Pet-owners consider their furry friends to be integral members of their families. But while some just want to carry their furry friends along on their journeys, others need them to manage conditions such as anxiety along the way. When traveling with pets, you are likely to encounter some hidden fees in vehicles, airplanes, and hotels in which you live.

Cumulatively, these charges bump up your expenditure, which then puts a huge dent in your wallet. However, you can always look for a better approach to travel with your pet. It could be saving on space or looking for a pet-friendly hotel.travle with pets

Here is how you can make traveling with pets cost-effective and enjoyable for both of you:

  1. If you have a car, use it

Public means of transport that allow you to carry small pets often have no charges, making them one of the most affordable options available. Even so, making use of public transportation to travel with your pet bears a lot of restrictions. For instance, some trains and buses do not allow pets on board. This makes it quite devastating for someone who was planning to carry their pet on the road.

The best solution is to use your car. It is also rather simple because all you need is to prepare your pet and get started.

The benefits of traveling in your car include:

  • The freedom to stop whenever you want for hydration and potty breaks
  • You can carry even larger pets in your car with no restrictions.

How do you prepare your pet for traveling in a car?pets in the car

That said, you must train your pet before your long journey. Please do not wake up on the morning of your trip and throw your furry friend at the back and get going. Some pets get cramped, while others get carsick.

The best way to train your pet for the long journey is to get it accustomed to staying in the car. Start taking it along when you go shopping, driving around the block, or going to get groceries. The more it learns to stay in your car, the better your chances of not having a sick or uncomfortable pet.

Finally, find a crate for your pet. A loose animal could be badly injured, even in a small accident.

  1. Don’t stay in hotels

When traveling with your pet, you may have perhaps considered staying in a hotel. However, if you can find an alternative, that will be an economical option.

Some possible options you can consider include condos, cabins, and vacation rentals. Generally, these houses have a lower weekly rate, and the best part, they have minimal or no restrictions for your pet.

In a way, you get to have a second home away from home, which means you save some dollars, and your pet enjoys their stay too.

If you enjoy outdoor space, then consider renting an RV or camping. Besides, these options leave you with the choice of traveling with larger pets.

  1. If you must, find a hotel with affordable or no pet charges

Sometimes, it is hard to find a last-minute cabin, RV, condo, or vacation rental. You could also be traveling to a closed-off region, and these options are limited, and you do not want to camp outside.

That means you have to stay at a hotel. In this case, you must find out all the details about the hotel before booking your spot. Do they allow pets to stay on their premises? Will you have to pay additional charges to travel with a pet? Are there any restrictions to types and breeds of pets that they allow in the hotel?

Call the hotel beforehand and find the answers to your questions. Then, you can go ahead and choose the hotel with the lowest or no pet charges that best suits your needs.

  1. Get frequent-flyer miles for your pet

Options such as driving apply for manageable distances. However, you might want to go on vacation to a different country or even overseas. When this happens, you must use a plane. And while there’s a rise in the restrictions provided for traveling with animals in the cabin, you can always find a more accommodating airline.

When you choose to travel with pets, you can cut the cost by getting a frequent-flyer miles subscription. Some airlines, such as JetBlue and Virgin Atlantic, offer these programs to pet owners, while others, like Continental, offer frequent-flyer miles for pets traveling in the cargo hold.

How Do Frequent-flyer Mile Work?

This is a loyalty program that airlines use to reward their regular customers. As a frequent client, you earn miles on your card every time you use the airline for your flight. And with time, you accumulate enough points that you can redeem for a free flight ticket.

  1. Always pack the right gear for your pettravel with dog

The most important aspect of traveling with pets is ensuring you have everything you need before traveling. If you are flying, make sure your pet carrier meets the standards stipulated by the airline. Also, carry some food for your pet plus some toys.

This way, you avoid spending money at the airport buying a new carrier, food, or toys for your pet.


Taking your pet on your vacation can be the perfect setting you need. They keep you company while exploring the new environs. However, a few mistakes in your planning could end up costing you hundreds of dollars. To avoid this, you can follow the tips given above to ensure you have the most cost-effective way to travel with pets.



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