minutes, so you have to wait near the exit door when checking in.

So you don’t have to wait too long at the airport to move to the next aircraft fleet. But some airlines have a long layover duration of up to 24 hours.

Layover Policy at Shanghai Airportlayover polices

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The trip between the airport to downtown Shanghai will take about 1 hour, so you need at least a 6-hour layover duration to get out of the airport, use your time to enjoy & see attractions, and then return to the check-in point at the airport. Here are some policies on Shanghai flights:

  1. Pay Attention to Your Layover Duration

Of course, you have to pay attention to the time, so you don’t get left behind by the next departure. This is the policy at all airports in the world as well as in Shanghai. Passengers need to be aware that it will take 30 to 45 minutes for the arrival process to exit the plane.

This time will only apply if you have checked your luggage and have prepared a boarding card. If you have 6-hours of layover and want to get out of the airport can pay attention to the following estimation time: 1-hour drive to Shanghai downtown, 2-hour walk to tourist destinations and 1-hour return to Shanghai airport.

  1. Layover Guide

Not only interested in spending time during transit, but you also need to know how to take steps to take while waiting for the duration of this stopover. Passengers are required to enter through the immigration gate and the Shanghai Pudong Airport gate.

First, you have to go through immigration with your visa and passport. Second, take care of your luggage and make sure it is safe if you want to get out of Shanghai airport. Get a boarding pass for transit/layover. Don’t forget to exchange money at money exchangers so that it can be used in Shanghai.

  1. Luggage Store Policy

You need to know that there are at least five luggage storage offices in Terminals 1 and 2 at Shanghai Pudong International airport. The airport recommends all passengers to leave their luggage at this place with a 50 Yuan fare per day.

Terminal 1 is between gates 4 and 5, gates 10 and 11, the departure hall, gates 6 and 7, and the arrivals hall. Meanwhile, terminal 2 is located at service counters A and M, the departure hall to the exit for international passengers. For further information, you can contact them via 021 6834 0076.

  1. Yuan Exchange

For those who rely on the use of a credit card, you should exchange cash for Yuan. Usually, there are still a number of restaurants, eateries, and transportation services that still do not provide cashless payment methods, making it a hassle.

You can get around this by exchanging money into Yuan while waiting for the layover time at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Money Exchanger can be found inside the arrival hall, so it’s quite easy to look for it.

What To Do During Long Layover?

Waiting is indeed dull, especially if you have to wait for hours of transit at Shanghai Pudong International airport.

In fact, you can do a lot of things during the waiting duration of this layover, so you don’t feel bored. Here are some activities you can do during a long layover.

  1. Eat and Drink at Shanghai Airport Restaurants or Eateries

Not all layovers can be done by leaving the airport area. For example, if you only have a layover duration of 1 to 2 hours.

This time will certainly be very short if you want to go to tourist attractions by public transportation or even taking a walk in the city of Shanghai.

You can try to try out some of the food menus at Shanghai Airport.

And don’t be surprised that the food and drinks sold at the airport are quite expensive because it is only reasonable that the prices of food and beverages in the airports are higher than other ordinary places.

  1. Relax in the Waiting Room

Again, if you just have a short duration of layover, then try to relax for a moment in the waiting room. For visitors from outside the Shanghai area, of course, this is quite interesting to do because it acquires a new atmosphere in a foreign country.

In fact, some of the lounges at Shanghai Airport still serve all passengers, even in economy class. Therefore, prepare some money to get amenities such as food, newspapers, magazines, and Wi-Fi so that waiting is not boring.

  1. Hunting Original Chinese Goods

For you travelers from outside of China, of course, you may want to buy various kinds of goods produced in this country. In fact, this can be done while waiting for transit time at the airport. Surely this tends to be fun, especially for those who have a short transit time.

There are several shops in Shanghai Pudong Airport, and you can find unique and Chinese souvenirs that make a great gift to give to family and friends.

