Have you fallen in love with a Chinese woman? Is it challenging to figure out if there are mutual feelings? Looking for the signs that tell you if she likes you? Well, you are in the right place. In this blog, I have penned down some of the signs that how Chinese girl expresses her love?

When you enter a relationship, the butterflies that you feel in your stomach are so real. This beautiful phase of life is full of excitement and mystery of discovering different aspects of your loved one.  Love. Nowadays, just saying “I LOVE YOU” is the easiest way to spill out the emotions. But it’s not true for Chinese women.

Like all Asian women, Chinese women are also meek and shy. They are famous for their values and strength of the character. Chinese girls are often reluctant to express their love openly because their spiritual practices allow them to deal with their sentiments. Moreover, the fear of rejection and awkwardness tends them not to show affection.

Before hopping into the signs, let’s look at how you can win a Chinese woman’s heart.

Rules for dating a Chinese girl

Before starting your romantic adventure with a Chinese woman, we want to arm you with a wise advice. Hopefully, these tips will enable you to commence graceful dates.

Always bring meaningful gifts.

In Chinese culture, gifts are a great way to impress someone and set up a good tone. Bringing a small and meaningful gift on a date is key to winning the Chinese woman’s heart.

The gift should not be much expensive that it breaks your bank. This means every time you don’t need to buy a jewel or a diamond ring. But it’s good enough if you gift her with kindness rock while walking on the beach. Candy or a notebook that she wants to get from the store in a nearby town is also a good option.

Some of the romantic gifts that will surely melt your Chinese lover’s heart are

  • Bracelet
  • Silk handkerchief
  • Hairpin
  • Hair clasp
  • A lover’s knot
  • Cosmetics

Tip: While giving a gift to your Chinese friend, wrap it properly. Choose beautiful and eye-catchy ribbons and bows because it matters a lot for Chinese.

You might have got my point, always picking up the gift that shows her desires and personal taste. A survey conducted in 2019 revealed that 23% of Chinese women consider cosmetic products as an excellent gift for them.

Interesting fact: In 2017, 11.5% of millionaire preferred the brand LOUIS VUITTON to give a gift to a Chinese woman.

Don’t spare the expenses on the date.

If you love a Chinese woman and want to move her, don’t call her on a cheap date because it’s your first impression on the lovely lady. So do a proper prep before your big night without looking at the money. Execute your first date with a class that she gets impressed by your taste and richness.

Don’t rush into the marriage path.

Marriage is an important thing for highly independent Chinese women. But, Chinese ladies have to face various cultural barriers for life- long commitment. Therefore they don’t tread to the marriage simply after a single night. So slowly tell them you love her and want to marry her.       

Signs that tell if a Chinese woman likes you

1.   She cares about her looks.

One of the signs that express the love of a Chinese woman is her clothes and looks. If your loved one belongs to china, then she must be reluctant to say that she loves you. However, if you notice that she is putting extra effort into looking pretty on a simple hang out, it means the man she fantasies is around her.

But make sure that you compliment her efforts and make her confident about her dress and style.

2.   She is eager to introduce you to her family.

This is probably more important when a Chinese girl wants to develop a proper relationship with you.

In Chinese culture, when any two people decide to tie a knot, families always come first. So if she wants you to meet her family, then definitely she is into you and wants to establish a serious relationship with you.

3.   Continue the long conversations.

Chinese women are demure and sweet; they don’t talk much, especially to whom they don’t love. So if you notice that she begin to talk more than usual and her conversation doesn’t die, then it’s an obvious sign that she likes you. 

4.   She shows up when you need her badly.

If she is the one who shows up when you call her, then there is no question that she is in love with you. According to a Christine Scott-Hudson, a psychotherapist, when someone doesn’t verbally says “I LOVE YOU” but pays attention to you and is always available in your tough times, value these actions because they are meant for you.

If you feel that she shows care for you, then consider yourself lucky. Your Chinese girl is completely in love with you.

5.   She might get jealous.

If a Chinese girl loves you, she might be curious about your previous love life. Even in the large gatherings, when women are around you and talking to you, she might exhibit the signs of jealousy and interrupt your conversation with them.

According to research, when someone fears losing the most valuable relationship, he/she feels jealous.

Likewise, a Chinese woman is very possessive, and she gets jealous easily even if you strike a conversation with other women. If you feel the flashes of jealousy, then it means that she has hidden emotions for you.   

6.   She has asked you that she loves you.

What does it mean when a Chinese girl says she loves you? No matter if she has left these three magical words on a table as a friend or a boyfriend, get in there and believe them because Chinese ladies are much reluctant to say these words.

After her declaration, talk to her and make it clear. Be brave and tell her about your feelings; if she really loves you as a friend, she will be kind and gentle to you. And if as a boyfriend then you can hope for the romantic love from her side as well.

7.   She gives you a gift. 

Gifts speak feelings, especially when given by a girl. A meaningful gift by a Chinese girl communicates her affection and care for you.  Maybe you talked about a watch you really want, and in a few days, she surprises you with a watch.

8.   What Chinese girl’s body language convey

Body language, nonverbal communication is a great way to show that someone is handling emotions for you. Here are some of the stances and postures that depicts that a Chinese girl has genuine feelings for you.

·         Protective gesture

Have you ever noticed that a Chinese woman has put her hands on your shoulder in the crowd? Congrats! It might be a sign of her love for you. She wants you to protect and secure her.

·         Continuously stares you

A Chinese girl that has fallen in love finds it hard to concentrate on other things and people. Mostly you might have caught her staring at you with the smile on her face. And if you see her, she turns away quickly.

·         Maintains Eye contact

Moreover, when a girl starts to maintain eye contact during the long conversations, she has entirely fallen for you. More eye contact suggests her love and affection for you.

·         Smiles more often

If you have noticed that your special Chinese girl often smiles when she sees you, you probably have reached her heart. She must have opened up to you if she feels happy and suddenly starts laughing at your jokes.

One smile of a Chinese girl has million hidden words that mean that she loves you.

Final thoughts

Summing up, knowing if a Chinese woman loves you is a tricky thing. So if you are in love and wondering to know about her feelings, pay attention to the signs I have mentioned. These will help you to know if she is into you. If you are not picking up these, there are chances that she just wants to be a friend with you.

Finally, be aware of the social cues a Chinese woman gives off if she likes you. If you ask her for a date, she gives you an alternative time; then it means that she is not interested in you. You may feel persistent, but it’s okay! You should Move on because there are many other fish in the sea.

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