Visiting an area means having to understand the values, rules, or norms that apply in the region, as well as Shanghai. As one of the regions that are the center of international activity, many things must be considered when visiting Shanghai.

Going to many places is really fun, you can have many new experiences.

But there are things you need to pay attention to, such as things that you must avoid both before and when visiting a place. It aims to make your visit to the area safer, more comfortable, and of course, enjoyable.

The mixture of local people with expats makes Shanghai a very interesting area to visit, both for sightseeing and just to spend time. And to make a trip to Shanghai even more interesting and enjoyable, you need to know a few things you should avoid in Shanghai.

What to Avoid in Shanghai

With a variety of knowledge and backgrounds, tourists often make mistakes that they may not be aware of. We wrote this guide to help you understand what to avoid when visiting Shanghai. Here are 11 things you should avoid when visiting Shanghai:

1, Not bringing toilet papererik-mclean-Sss9uGhSiPw-unsplash

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

This is sometimes confusing for those from western countries because most public places in the west provide toilet paper in every toilet or bathroom. But unlike other Asian regions, including Shanghai, not all places provide toilet paper in the toilet or bathroom.

Even if you visit local people’s homes, they (most likely) don’t have toilet paper. Not all public facilities in Shanghai provide toilet paper. But you may be able to find toilet paper in certain places such as star hotels, luxury restaurants, resorts, office buildings, and others.

Therefore, it is better if you bring your own toilet paper. You can find toilet paper at convenience stores in Shanghai. This is to anticipate if the facility or place you visit does not provide toilet paper.

2, Expect everyone to understand Englishkatie-manning-sOCT5bSYxrU-unsplash

Photo by katie manning on Unsplash

China is one of the countries that are not English friendly, which means that the majority of people in China do not speak English. The people’s main language in China is Mandarin, Cantonese, and other dialects that may differ from region to region in China.

There may be some large areas and cities such as Beijing and Shanghai where people have basic English skills because these cities are centers of international business, trade, and finance.

But don’t expect all those Shanghai residents to speak English. Maybe those who work in the travel, tourism, hotel, or business industry have sufficient English language skills in Shanghai. But if you visit supermarkets, mini-markets, traditional markets or small restaurants, don’t expect them to speak English.

To help you communicate, you can take advantage of translation applications such as Google Translate and others to help you communicate with residents of Shanghai who do not speak English. Alternatively, you can hire a travel guide who has the ability to speak Chinese to help you while in Shanghai.

3, Not bringing cashmoney-banks-china-renminbi

You may indeed be able to take advantage of your credit card while in Shanghai because several public facilities and places in Shanghai such as malls, star hotels, luxury restaurants, and others accept credit card payments.

You can also use mobile payment methods, but only Alipay and WeChat Pay are available, which you may not have. Because to use such a payment method, you have to register and take care of other requirements to register you as an Alipay or WeChat Pay customer.

So the best alternative is to have as much local currency (RMB) as possible (according to your needs). This aims to ease your transactions when you are in public places and facilities such as restaurants, supermarkets, and others.

4, Not bringing spare Shanghai power adaptersChina Power Adaptor Plug

This is a very important preparation when planning to visit Shanghai as every country has different standards for plugs or power adapters. So you have to bring the right power adapter so you can charge your smartphone or camera batteries so later you can use it to communicate or capture your moments in Shanghai.

It’s not funny when your gadget’s battery runs out, but you can’t charge it because you brought the wrong power adapter. China uses power outlets and plugs type A, C, & I.

5, No respect for culture and localpexels-mentatdgt-1167160

This is very basic. When visiting an area, we must be able to appreciate the culture or values prevailing in that area. This is done to avoid something undesired, such as clashes with residents and other problems.

It’s not just the local culture, and you also have to obey the laws and regulations that apply in Shanghai. This is to avoid being reprimanded or detained by the authorities in Shanghai. This is very important to remember, especially if you come to Shanghai as a foreign citizen.

6, Too reckless and not paying attention to the environmentalexandre-valdivia-MY_CORJEViw-unsplash

Photo by Alexandre Valdivia on Unsplash

Shanghai is a very modern and metropolitan city. This city can also be said to be a busy city because it is a favorite destination for tourists and business trips for many people. Therefore, the threat of crime has emerged.

When in Shanghai, especially in crowded and packed places, make sure you always pay attention to your belongings. Stay aware of your surroundings. When in crowded places such as tourist attractions, on buses, trains, and others, make sure you are aware of avoiding pickpocketing and others.

Likewise, when at night, try not to walk alone in a quiet or prone place to crime, especially in the suburban area of Shanghai. If you must, make sure you have a few friends to accompany you. It is important to maintain security and safety wherever you are.

7, Do not drink water from the tapdrink water

Maybe those who live in western countries, Europe, Japan, or Singapore, used to drink water straight from the tap. But you can’t do that in Shanghai or other parts of China. It doesn’t mean that the water in Shanghai is not clean, it’s safe to consume, but you can’t drink the water straight from a tap.

This is very important to note because it also relates to your health while in Shanghai.

8, Breaking the Law

This point is very clear. You don’t want to get into trouble when you’re in Shanghai. Make sure the activities or things you carry out while in Shanghai do not violate local Shanghai laws or Chinese national laws in general.

If you break the law, you will be dealing with the Chinese legal and security authorities. This will add to your burdens and problems, especially if you are visiting Shanghai as a foreign citizen.

Also, make sure you can avoid conflicts or disputes that might make it difficult for you. Things like this can disrupt your trip to Shanghai.

   9,   Avoid late night taxis (if you are alone or women)yiranding-D8ZZ11V9_BU-unsplash

Photo by 丁亦然 on Unsplash

As with other large cities, avoid walking or traveling at night (especially alone). Likewise with taxis. You can be the target of crime, pickpocketing, theft, and other crimes that can happen.

If you are experiencing a problem or a difficult situation, contact the relevant authorities in Shanghai directly, or if you are lucky, look for a police officer in uniform for assistance.

In addition, you must be able to distinguish licensed taxis from black (illegal) taxis. Usually, you can find illegal taxis at the airport. You are usually offered unreasonable prices and offers.

10, Too friendlyfriends

Friendly is mandatory when visiting an area in another country, you must have good communication and interaction ethics. But avoid being overly friendly because this attitude will make you an easy target for scammers.

You may be offered cheap hotel deals, cheap food, and anything else that could be a scam. Apart from a scam, you can also become a target for crime. Too friendly will also make local people you don’t know become uncomfortable. So just avoid being too friendly to people you don’t know very well.

   11,   Not doing research before visiting Shanghaikaren-z-gEoNQZVVTHo-unsplash

Photo by Karen Z on Unsplash

Shanghai is one of the areas in Shanghai that is a favorite of many people to visit. There are so many places and attractions that you can visit and do while in Shanghai. So, to maximize your visit to Shanghai, you better do research on the places you will visit or the activities you will do while in Shanghai. Check here for the latest and complete guides and information about travel and visiting Shanghai.

This is done so that your trip is more orderly, maximized, and scheduled so that you can enjoy every second you are in this magnificent and metropolitan city.


Visiting Shanghai can be an interesting and fun experience and activity to do. There are so many tourist destinations or activities that you can do while in Shanghai.

But you also have to pay attention to the things you need to avoid in Shanghai so that your trip becomes more enjoyable and comfortable. You can use the above guide as information when you visit Shanghai, be it for travel, business matters, and others.

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