Some of them have a special shopping center at terminal two. Visit an area that is already duty-free and heavily discounted for low prices.

  1. Take Advantage of Wi-Fi Services

This recommendation may sound very simple, but it turns out to be quite fun to do. The reason is that you can access all online media, both used as streaming movies to playing video games.

Generally, this service is available at several points at Shanghai Pudong Airport.

Wi-Fi service at Shanghai Airport is free and unlimited. Unfortunately, you have to use a phone number from China first so you can get the access code via SMS.

This cannot be done if the machine in the security system still detects foreign cellphone numbers. But if you don’t have a Chinese telephone number, you can use a machine located at several points in the airport to get the access code. If you are confused, don’t hesitate to ask the airport staff for help.

  1. Rest or Sleep

Officials at Shanghai Airport will not restrict passengers from sleeping on multiple benches as a waiting facility. Unfortunately, there are quite a few seats available, so sometimes you have to be willing to sit on the floor while waiting for the plane.

While sleeping, listen to the song, music, or podcast via headphones to avoid the surrounding noise.

However, pay attention to the time before departure starts by setting the alarm so that you won’t miss your flight.

  1. Take Pictures at Airport Terminal 2

For those of you who like to take pictures while traveling, don’t forget to go to Terminal 2 at Shanghai Pudong International Airport when spending your transit time. There, the airport has indeed provided a photo booth for foreign travelers.

You can take advantage of this photo booth to take pictures both alone and with other fellow travelers. Don’t hesitate to ask the airport staff or even people around you if you need help taking pictures with your best pose.

  1. Visiting Famous Brand Stores in Terminal 2

Don’t be surprised if you find many shopping places at Shanghai Pudong International Airport in Terminal 2. Provide Not only restaurants and knick-knacks shops, but also many stores with well-known brands.

The advantage is that you will get the original product here. Some of these brands are Anna Sui, Adidas, and Celine. Try to look around the stores even though you don’t plan to buy something.

  1. Try the SPA Services in the First-Class Lounge

For those of you who bought premium/business class plane tickets, you can go directly to the first-class waiting area. Not only providing food and Wi-Fi services, in fact, but this first-class lounge also offers SPA services.

You can pay the rate for this service according to the length of the spa. Just adjust it based on transit time, so you don’t get lulled by the enjoyment of this facility.

Some premium class airlines can go directly to the first-class lounges such as Japan Airlines and Cathay Pacific.

  1. A 2-hour Tour to The Bund

For those of you who have a layover time of more than 6 hours, you only have a duration of 2 hours to go outside of Shanghai airport. Don’t waste this, if you are in a good mood, go out and head to downtown.

One of the places you may visit is The Bund as the heart of Shanghai. This location has become a landmark with its ancient colonial buildings and views of its skyscrapers. Especially if you have the opportunity to visit The Bund at night.

  1. Walk Along Nanjing Road

For those who don’t have much transit duration, they should choose a location where the distance is indeed close to Shanghai airport. Do not choose a tourist area that is far enough away so that it will only take up time during the trip.

You can go directly to this Nanjing Road by using public transportation such as taxis or Metro Line to go eat and shop at suburban shops.

  1. Visiting Yu Garden

Suppose you have more time during transit at Shanghai airport exceeding 6 hours. In that case, you can visit several sites where the distance is relatively far. Yu Garden can be one of the destinations where visitors can also get to know ancient China.

It turns out that Yu Garden has been built since 400 years ago where this Classical Chinese garden has a gorgeous layout and view. Not only that, but you will also have the opportunity to taste the food on Shanghai Old Street by suburban vendors.

  1. Spend Your Time at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is also one of the favorite destinations for most visitors to Shanghai to enjoy the city view above the tower. Especially if you have quite a lot of vacation budget, it is perfect for visiting this area.

You can take at least 2 to 3 hours to spend a moment in this tower. One of the most interesting icons here is the revolving restaurant above it, so you will experience an unforgettable dinner with a beautiful city view.

