Massage in China is a traditional practice that allows the masseurs to put their skillful practices (kneading, rolling, and applying pressure at precise points) to bounce the people back to their good health. This perfect mid-week treat helps a person relax or relieve stress, recover the injuries, and increase the energy necessary for physical and mental wellbeing.

The statistics recommend that about 17% of the people in china visit spas and massage centers once a month. A study suggests that the spa industry in china had earned about 34.6 billion Yuan in 2016, and the sales increased by about 4 billion every coming year. This increasing number of sales indicates that since the 2nd century BCE, China’s population is interested in receiving spa and massage treatments.

Need some relaxation from a busy life? Wondering for the best value massage centers in the city of spas, Shanghai? Well, Shanghai has a large number of options where you can get a message to de-stress yourself. I have found a handful of luxurious and peaceful massage recommendations for you that will provide you the best massage and spa services in shanghai.

1,Jingdu Massage

Jingdu Massage

Jingdu massage might look a little outdated from outside, but this sprawling underground massage center provides high-quality treatment at rock bottom prices. It offers a lot of tea and tv in a private room. The chatty experts professionally work over the key pressure points by twisting out knots and improving the wrong posture. At times it hurts, but the results are so refreshing and reviving. 

Bonus: complementary xiao chi, soft drinks, and tea

Pricing: 60 minutes full body massage in 98RMB

60 minutes foot massage in 68RMB

2,Muse Scent SpaMuse Scent Spa

You will find Muse Scent Spa in the vicinity of a spacious Brilliant City apartment complex. The massage takes place in a private room with a private shower. Due to the stretching of every knot and kink in the neck, legs, and vertebral column, the full body massage might get uncomfortable sometimes. But this pain aims to remove some wrong from your posture. The service ends with a soothing and comforting head massage that kicks off all the neck’s odd pains.

Pricing: I hour full body massage in 128 RMB

3,Qing Blind MassageQing Blind Massage

Walk down to the small lane to find the restful and serene place where the masseurs trigger pressure points by their gentle touch to ease you up. When you move to the treatment rooms, you will find a single rose laid on the massage table to provide you a sweet touch. The masseuses start the massage by gently rubbing your shoulder, neck, and body’s back in a circular motion. Then roll down to the legs and rub-down the foot sole. Finally, the blood circulation is adequately improved by the scalp and forehead massage.

Offers a wide range of massages like oil massage, cupping, guasha, nail massage, etc.

Pricing: 60-minute full-body massage (98RMB, 88 RMB as dianing discount

4,Shanggong Yangshengshanggong yang sheng

Shanggong Yangsheng is a cheerful, and clean spa which is located near Century park. They offer shared room service, but during weekdays you can hire your private room. The whole-body massage is gentle and includes the arms, legs, back, and head.

Bonus: if you hungry, fresh fruit and tea are complimentary.

Pricing: 138 RMB for full body massage

5,Green massageGreen massage

This place proved the best traditional Chinese massage that magically relieves the pain at the lower back and shoulder. The insanely refreshing subconscious spa is incredible. The experts press the deep points to work out the knots and blockage. They provide treatment in a private room and offer tea.

6,Shanghai personal shopper and stylist services

Shanghai personal shopper and stylist services

If you are searching for the place that provides both beauty and spa services like pedicures, manicures, eyelash extensions, massages, and a lot more, then this must be your top choice.

They also offer private, professional shopping guide, transportation, and hotel pickup and drop-off services.

Pricing: the services start from $82.

7,Sau San Tong- Beauty And Spa

Sau San Tong- Beauty And Spa

The convenient and wonderful spa is located just 5 minutes’ walk away from the bund. The clubhouse building is restored from a church that offers a serene environment and professionals of massage, beauty treatment, and slimming treatment. The spa manager can easily communicate in English, so it’s the most suitable place for foreigners.

8,Subconscious day spa

subconscious day spa massage

A cut above places like dragonfly, relaxing space, and a great massage, significantly Thai massage. It provides a pretty good value to the people with a membership card. The serene spa is best in providing services like massage, facial treatment, waxing, lashes, and nail.

9,Wonderland Spa

wonderhand spa

wonderland spa is owned by Jenna, a massage therapist who offers a wide range of massage treatments for the last ten years. This place’s customer services are magical, which ensures that the massage provides the most significant benefit to all the clients.

10,Yu Massage

yu massage

This wellness center is suited for those interested in the afternoon massage set. The masseurs have the proper skill and strength needed for the best massage. Although the old branch at Wuyuan road is closed by you can access through the new shop on Changle road.

11,Banyan tree spa shanghai

Banyan tree spa shanghai

Inspired by the sacred Himalayan beliefs and Chinese Tui Na, the banyan tree spa is located 3200 meters above the sea level in remote areas of Tibet Shangri-La. It comprises of 3 floors within the urban resort. The top features of the banyan tree spa shanghai on the bund are specially appointed treatment rooms with a nail bar, beauty salon, and banyan tree gallery. The spa is holding a beautiful blend of local culture and traditional Chinese healing philosophy. Banyan tree spa offers Himalayan Bliss (an outstanding package) together with black sesame scrub, rice wine bath, and massage with soft river stone.

