Hot Pot is a culinary trend that is very popular and liked by many people, especially for those who eat together or with family or friends. If you don’t know, Hot Pot is a Chinese-style cooking method that you can find in Chinese, Japanese and Thai restaurants. When you visit a Hot Pot restaurant, you will find a boiled broth pot in the middle of the table. The raw food ingredients are then placed on the side of the pan. You can then put and cook the food you like into the special pot that has been provided for you. Hot Pot dishes are very popular with the Chinese people because they are considered to be healthy for the body. During winter, consuming Hot Pot dishes is believed to warm the body.

Hot Pot Hai Di Lao

Here are another 5 facts about Hot Pot:

  1. There are various choices of raw food ingredients that you can use

For raw food ingredients used in a hot pot, you can choose your own according to your wishes. You can use raw meat that has been sliced into small pieces, such as chicken, duck, goat, lamb, and beef. You can also cook a variety of fish and seafood, such as shrimp, shellfish, and squid. You can also cook various fresh vegetables such as kale, mustard greens, cabbage, broccoli, potato slices, and others. Other food ingredients such as noodles, rice noodles, tofu, eggs, meatballs, and others are also available.

  1. With the hot pot serving technique, raw food ingredients can be directly put into a heated pan

With the hot pot method, you need to prepare a large pot of savory broth or spices heated in the middle of the table. After that, you can prepare various raw food ingredients and place them around the pan. After the broth is in the pot boiling, you can put and cook the ingredients you like using chopsticks or fork into the broth until cooked.

  1. Types of broth can be clear or spicy

The sauce for hot pot dishes can be regular or spicy. You can choose the type of sauce according to your taste. The regular broth has a savory taste and is generally made from chicken or beef broth seasoned with ginger and several other spices.

Meanwhile, the spicy sauce, usually red, consists of Sichuan pepper, chilies, chili oil, and other ingredients. You can also use both broths at one time, according to your taste!

  1. You can use various types of dipping sauces to enjoy the cooked ingredients

After your food is cooked and you take it from the pan, don’t rush into eating it. You can first dip it in a particular sauce that you can choose according to your taste.

You can use sesame oil, soy sauce, chili oil, seafood sauce, pepper sauce, vinegar, garlic sauce, and many more. If you want, you can also combine some of the sauces above. Wow, isn’t that great?

  1. A hot pot cooking container can be a special pot or even a rice cooker!

The pot used for hot pot is usually made of ceramic or metal. Gas or electricity can be used to heat the water in the pot. In the past, a popular fuel was used as charcoal.

Some pans even have a chimney in the center along with a valve for controlling the size of the flame. So, if you don’t have a special hot pot, don’t worry because you can cook a hot pot style with a rice cooker.

Hai Di Lao Hot Pothai-di-lao-hot-pot-restaurant

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For anyone who really likes Chinese-style hot pot culinary, they will know Hai Di Lao Hot Pot. This restaurant that has started its milestone since 25 years ago has many branches all over the world. You can try a great hot pot dining experience at Hai Di Lao in Shanghai. The experience you will get is definitely different and very unique.

Briefly discussing its history, Hai Di Lao was founded by Zhang Yong, who initially only sold malatang menus at his small shop in Jianyang, Sichuan, China. Starting from the Hot Pot shop, finally, Hai Di Lao continues to grow until now it has more than 400 restaurants in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, US, Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and even Indonesia.

In 2018, Hai Di Lao was reported serving 160 million hot pot menus to its customers. Worldwide, there are at least 36 million VIP members and more than 60,000 employees at Hai Di Loa Hot Pot.

This restaurant is a favorite for many people. So, don’t be surprised if you often find long queues when you want to taste good food at this restaurant. Sometimes you have to wait in line for 1-2 hours or even 3-4 hours.

Famous for its special servicesHai-Di-Lao-hot-pot-1

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Hai Di Lao Restaurant is well known for its service to its visitors. Imagine, female customers can get free nail water or hand care while waiting in line. Meanwhile, men who wear leather shoes will get free shoe polish while waiting in line.

The Hai Di Lao restaurant is very crowded with visitors, so don’t be surprised when you will often find queues when entering the Hai Di Lao restaurant. But don’t worry, because the service is special, they serve appetizers and delicacies in the queue room. You can enjoy delicious snacks such as ice cream, mochi cakes, orange juice drinks, lemon tea, and various kinds of snacks.

