Of all the destinations you could book for a vacation, Shanghai has a perfect blend of traditional Chinese architecture and sleek, modern style, bringing effortless luxury to your holiday without sacrificing the rustic ambience so often sought after by visitors to China’s Commerce Capital. If you want to be surrounded by delightful design and carefully incorporated, historical aesthetics, all tailored for comfort within your hotel room, Shanghai is the city you need to visit.

It’s the city that rarely sleeps, with large commercial decisions and designs being created behind closed doors on every corner, so sit back and travel through the The Best Hotels in Shanghai You Should Book On Your Next Visit. Which corner will you end up on?


If you want traditional Chinese architecture and peaceful boarding rooms, Amanyanguan is the hotel for you. The Aman group puts beauty and the preservation of history first, which may be why they partnered with wealthy Chinese businessman Ma Dadong. They saved numerous Ming and Quing-Era villas being threatened with demolition in his home province of Jiang Xi not by buying the land for their own development, but painstakingly transporting each villa, brick by brick, to their new location in Shanghai.

Rebuilt with care using local Nanmu wood, each villa is perfect for a family or friend group, and at just a forty-five minute drive from central Shanghai, is within easy reach of all the city has to offer. Experience the beauty of traditional Chinese living – surrounded by a forest Ma Dadong also transported to Shanghai for authenticity – while staying within commuting distance of the Commerce Capitol; truly the best of both worlds.

Mandarin Oriental Pudonghotel 2

Here, the true gem of the hotel is the staff. Dedicated, knowledgeable and attentive, the staff at the Mandarin Oriental Pudong are always on hand to answer questions and cater to your needs, may that be last minute hotel reservations or room-service after midnight. The rooms contain all the expected Chinese delights of style and architecture, providing a modern and comfortable setting to relax and recharge after a busy day in the city.

Looking for the luxury appeal? The Mandarin Oriental Pudong boasts the largest hotel suite in the city! With a jacuzzi, steam room, private gym and more included within the 8,400+ square feet of space, you’ll never want to leave to visit the city. If you do though, you’ll be welcomed back by brilliant views and a stress busting experience hospitable hotel staff only accentuate.

Jing-An Shangri-La

Situated in the west of Shanghai, the Jan-An Shangri-La is nestled in the new business district, but don’t let the location deter you. Built to the highest standards and with businessmen in mind, this hotel sports a magnificent 508 rooms and suites, all with panoramic views of the city skyline. There’s no dud room or disinteresting view, and each room is exquisitely decorated in a contemporary Chinese style that reflects the sleek, modern exterior without sacrificing comfort.

In addition to have bright rooms and extraordinary views, the Jing-An Shangri-La hotel includes a buffet restaurant, is surrounded by a variety of cuisines – an American Steakhouse, Cantonese fine dining and a Japanese sushi bar, to name a few – and incorporates the latest technology you may not expect; spa-like bathrooms with televisions in mirrors, an indoor pool and health club.

The Middle House

There’s few hotels that compare to The Middle House. With decadent rooms split between two curving, futuristic towers, this hotel in central Shanghai echoes the local shikumen style within its modern walls and comforting colours. Rooms are contemporary and sleek, featuring an open view of the city below with little obstruction, and comfort and style rests at the heart of every suite or room you may book.

Beneath the hotel, effortless style continues into monochromatic beauty. Black tiles, bamboo screams and luminous white walls frame an accommodating steam room, pool, spa and gym, and a yoga studio nestles amongst them all for relaxation. If you’re looking for modern Chinese refinement and style, The Middle House is the one stop shop you need.

Jin Jiang Hotel

Deep set in central Shanghai and popular with numerous world leaders and politicians, the Jin Jiang Hotel is a historical hotspot for your stay. Three 20th century, European-sytle buildings in an apartment-like complex are brought together, but the interiors are anything but a drag city corner flat; large, luxurious rooms and suites look out across the city skyline, while flat screens televisions and marble bathrooms elevate your stay to a whole new never.

Local amenities include more than ten local restaurants of a variety of cuisines, an inclusive pool and fitness centre, and each room is styled differently depending on the building they’re within.

“You could stay at the Jin Jiang Hotel three times over and still get a new experience every time. What an excuse to return again and again to the beautiful city,” comments Francois Aberdy, a lifestyle blogger atBritStudent and PhDKingdom.

The St. Regis Shanghai Jing’an

Grandeur and personal attention is an art most exquisitely deployed at the St. Regis Shanghai Jing’an. Bask in the delightfully rich decor, then enjoy individual guest butler service before you head out into the nearby shopping district. Bars and restaurants abound here, giving plenty to see and do both during the day and after dark, should you want to leave the comfort of your hotel room at all.

“Book a seat in the hotel restaurant and try their signature Mary Jing, a local spin on the classic Bloody Mary using authentic, local spices and ingredients. You’ll be whisked away by the local flavours and architecture of Shanghai while you shop ‘til you drop!” says travel blogger Anna Hemsworth, a travel writer at Australia2Write and Write My X.

Fairmont Peace Hotelpeace hotel

If you’re looking for something more eclectic, the Fairmont Peace Hotel could be the hotel of your dreams. Here, traditional decoration has been replaced with the Art Deco style, bringing a bold and refreshing contrast to the traditional and modern fusion within the city beyond. With just 279 rooms – of which, 39 are suites – you’ll receive a quieter, more tailored experience on your stay than many others without sacrificing the luxury you desire.

Visit the spa for health and beauty treatments, try the iconic Dragon Phoenix Chinese cuisine in the restaurant or take to the streets beyond and explore the local stores and restaurants at your own pace. With an indoor pool and health club to use, don’t forget to step out onto the rooftop terrace before you leave; the panoramic views of Shanghai are a sight you’ll never forget.

Park Hotel

Another less-traditional hotel, the Park Hotel incorporates the Art Deco style with modernism and is one of the best hotels situated on The Bund. The building was constructed to be a bank in the 1930s and was once the tallest building in Shanghai. Though now it’s overshadowed by the sleek, towering modern structures nearby, that doesn’t make the hotel any less delightful.

Due to the older construction and shorter stature, the rooms can be small and the decor a bit dated, but the views of the Patong river easily make up for the lost glamour of other hotels in this list. The Park Hotel even has two inclusive restaurants and is close to many coffee shops, so there’s plenty of culture to explore.

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