  1. 1-day Tour Package in Shanghai

If you have time in Shanghai that exceeds up to 12 hours, it means you have more time to explore Shanghai. The best recommendation is to experience a one-day tour package in Shanghai.

Enjoy the whole city view in the morning and try some of the lunch menus at a local restaurant.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, explore one exciting site, the French Concession, where visitors can learn about Shanghai in colonial times. Next, don’t forget to take a walk along The Bund and Nanjing Road by preparing enough money because there will be many vendors and eateries here.

  1. Exploring Shanghai’s Nightlife

This activity is only intended for those who have a layover duration of 24 hours so they will meet at night at Shanghai Pudong airport. Not only do you enjoy the evening view on The Bund or other skyscrapers, in fact, but there are also many other things you can do.

You can sail along the Huangpu River for the best way to enjoy the night view of Shanghai. Don’t forget to walk and shop on Nanjing Road like Chinese snacks, so you can also go on a culinary tour while waiting for the layover time.

  1. Watching Acrobatic Performances At Shanghai Circus World

This activity recommendation is suitable if you have a transit time of more than 20 hours because this show will be held at night to provide a special attraction for visitors. Many theatres provide a spectacle of this attraction, such as the Shanghai Circus World.

This theater is still in the Shanghai area so you can use public transportation to get here. There are several attractions at Shanghai Circus World such as acrobats, juggling, balancing, and do not miss the aerial acrobatics that amazes the audiences. 

  1. Relax at the Xintiandi Bar

For those of you who are familiar with alcoholic drinks, it is possible to make Xintiandi Bar the best choice to visit while spending your transit time at Shanghai Pudong airport. This place consists of a restaurant so that visitors can also order food.

Xintiandi bar is perfect for blending culture, history, and of course the most suitable place to celebrate food and drink together. Do not be surprised if you will meet other foreigners because foreign tourists often visit this area.

  1. Explore Shanghai Old Street

Shanghai Old Street or commonly known as Fangbang Road, is also still in the city of Shanghai. So it’s a pity if you don’t stop by in this old town area. The reason is that there will be many buildings with architectural styles in ancient times, precisely in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

You will also find several restaurants that have been around for decades. Simply strolling down the streets of Shanghai Old Street makes visitors feel this ancient culture in Shanghai to spend time during transit at the airport.

  1. Getting Around the City Using Metro Transportation

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is indeed quite close to several tourist areas in the vicinity so that it can be said to be strategic enough to spend transit time and get out of the airport area. One of the public transportation that can be chosen is using Metro.

You can take line 2, which is shown in green on the subway directions. Choose this road to reach several interesting areas such as Nanjing Road, People’s Square, and Lujiazui which are only about 400 meters away in the Oriental Pearl TV Tower area.

  1. Using Maglev for Advanced Transportation in Shanghai

Of course, you will not get this in other countries. The reason is that Maglev is designed with a maximum speed of 430 km/hour, so this transportation is suitable for visitors who want to speed up their journey. This train only takes 7 -8 minutes to reach the destination.

You can take the Maglev to travel from Shanghai Pudong International airport to Longyang Street Station. Then transfer to the Metro on Line 2 to get to downtown Shanghai. One of the goals is to People’s Square, which takes 20 trips and a fare of 50 yuan.

  1. Rent a Taxi and Touring Shanghai City

If you want to enjoy a more private trip, then you can use a vehicle in the form of a taxi to get around downtown Shanghai. Don’t forget to determine a few destinations before getting on board so that the driver can deliver as requested.

Usually, it will only take 40 minutes to 1 hour by taxi or even 2 hours if you are in rush hour. You need to prepare a fee of around 180 yuan for one way to downtown Shanghai. Look for this vehicle in the arrival hall of terminal 2.

In conclusion, for those of you who have frequently made international flights, it is not common for you to have to wait a long time for transit. The recommendations above can be used as references while waiting for the layover at Shanghai Pudong airport.

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