12,Floatasian Float SpaFloatasian Float Spa

This wonder place offers to float in the serenity and full darkness or with ambient light and soft relaxing music. The staff provides you the delicious ginger shot with some coffee and snack after the floating session. So, if you are uncomfortable and feeling uneasy, do visit this marvelous place.

13,New star Korean spa Tianshan road

New star Korean spa Tianshan road

A lovely spa with a large number of pools, body scrub at the wet area, two sauna rooms – cold sauna and hot sauna. The staff is highly accommodative to English people.

14,Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreats (Shanghai IFC Lujiazui)Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreats (Shanghai IFC Lujiazui)

This retreat center is located in the luxurious lifestyle shopping mall at Lujiazui financial district. You can reach easily through the Lujazai Station, Metro Line 2 (exit 6).

If you are looking to spend a few relaxing hours on a rainy day, visit this place.

15,CHI, the spa at Jing-A Shangri-La, West shanghai

CHI, the spa at Jing-A Shangri-La, West shanghai

According to traditional Chinese philosophy, “chi” and “qi” are the forces that are responsible for the physical wellbeing and liveliness. It is believed that good health is maintained by the free-flowing of “chi.” At chi, the spa, the natural products, and authentic treatments of 1 to 2 hours govern the serenity and tranquility. Each time you visit, the staff will ask you to fill the questionnaire to tell your element as the use of essential oils differs according to the elements.

Pricing: 1 hour and 20 minutes chi balance massage in 1350 RMB

Himalayan healing stone massage of 2 hours and 20 minutes costs 1600 RMB

16,Taipan Spa (Dagu Road)

Tai pan spa

The clean, comforting rooms, professional massage masters, steeper prices, and high-class management are the key features of this wellness place. The ear cleaning services are slightly ticklish but highly soothing.

17,InterContinental Shanghai Jing ‘An Spa

InterContinental Shanghai Jing 'An Spa

The spa comprises five lavish rooms where you can enjoy the professional masseurs’ revitalizing touch to energize your body and restore the senses. You can break your hectic and strenuous day by the sauna’s top facilities, steam room, yoga room, and Jacuzzi. Along with the spa, you can also enjoy the rejuvenating swim in the indoor swimming pool or can energize yourself by the workout session at a fully equipped gym.

18,Kousenkaku Massage

Kausenkaku massage shop was launched in 2005 and is located in various regions like Huaihai road, Tian Zi Fang Road, Xin Tian Di road, etc. the long working hours and the professional attitude of masseurs. The elegant environment attracts people from Japan, Taiwan, America, and other European countries. The facility of free WIFI, charger, and magazine are also available.

19,Ito-Massage Shanghai

Ito-Massage Shanghai

Health is happiness in the chaotic life of Shanghai; ito-massage offers you such joy and harmony. So free yourself from the busy world and enjoy the gentle massage and a sanctuary full of aroma and melodic music. The savvy services of ito massage will provide you tranquility and heal your body and soul.

20,SPA at Bellagio

Spa at Bellagio

SPA brings traditional treatments of essential energies and five elements for the social, physical, and mental wellness in the ultimately lavishing environment. The wellness center harmonizes the mind and regenerates the body.  

How much is a massage in shanghai?

With a population of almost 25 million and a busy life, shanghai has always been intimidating. The city is famous for its variety of spa and massage treatments worldwide. The massage centers have different pricing ranges. like

If you go for the big-name chain of the massage parlors in Shanghai, they may cost about 378 RMB, which is quite expensive in China. But it is assured that the masseurs at the prominent places know what they are doing. They will properly relieve the stress by gently pressing the pressure points. However, if you visit lower end massage points, you have to pay 250RMB. The building may not be luxurious, but the spas will provide you some extra benefits whilst doing massage.

Additionally, the pricing of the massage parlor also depends upon their stars, either 5-star or 7-star. Typically 7-star are really costly but the services out of the world. But at times, if you are tight with the cash, 5-star spas are also the right place. 

Is Chinese massage safe?

Undoubtedly, China is the best place for massage lovers, as they can find the different types of massages at reasonable costs. However, this paradise can severely affect your health if you don’t pick the right spot.

Unlike deep tissue or sports massage, most of the massage centers in china target the blood flow areas to release tight muscular knots and improve the flow of energy. So the Chinese massage is not only safe but it has several potential benefits like

1, The vigorously relaxing massage techniques improve sleep quality and provide the energy to deal with the new day with new zeal and zest.

2,The massaging of soft tissues reliefs the lower pain and reduce the stiffness of a frozen shoulder or sciatica.

3,The “qi” has a physiological knot with healthy blood circulation. So the special pressure techniques reenergize blood flow.

4,The healing touch massage releases stress and provides an overwhelmed feel.

Wrapping up

Summing up, like most of the Asian countries, it is easy to search the spas in china. Yet before going to the massage center, you must take the recommendations for the local people.

Shanghai, a city that masters the art of relaxation, upgrading their spa services to provide the finest health resorts. The travelers coming worldwide positively demand the famous spa services to relieve themselves from the intense pace of life. No only spa centers but various luxury hotels have opened the classier spas. However, in recent years, the smaller boutique spas have sprung up across China, especially Shanghai.

Are you interested in visiting china? Planning to have a massage there? Do consider and search the above-mentioned spas and massage parlors.

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