Some people might hear your plans and think you a hopeless dreamer, but they may eat their words today, especially when they hear your side of the story. Don’t be surprised when they all of a sudden are on your side. Things are falling into place, like Tetris blocks, and those who doubted you will have their minds blown, like, again, Tetris blocks.

You should go: Gourmet Week @ 16-30 November



You might be having trouble keeping your head straight and both feet on the ground. You’re in a twilight zone fog, or some interstitial imaginative time dilation, so watch your step. Pay attention to the road ahead of you, and turn into the rest stop when you can. Then you can let your mind wander.

You should go to Rain Room @ Yuz Museum 10 am-10 pm until 31 December



You care to recycle at your home and workplace. The state of the planet is more of a concern every day. It’s up to a multitude of seemingly insignificant individuals to make a difference. Be a small but important part of the solution today by cleaning up after yourself and others if the opportunity presents itself.

You should go to: A Water Abundant World @ Roca Shanghai Gallery 19 November 6:30pm-9pm



Two-faced personalities frustrate you; especially those who seem earnest and sensitive yet act brashly and speak aggressively. Don’t be fooled by those conceited ones who offer one image while delivering another. Be on guard. Don’t be the fool by giving people more chances than they deserve.

You should go to Encore Live | Stevie Wonder’s Works Concert @ Shanghai Concert Hall 20 November 7:30pm-9:30pm



Go out and play with people today. Share your dreams for the coming years. Your imagination guides your emotions. Don’t recoil when someone starts to question your dreams. Your intellect can defend the ideals for your future.

You should go to: Shanghai Brewery Donghu Grand Opening Party, 18 November 5-10pm



The fiery spirit of competition fuels today’s activities, but avoid getting too emotional. Defend your position with facts and rationale. Cold hard facts and efficient arguments have more sway than irrational tears and words.

You should go to: Shanghai Dodgeball League @ Cages Jing’An Every Thursday 8pm-11pm



Assert your position now and what you want it to be later, and the answers will come easier. Otherwise, others may take advantage of you. It’s time to channel your strength and power into fueling your desires.

You should go: Comedy Open Mic @ Kung Fu Komedy Club 18 November 8:30 pm



You’re about to reach an important end. Don’t falter. In fact, now is the best time to charge forward. Your emotions may seem foreign or out of sync as they meet your most active fantasies. Stay on track by keeping your eyes on the road ahead. You will be free again after the finish line.

You should go: Bingo Night Fever @ Mr. & Mrs. Bund 19 November 11 pm



Now is the time to bring together your need for practicality as well as your desire for emotional freedom. Your mental health will benefit from faith in your fantasies and your ability to see them through. There’s a special door with your name on it today.

You should go: Mariinsky Opera Ballet: La Bayadere @ Shanghai Oriental Art Centre 7:15 pm



Support comes in unexpected places, so don’t shut out anyone. Even remarks that rub you wrong have a touch of feeling and forward thought that can aid you greatly. There’s value in emotional truth even if it irks you. Bitter pills may make you gag, but they are good for you.

You should go: Standup Comedy: Glenn Wool @ Kung Fu Komedy Club 20 November 8 pm or 10 pm



You are easily distracted today; your mind easily adrift. Your patience for situations is stretched thin. Do your best to stretch it further before it snaps. Wait for others to finish talking. Maintain politeness and respect, and you’ll get it in return.

You should go: BEAN November Networking @ Le Cafe des Stagiaires 7:30 pm-10 pm



You’re hiding a part of yourself from the outside. This hidden-you is the most intricate since you nurture and develop it so carefully. Don’t give it up too freely. Save it for someone who will understand and deserve it.

You should go: Sleep Party People @ QSW Culture Center 21 November 8:30 pm

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