Are you considering enjoying the shanghai video games? Well, we have got you some of the video games in shanghai that might entertain you fully. Also, this blog post includes the best video game centers in shanghai. 

Video games offer various great benefits. These improve your problem-solving skills, boosts your memory, and help you to involve in multitasking. The shanghai video games in Chinese are not only the reason for enjoyment, but these also increase your Chinese abilities. 

Back in the 20th century, video game arcades were found in almost every mall. Kids would align to take a glimpse of their favorite video games. The basketball, the play skee ball, and other real-life characters were great amusement for them. Fortunately, all those characters are still part of shanghai video games. Video game arcades are cheap, fun, and the best way to spend a date or holiday. 

China’s video game market has gained international recognition. In 2019, it accounted for 30% of the international market. According to a report, the revenue of china’s video game market raised tremendously in 2019. However, a whopping rise is also expected in the coming years. 

Shanghai video games and the pandemicshanghai video games

Many people not only in China, but worldwide chose to spend their time playing video games. Gamma data shared a report about the video games market in April 2020. The report said that the market spiked up in March 2020. 

Since people are forced to stay in their homes, video games had become the best way to fulfill their social needs. During the last year, downloads of both popular games and outdated games increased. So the home quarantine stimulated the video games market. TechWeb reported that the revenue of Honor of king in China raised to 95 million in 2020. 

Many organizations and firms experienced a severe downfall during this pandemic. Newly graduates didn’t find jobs and many people lost their existing jobs. However, many video game companies continued their work simultaneously and didn’t fire their employees. Tencent opened the quota for internships for the fresh graduates and even recruited more employees. 

Top shanghai video game centers 

1.   Sea world 

Sea world is a popular picnic spot in china. It is present around a large ship. The center shares the same attraction as various theme-based parks in the USA. The dolphin show, scenic waterfront promenade, and wide array of restaurants are great attractions. Praise the square’s centerpiece, named Minghua, made in 1960 in France and anchored in china. It also offers you the opportunity to choose from the different international cuisines. Take a refreshing walk by the sea and enjoy your vacations at this lively place.     

2.   The oriental pearl TV tower 

1 century Avenue in Pudong District near Lujiazui Huan Lu. 

Shanghai’s oriental TV tower faces the Bund built with different steel spheres ranging from green grassland to blue. The tower is made admirably with 3 sightseeing floors where travelers can see the city view. 

The Shanghai Municipal History Museum is also part of the tower. It provides a vivid way to display valuable pictures and presentations. 

Space capsule shows resemblance to the space shuttle. This welcoming the astronaut at the entrance and providing valuable knowledge about space. 

The revolving restaurant lies about 267 m above the ground. It offers an enchanting view of the city to the diners. Every 2 hours, the restaurant revolves and provides an awesome night view. The hotel staff and their services are highly professional. 

3.   Lie Huo Game center Lie Huo Game center 

77 Jiangning Lu, district Jing’an near Fengxian Lu 

The outlook of this place is similar to the giant grey building with four floors. Interestingly, like westerners avoid number 13, the number 4 seems a death sign to the Chinese. However, this four-floored building houses a huge arcade with a variety of racing games.        

The spot feels fully assigned for the gaming. Almost every version of the fighting games suitable for the mid-20s and 30s dudes is part of this area. You can enjoy a lot of cheap fighter and racing games in Lie Huo Game Center.    

Interesting fact: the coin push game gives a chance to win cigarettes and smoke their whole pack. So just win one pack, smoke it, and play for another one. 

4.   Jump 360 Jump 360 

258 Changjiang Lu, Area C4, Jungong Lu, District Baoshan 

Want to get back to your childhood again? You can bounce like a kid in the jump 360 parks in shanghai. It will fulfill all your dreams. The park covers an enormous area of 600 sq. meter. Let your fun begin at this impressive place. 

The fun areas like foam pits, trampolines, basketball, and volleyball courts with the water slides make this place more entertaining. The best thing about the park is that you can bounce into the place irrespective of your age. The place is geared up with the 2 major obstacles, such as Warrior Course and the ninja course. If you like running, the Parkour Zone will physically challenge you and surprise you. 

A word of caution: flying on the trampolines may cause physical injury. So you must watch the safety video before entering this place. 

5.   Fengyun Zaiqi Game center Fengyun Zaiqi Game center 

D-Mall 221, B1 People’s Avenue, Wusheng Lu, District Huangpu 

This place is a huge haven for game lovers as it promotes different basketball hoop games and a large classical console section like 

  1. Raiden 4 
  2. Tekken 
  3. Street Fighter II 
  4. Music games such as Drum Mania XG, Guitar Freaks XG  
  5. Dance games like Dance evolution 
  6. Shooting games like Time Crisis, challenging Razing Storm, or Operation G.H.O.S.T.

