It looks like good weather coming up, so grab some friends, snacks and booze and get to a park for picnic splendour. Here are our favourites:

Houtan Park

In Pudong, by the river, just South of the Nanpu bridge.

There are nice walkways and places to sit, and it is usually not too crowded.

Xuhui Riverside

More well-known than Houtan Park, so it does get busier, but you can still find good patches of grass for sitting, and there are also a few restaurants there, and the Long Museum Cafe, which sells slightly over-priced drinks and food.


Century Park

You know it already, and again, this one gets busy, but; it’s much bigger than you think — so you can find secluded spots to pitch a tent, or a rug, for picnic moments.

The official address is ‘Shi Ji Gong Yuan’, 409 Huamu Rd, but to get to the main entrance just go to Jinxiu Rd near the cross road of Jinxiu Rd and Jinsong Rd, then head down the path left to get to the electric boats.


On the Outskirts

Binjiang Forest Park

It’s at Suitang Lu, Gaoqiao Qu, Pudong. ‘Binjiang Sen Lin Gong Yuan’ for taxis.

The nearest Metro is Gangcheng Rd on Line 6 and a 3km taxi.

Entrance is ¥20 per adult.

The layout is good, it doesn’t get that crowded and there’s lots to do.

It’s around 30-40 minutes from the centre of Puxi.

Interestingly, it’s right on the coast so you can see the sea as well as being in a park.

There’s no food (except ice cream or snacks) so you’ll need to pack and take some.


Binhai Forest Park

At the South East of Shanghai, right by the Crowne Plaza Harbour City area of Dishui (man-made) Lake, sits Binhai Forest Park.

It’s a little rundown generally, but the highlight are the horses, which you can ride for an extra 50 RMB each. It’s also a decent green escape from the city, as it’s less well known.

How to get there: Take the S20 to the S2 which takes you straight to the Dishui Lake area. Metro Line 16 to Dishui Lake and then a taxi.


Dongtan Wetland

Dongtan Wetland is charming and a really nice visit if you can avoid crowded days.

The only feature here is walkways – but there are (what feels like) miles and miles of walkways, among wetland and greenery that is clearly well cared for and tended to in earnest.

See swans, ducks, goats, walking, biking. There are allegedly small alligators in one enclosed area.

¥80 per adult entry.

How to get there: Car is the only logical way to get there, so you need to have a car, find a friend with a car, read/speak Chinese or have a friend who does and ask them to rent a car — or call Jinjiang travel and rent a bus for around ¥1,500-2,000 depending on size. It’ll probably work out at around ¥150 per person return, so it’s good value for a day out.

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