It’s fun to be weird and wacky. People celebrate being weird and wacky the world over. Every country has its strange celebrations.

Here are some you may have heard of (or been to):

1. JAPAN: Kanamara Matsuri

This Japanese celebration honours penises. This phallic festival on March 15 every year involves groups of up to 10 people carrying around huge plastic penises. These penises are supposed to help crops grow and to help everyone be fertile if they want to have children.

Size does really matter when it comes to this festival…

2. BRAZIL/VENEZUELA: Yanomamo Ash Eating

The Yanomamo indigenous tribe of Brazil and Venezuela does not allow the remains of its dead members to be buried. Instead they burn the bodies of the deceased and feed the ashes to tribe members.

Dust and ashes anyone…?

3. FINLAND: Wife Carrying World Championships

Are you having relationship or marriage problems? Finland has the answer for you!

Each year, Finland has a Wife Carrying World Championship. This festival involves the man carrying his wife over his shoulder through an obstacle course. The course is made up of a tall ladder and hurdle as well as a deep pool of water. The best dressed couple, the most entertaining couple and the strongest carrier all win a prize.

4. AUSTRALIA: Darwin Beer Can Regatta

You guessed right – Australians are always drunk and many love beer.

Driven by the love of beer, some creative people in Darwin created a sailing race with boats made of beer cans. The vessels are not tested on the water before the race so the boats falling apart are the fun part of the race. The winner gets $500 which he or she can then use to buy more beer.

5. MEXICO: Night of the Radishes

Every year, radish farmers visit the Mexican town of Oaxaca for the Night of the Radishes. They carve huge radishes into shapes that resemble life and history. Popular carvings are of Jesus’ birth, animals or carvings of the farmers’ friends to make fun of them. The winner gets 15,000 pesos.

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