Most unique is the presence of dancer Bian Lian, a traditional Sichuan opera drama performing arts that perform dances with fast movements and styles that can change quickly.

At the Hai Di Lao restaurant, you will get various additional services such as a warm towel to clean your hands before eating, a bag protector, an apron, and a cellphone wrap to protect your gadget from being splashed with broth during eating. Authentic and special service like this is what makes Hai Di Lao restaurant favored by many people.

10 Best Dishes on Haidilao Hot Pot

  1. Signature Hot Pot – Tomato Soup BaseTomato Soup

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When else will you visit the hot pot and have the opportunity to taste the delicious tomato soup? The quality tomatoes are then fried to make the tomato soup base. You can combine this Tomato Soup Base with fresh fish, provided at Hai Di Lao Shanghai. Feel the freshness of quality tomatoes with very delicious fish dishes.

  1. Hot Pot SteakSteak

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That’s right, steak is one of the pillar dishes when you visit the Hot Pot. Don’t miss this opportunity because the steaks provided by Hai Di Lao Shanghai are very high quality. This Hot Pot Steak is made of beef blade muscle, a kind of tender meat in the middle of a cow’s shoulder blades, commonly referred to as beef oyster. The steaks provided at this restaurant are served after going through several processes such as unfreezing, decorticating, slicing, dividing, salting, and others. These complicated processes then produce a steak that tastes soft, chewy, and full of flavor.

  1. Fresh Beancurd Stick Made from Three Kinds of BeansBeancurd Stick

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Make sure you taste this dish when visiting Hai Di Lao in Shanghai. This dish is made from selected fresh tofu, which is processed using selected and quality non-GMO soybeans. The black and green beans served have also gone through important processes such as soaking, boiling, and peeling. This makes the dish original, refreshing, rich in flavor and nutrition, and chewy.

  1. Thailand Black-Tiger ShrimpBlack-Tiger Shrimp

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The quality of the ingredients is one of Hai Di Lao’s powers and assets. Black-Tiger Shrimp are quality shrimp that are cultivated directly and intensively in pure Thai seawater. The taste and quality of these prawns are much higher than the usual shrimp. This shrimp has a high astaxanthin content so that it can maintain maximum freshness. Because of its freshness, you will definitely feel its freshness when served. This Thai Black-Tiger Shrimp is perfect when combined with the Tomato Soup Base.

  1. Haidilao-Styled Porcine AortaPorcine Aorta

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This dish is perfect for those of you who want to taste the delicious Hot Pot coupled with crispy and tender food. The materials used are sorted professionally. The raw materials are also processed for about 15 hours to produce a crispy, tender taste and make you miss Hao Di Lao (for sure). This dish is perfect when combined with steak and fish slices.

  1. Haidilao-Styled Boneless Basa Fish SliceBasa Fish Slice

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You must be very familiar with a fish slice because almost every Hot Pot restaurant provides Fish Slice on their main menu. Because Fish Slice is one of the most appropriate and suitable foods in Hot Pot restaurants. Haidilao typical Basha fish is cultivated professionally to produce high-quality raw materials and meet Haidilao restaurants’ requirements.

This fish is peeled and processed into fish fillets in a special low-temperature kitchen, and then processed in the Haidilao central kitchen. Without fish bones and a fishy smell, it tastes fresh and tender and is perfect for everyone.

  1. Haidilao-Styled Fish CakeFish Cake

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Don’t ever miss this dish when you visit Hai Di Lao Shanghai. Perfectly processed fish using culinary techniques produces a slice of very tasty and tender fish meat. This quality fish is also rich in nutrients and minerals that can only be found in deep-sea fish. Eating this dish will give you an exclusive and ‘wow’ impression because it looks golden, chewy, and delightful. This Haidilao-Styled Fish Cake is perfect when combined with Porcine Aorta and Tomato Soup Base. Don’t forget to capture your moments of eating this delicious meal.

