Tai Chi vs Yoga, Which Is Better?

If asked to choose, would you choose Yoga or Tai Chi? Both of these sports do have a characteristic slow tempo of movement so that people often mistake them.

Even so, the benefits for the body are not much different and are very important for metabolism.

Difference Between Tai Chi and Yoga

The difference between Tai Chi and Yoga

Tai Chi and Yoga are sports that both emphasize the focus of specific movements so that the body can move positions as slowly as possible.

It is a form of exercise to coordinate the muscles, heart, bones, mind, and energy around the body.

Although they almost have the same essence of movement, the two sports techniques are different.

Especially in terms of training, movement, and its own goals. For more details, see the following reviews:

  1. Types of Sports

Yoga is a sport-like gymnastics but has a slower and more relaxed pace.

This allows one body to coordinate with each other so as to form a perfect balance.

Meanwhile, Tai Chi is a form of martial art but without any violence or no physical touch between the actors.

Sports like this are done solely to maximize the energy around. If it’s from the Chinese story, then martial arts like this are used to avoid the impact of the opponent’s punches.

  1. The Origin of the Movement

Basically, the Yoga movement is a form of spirituality or meditation and has been practiced since 2,500 years ago.

In addition, the art of exercising here is to train the body’s concentration and focus so that it can be controlled.

Meanwhile, the Tai Chi movement is a form of inspiration when you see a crane attacking a snake.

However, the snake only evaded it by snaking. This is what ultimately underlies the Tai Chi movement to face opponents with martial arts gently and non-violence.

  1. Goals

Apart from the movements and also the slightly different forms, the goals are not the same or at least not the same.

Yoga has a meditative and spiritual purpose, so it gives the effect of a calm mind.

Still, it cannot be denied that getting there is very difficult.

In contrast to Tai Chi, which focuses more on martial arts movements in a gentle style.

At first, the initial goal was to avoid the opponent’s attacks, but now it has become a sport to improve body reflexes, especially for elders.

  1. Form of Exercise

Tai Chi is able to provide more significant health effects, especially for improving memory.

This is because there are many difficult and complicated movements to go through, but they are soft and coordinated, so one cannot just use the video as an exercise guide.

So you have to use an instructor to guide your Tai Chi journey.

Yoga has quite complex movements because its basic form of training is for stretching, breathing, and also meditation.

Yoga aims to make the body calmer so that it can improve posture.

These two sports do not have many different forms, they are both relaxed sports in terms of practice.

Benefits of Regularly Practicing Tai Chi and Yoga


Positioning the body with a balance of movement between the mind and muscles is the most important goal in Tai Chi and Yoga.

Both have a focus on a calm direction of motion so that they are able to balance the energy of the body with the surrounding environment.

Doing movements like this in the end can provide many benefits to the body.

Especially in terms of muscle health and the body itself. In order to better understand the benefits that will be obtained, the following is a further explanation:

  1. From the Medical Perspective

From a medical point of view, Yoga and Tai Chi that have different movements are in fact able to provide the same health effects.

Both Yoga and Tai Chi are able to relieve pain, especially those related to bones, muscles, and blood pressure.

Especially in regular yoga practice, which can make the body’s metabolism run smoother so that it has a more relaxed effect.

Meanwhile, Tai Chi has more effect on blood pressure health and improves arthritis symptoms.

So both of these sports have positive advantages from a medical perspective.

  1. More Relaxed Body and Mind

Actually, the benefits of the two types of exercise are difficult to compare.

Because both Yoga and Tai Chi produce relaxed and slow movements with a mind-body approach, in the end, exercises like this will help calm or relax the body.

However, not only from a physical point of view but also a sense of relief and anxiety in oneself will be reduced.

So both Tai Chi and Yoga are perfect for those of you who need exercise to calm your mind, overcome anxiety, depression, and others.

Even though they both provide a relaxing effect, the movements of these two sports still depend on their suitability because they have different methods.

  1. Body Balance

Yoga is able to make the body more balanced. However, the movements are static so that a person will be able to control his body while still standing.

But the most important point is that the body can distribute body weight evenly.

Many people who want an ideal body shape then use Yoga as one way. Because Yoga is proven to help distribute body weight evenly.

Especially in the legs so that body stability will increase.

This is of course different from the Tai Chi movement which focuses on constant movement.

The balance obtained will help a person to be more able to control the body so that it is not easy to fall, especially for the elderly.

Tai Chi can also help improve physical reflexes as well as thoughts because the movements learned in Tai Chi are constant movements.

  1. Ideal Body Weight

Tai Chi is a sports movement that can provide the right calorie-burning effect.

Even though it is not very effective for weight loss, based on the research of The Chinese University of Hong Kong it is able to reduce about 1 kg of body weight.