If you have the desire to play computer games, this is the best place for you. 

6.   Sega Joypolis Sega Joypolis 

The Sega Joypolis consists of some pop icon test systems, conventional gateway spy schools, and arcade hustling test systems. These systems add a little fun to the spot. If you find an issue in opening up the game or feel any pop-up error, then you should open the apk file and know the solution to your problem. Moreover, you can enjoy the ticket amassing games and ball shooters games at Sega Joypolis. 

7.   Xin Xin Game Center 

701 Huaihai Zhong Lu, 8/F, Sinan Lu 

Take the lift and move to the 8th floor of this building. You will be amused with the big video games arcade offering the best at cheap rates. The red-eyed mouse hunting cat is also found in the surroundings of this area. Just move down one floor and get the chance to shoot with actual guns. 

The paint selection, the building’s interior, and the games selection all take you back to the 90s. The biggest charm of this area is gambling and smoking. A huge variety of standout games is found in this place, but the 4-player Mario Kart is really awesome; it provides you a mixture of racing, fighting, and shooting games. Additionally, Gundam fighting games and basketball games are really fun. 

A cat lives at Xin Xin’s game center 24/7 and always searches for the mice present in the dinosaur game.     

8.   Tom’s world 

This is the modern family-friendly game center that is not a poor man’s place to visit. Tom is a human-friendly mouse that naturally emits worry-free and enlightening vibes. Young couples can set their date; kids can enjoy the virtual world’s beauty at this wonderful place. 

You can get a complete immersion experience with the different shooters’ games or the House of the Dead game. The skateboard games, musical games, and Panic Park are also really fun. 

This place is totally safe for the family because no smoke and weird people are staring at you. Moreover, the tom’s town is free of sketchy underground gambling.  

9.   Disc kart 

809 Zaoyang Lu, Changfeng Park, Guangfu Lu, Putuo

This is one of the top worth visiting places in shanghai. If you want some adrenaline and fun, you must visit this place. The location of this place is also entertaining. You can enjoy the drink before the race. You can drive and kick at this place for good fun. At the cheap rates and friendly staff, this place deserves to visit.  

10.  Mofamen VR Mofamen VR 

4/F, Xietu Lu 2600, Tianyaoqiao Lu, Shanghai 

One of the top VR facilities is found at this place. The inexpensive rates, pro equipment, English-speaking staff, and variety of video games are the best features. This place consists of four rooms, each having 2 headsets. So let’s delve into the virtual world and experience the virtual realm at Mofamen. You can enjoy the several hour’s long sessions in the cozy private rooms with soft walls and carpeted flooring. 

11.  The Magical Air raid Shelter 

Nowadays, another hotspot for shanghai video games is the magical Air raid Shelter. It looks like a building with the best hangouts; once you walk through the doors, the winding tunnel and the narrow staircase opens to the main entrance hall. This place is gloomy and clammy, which takes you back to your childhood. 

A large number of bomb shelters were built to this place. The number is somehow unclear, but the local government believes that 2000 are present in the Xinhui district. 

Recommended shanghai video games 

      I.        Past Good and Evil 

This is a secretly based game with the components of puzzle tackling. The player controls the Jade, who can run, hop over the pits or obstacles, push away the obstructions and protest against the dividers. The hero of this game explores different establishments intending to fight with the outsider danger. 

    II.        Longways 3 

Back in the days, the scope of the progress lay on the uncivilized island surrounded by brutality. This is the region where you fetch up discarded, trapped between the islands of indigenous radicals. Making efforts to hold on, your ultimate desire to get rid of the firearm. Search for the island’s mysteries and take the battle to the enemy and fully use to present resources for the maximum benefits. Be careful of the puzzle; you will need to struggle to get away alive. 

   III.        Boundary 

Occurring in the zero space, Boundary is the big challenge for the FPS, questing to break free from physics. The developers of this game have managed to add a well-tuned flight sim to the straightforward combat genre. It’s difficult to ensure the basic sense of direction in the space. After dying, you reappear in an impregnable cocoon. Recently boundary plans to focus on customizing load-outs, manipulating a proper system for pressurized air jets, and upgrading weapons. 



Final verdict 

From gleaming mall venues to the grimy retro haven, shanghai is packed with the best video game arcades. They are a great indoor activity with huge fun at cheap rates. 

China is one of the world’s largest countries with a variety of sceneries and a huge population. It appears to be the best place for video games. With the advancements, competitive newcomers are also heading to the video games market in China. Many top companies are upgrading their games to set a good competition and ensure your pleasure. 

If you wish to learn more about the shanghai video game arcades, ask us in the comment section below. We have plenty of information to share with you. 


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