is the new step up from Sasha’s, to find it just walk up stairs. Its 100% upscale western dining, save for the lotus theme in the still-cozy historic home’s bedroom turned dining room. The buttery walls and wispy red flower upholstery invite you in, and with comfort and intimacy like this, there’s no need to hurry. And why should you? Prime has excellent wine, serious cuts of Australian premium beef, and cigars on the dessert menu.

The entrees descriptions are far from explaining what handful of distinct dollops and artful concentrates that will arrive upon your plate. The ‘tomato tomato tomato’ did not leave its namesake recognizable in any of its tasters. Instead there was a shot of refreshing tomato infusion, a Bloody Mary sorbet, and 3 more chilled little dainties. The scallop plate though, was delectable and distinguishable. All this tasting and cooing is meant to prime you for something you can sink your steak knife into, like 300g of beef- as you like it.

The steak selection is straightforward and all top quality from a chef who knows his Ausi cows. We had our pick of cuts, weight, and sauces for slathering. We settled on the more modest 200g gram tenderloin, ‘for the lady’, and a rich red wine sauce. It came salt encrusted and so juicy. Heaven, if you are into that sort of hedonistic pleasure. If not, there is a range of main dishes featuring other familiar friends from the animal kingdom. The specials menu featured mud crab risotto with fresh tarragon with a dollop of slightly bitter avocado ice cream. It was full of fresh flavors and lovingly matched.

Its possible to spend around 300 kuai per person and feel satisfied, but it would be much easier just to relax, enjoy, and loosen the belt AND purse strings.

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