This happens when the person exercises regularly for 45 minutes and five times a week without changing their lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Yoga will be effective in streamlining and shaping the body to make it more ideal.

Yoga is an ideal sport for pregnant women and also young people who want an ideal and healthy body shape.

  1. Sleep Quality

Having poor sleep quality will certainly have a negative impact on the body and daily life.

Especially for digestion and the body will feel intense fatigue for no reason.

One of the benefits of doing Tai Chi and Yoga regularly is to provide health to the body.

You do this by providing good quality sleep so that when someone wakes up they will feel more refreshed and fit.

Even for the elderly alone, more than 25 percent of them mostly experience cognitive impairment so doing these exercises regularly will be very helpful.

  1. Reduces Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a condition in which a person can experience chronic pain all over his body.

The reason is scientifically uncertain, but when you are diligent in doing sports that make the body more relaxed, this will be resolved.

Moreover, the basis of Tai Chi and Yoga are both forms of meditation with stretching and breathing exercises.

It’s just that the execution and practice are different, but in the end, the effect it causes makes the muscles more relaxed and doesn’t feel pain easily.

  1. Better Mood

When someone feels a happy, relaxed, and relaxed feel, the mood will also feel better.

Based on several studies, both of these exercises have a calming and stress-relieving effect.

In fact, according to some sources, the combination of slow intense movements with a calm mind and regular breathing will help to have a positive effect on the nerves of the body.

In addition, hormones will be regulated which in turn can raise a person’s mood.

  1. Healthier Muscles and Joints

Previously it has been frequently mentioned that the two sports focus more on stretching and breathing movements.

Especially in yoga which is done regularly so that it can have a good physiological effect on the joints and muscles.

Both Tai Chi and Yoga have an effect on balance, strength, stability, and flexibility in muscles and joints.

This in turn will help reduce the effects of pain and make that part of the body healthier and stronger as you continue to exercise.

Weaknesses of Tai Chi and Yoga Movements


Tai Chi and Yoga is not just a meditation movement.

However, there is much more to the art of movement being carried out so that it can provide many benefits.

Even so, it cannot be denied that the two also have many shortcomings, including:

  1. It Takes Time

Both Yoga and Tai Chi are sports that prioritize balance and weight distribution evenly.

The resulting movement becomes slower because it is relaxed.

As a result, these two types of sports both take a long time to complete or to master them.

In addition, beginners must also learn the movements first from basics to advance so they can move and exercise more effectively.

  1. In Terms of Movements

For the movements, Tai Chi is indeed more difficult.

Even for the original version, there are 100 types of motion. However, only 24 methods often teach by instructors to Tai Chi beginners.

Meanwhile, Yoga is quite easy to learn. You can even do the movements through various video exercises online or via or via YouTube so that even beginners can follow them easily. But yeah, it takes time.

  1. Side Effects

Although both types of exercise have slow and gentle movements, it cannot be denied that there are side effects afterward.

Although the effect is not permanent, it is enough to interfere with subsequent body activities.

Among them is the effect of pain on the body, especially the muscles and joints, a.k.a pain.

This is because both Yoga and Tai Chi are movements that force the body to coordinate with one another and slowly flex at first.

However, after that, the body will be more accustomed to doing these movements so that it will recover quickly.

Side effects like that are normal because the great benefits of practicing Yoga and Tai Chi will be felt afterward.

  1. Enjoy Less

Not everyone will like sports with the slow-motion type.

Especially for those who have difficulty adjusting focus.

Both Tai Chi and Yoga are movements that require a calm mindset so that the body relaxes and focuses.

In the end, this can indeed relax your body and help in providing mental and emotional health.

Unfortunately for some people who have difficulty focusing will feel bored to practice like this and end up not being able to enjoy the essence of every movement.

  1. Outdoor Sports

In fact, this can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Because both Yoga and Tai Chi are types of sports that tend to be done outdoors, but they can also be done indoors.

Especially one with nature because the original purpose was for the art of cultivating the mind and body so that it becomes calmer and more relaxed.

However, for some people this type of exercise if done outdoors that is open will feel uncomfortable.

Especially if the area is very hot or even cold. Meanwhile, if it is done indoors, it will not feel the essence of calmness.

  1. Tiring Effects

It is true that there is no type of exercise that is not tiring.

However, the Tai Chi movement model is different. This is because the body will experience a double effect in the form of memorizing and harmonizing the movements in such a way that fatigue occurs afterward and is more intense.

In yoga, it is not that different because someone who performs these movements must be able to coordinate and balance.

Therefore, maybe, after exercising you will feel pain in certain body parts.