  1. Crab SticksCrab Sticks

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When you hear the word Shanghai, what kind of food comes to your mind right away? Crab. Not eating delicious crab when visiting Shanghai, then your visit to Shanghai is not complete. If you want to get the sensation and experience of eating crab with a difference, come to Hai Di Lao in Shanghai. This restaurant provides crab specialties that are unique and different. Crab Sticks are one of the favorite dishes in this restaurant. Where else can you eat a crab that has been processed into sticks? The appearance is also very elegant and Instagrammable. Eating these Crab Sticks will be even better when combined with the delicious sauces provided at Hai Di Lao.

  1. Hand-Cut Bamboo Shoot SlicesBamboo Shoot Slices

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Who said Hai Di Lao does not provide special meals for vegetarian customers? Hai Di Lao provides a very special and distinctive dish, namely Hand-Cut Bamboo Shoot Slices. This food is made from bamboo shoots grown and raised directly from mountains in China such as mountains in Fujian, Hubei, Anhui, and other provinces. Don’t miss this opportunity because not many restaurants provide bamboo shoots as their dish. When eating this food, you will get a different sensation. You will feel an elegant sensation because this food tastes sweet, the texture is crispy and tender.

  1. Haidilao-Styled Tofu PuddingTofu Pudding

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Your Hot Pot experience will never be complete without Tofu. When you visit any Hot Pot restaurant, you will definitely find delicious Tofu. The Tofu at Hai Di Lao Hot Pot is processed perfectly and goes through a very professional process and stages. When you eat this Tofu, you will get a very prominent and soft taste. This is because this Tofu is made from non-GMO soybeans, ground, and pressed using manual and traditional processes. The taste of Hai Di Lao Tofu Pudding will be even more delicious and delicious when combined with the dipping sauces provided by the Hai Di Lao restaurant.

Is it expensive to eat at the Hai Di Lao Hot Pot?hai_di_lao

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Hai Di Lao Hot Pot is not expensive. They have very reasonably priced. The experience and the delicious meals you will get are really paid off with the penny you spend. The price also depends on the table you choose, whether it’s a small table, a medium table, or even a large table, depending on how many people you have. Delicious, amazing food and very professional and satisfying service will make the prices at Hai Di Lao Hot Pot very reasonable. To have a full and unique experience at Hai Di Lao, you may need a budget of around 300-1000 Yuan. With such a budget, you have got a unique, unforgettable, and enjoyable Hot Pot experience.

Typical Ambiancesauces-and-condiments

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This restaurant is very popular and famous for having a very distinctive ambiance and restaurant atmosphere. The restaurant ambiance offered by Hai Di Lao is so distinctive, it is perfect for holidays as well as family dining. The ambiance, interior design, and color selection will remind us of classic Chinese restaurants, but this time, it’s made more modern.

Talking about the interior, this restaurant appears quite simple but can accentuate a typical Chinese family home’s warmth. Square and round tables are available to accommodate any communal dining agenda, with a stove for the hotpot in the center.

Several Chinese ornaments, as well as the combination of red and gold, give the impression of luxury and comfort. Especially with modern Chinese music accompaniment, it is guaranteed to make anyone more interested in dining here.

When it comes to recommendations, Hai Di Lao is really suitable and appropriate to be recommended to many people. Feeling amazed by various service forms that we have never found before in other restaurants will give a pleasant impression when eating delicious food.

The main feature of the dishes provided at Hai Di Lao is the hotpot character, which is Chinese American style. It has a texture and taste that is easily accepted by international tongues. Even so, the original Chinese touch is still apparent in the use of the basic spices.

What makes Hai Di Lao Hot Pot so successful?haidilao

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Hai Di Lao is indeed very successful because it already has hundreds of branches in many countries worldwide. This is because a Hot Pot restaurant like Hai Di Lao has a unique and very unique food presentation. This Hot Pot is also often used as a means of socializing. They can gather and joke with family or friends with a hot pot while cooking this dish together. The self-taught way of serving also creates a strong family and friendly atmosphere when dining at a Hot Pot restaurant. Not only that, Hai Di Lao has achieved its success as a hot pot restaurant because of the quality and professionalism of its services. What sets Hai Di Lao apart from other hot pot restaurants is the service. When you visit Hai Di Lao, you will be warmly welcomed, offered free appetizers and snacks.

Hai Di Lao is also very strict with their food ingredients. That’s what makes many people really like to eat good food at Hai Di Lao. The raw materials and food provided are sure to be of good quality and contain rich nutrients for health.

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