  1. Not a Fitness Exercise

Tai Chi is a form of exercise to process the mind so that it can coordinate properly.

That is why this form of movement will not actually make your body fitter even though you are more trained in breathing.

Meanwhile, yoga as a form of exercise can have an effect on the smoothness of the metabolic network, especially the health of blood flow.

This allows the body to be more effective and less tired during activities.

Which Is More Effective For Weight Loss?


Basically, Yoga and Tai Chi movements are both carried out at a slow and relaxed tempo.

However, the Yoga movement prioritizes posture alignment so that oxygen can be equally distributed and will flow to more muscle cells.

The impact of this equally distributed oxygen flow will be able to burn calories more quickly and more effectively.

Although both of them can do the same thing, Tai Chi only focuses on coordinating movements so that the body’s energy with the environment can unite.

Therefore, Yoga is more popular with people, especially young women, to lose weight.

Even without intense exercise every day as long as the right diet accompanies it, the ideal body can be achieved quickly.

Which is Better for Treating Back Pain?


Actually, the form of exercise between Tai Chi and Yoga is very difficult to distinguish.

In fact, they are almost identical and differ only in the way they are executed.

In terms of benefits, it is not much different, but what is clear is that the focus is not the same.

Tai Chi, as a form of martial art, even resembles a dance, which can strengthen muscles so that they have a relaxing effect that can make life longer.

Whereas in Yoga is a meditation practice method with stretching and breathing movements.

This results in your body being more relaxed and weak. One of the most pronounced benefits is that it can treat back pain and reduce the risk of low or high blood pressure.

Therefore, Yoga is a form of exercise and also the most effective form of movement to treat back pain than Tai Chi.

Challenges of Doing Tai Chi and Yoga Movementstai chi

Although both yoga and Tai Chi are forms of balance training that promote a slow-motion tempo, make no mistake.

Because these two types of movements actually have bigger challenges than other gymnastics.

  1. Lack of Concentration

The main thing that often attacks beginners who learn Yoga and Tai Chi is a lack of concentration or not focus.

Even though it is well known that both Tai Chi and Yoga require a calm mind.

Not focusing, in the end, will only make a person unable to practice optimally so that the resulting movements tend to be wrong and end up having no effect other than feeling tired.

  1. Too Serious

Both of these sports indeed require one to be serious.

But that doesn’t mean you always have to be serious in observing every movement and practicing it.

Especially for beginners because this will actually make training less comfortable.

Being too serious when practicing Yoga or Tai Chi will only cause unpleasant feelings when doing sports.

Even though the purpose of these two things is to train the body so that it is not stressed, if seriousness interferes with it, the opposite happens.

  1. Stagnant

For beginners, doing the movements of Yoga and Tai Chi really have to be serious in order to master each exercise to its full potential.

Moreover, every movement that is produced is quite difficult, especially for this type of martial art from China, Tai Chi.

These difficult exercises and moves tend to keep beginners focused on one point only so that they will only stagnate on one thing.

In the end, this method will make someone passive and difficult to develop.

  1. Breathing

Both types of exercise, especially Yoga, are intended to train the body’s breathing so that it can be more controlled and relaxed.

It’s just that the main mistake that is often made by beginners is holding their breath at the wrong time.

Especially if they are too serious or focus on just one point, maybe they might accidentally hold their breath because of this.

Therefore, this part must be realized, especially that breathing plays the most important role.

Who Is Better Suited To Practice Tai Chi and Yoga?


So far, maybe most people see that Yoga is a form of exercise that is often done by women, especially those who are still young.

Meanwhile, Tai Chi is a form of movement for the elderly and old.

However, please make no mistake because they are not only suitable for both groups. For more details, the following is the explanation:

  1. Yoga

Yoga is indeed a sport that is most suitable for young women.

It could be said that every move made was very beautiful.

However, that does not mean that men cannot do it because basically, this form of training is flexible enough for all groups.

Moreover, it has a soothing effect, so that people often practice this form of exercise.

Especially pregnant women because the main basis of the movement is stretching the muscles and making the body more relaxed. So, when giving birth, the muscles will not be stiff.

  1. Tai Chi 

Tai Chi, a non-violent martial art from China. This exercise is basically another term for “moving meditation”.

This means that when a person moves his body according to the mentor’s instructions, he is meditating.

In addition, the effect that is given from the results of the Tai Chi movement in addition to being more relaxed is that it is able to reduce the risk of senility or dementia so that more parents adopt the sport.

Even the form of regular exercise is believed to be able to prolong a person’s life.

From this explanation, at least you know better the difference between Yoga and Tai Chi.

So which one is better? basically the same because it has almost the same benefits. This is based solely on the suitability of the person performing the exercise.

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