More and more people always curious what Tai Chi it is and how to choose a good Tai Chi class, however, Learning this one martial art has a myriad of health benefits for the body.

You can take Tai Chi classes at trusted courses and have experienced trainers. The goal is to be safer and give maximum results as desired.

History of Tai Chi in China

tai chi history

There are several historical versions of the emergence of Tai Chi.

Its characteristic gentle movements make it particularly suited for health and balance purposes.

There are many benefits and advantages, even becoming one of the best martial arts in China – even the whole world.

  1. History of the Most Popular Version of Tai Chi Martial Arts

A Taoist monk named Zhang San Feng, who lived in 12 AD. He was known as a great invincible warrior, then became a teacher of these teachings at the Wudang Temple.

In the past, this martial art seemed unique and different from the others because of its gentle movements and styles.

The majority of the circulating opinion, Pastor Zhang San Feng, is the creator of Tai Chi or Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan).

The discovery of this idea after seeing the fight of a snake and a crane. Then he applied the technique in gentle movements so that the martial art emerged.

  1. History of Other Versions of Tai Chi Martial Arts

The next version is that Tai Chi was created because Zhang San Feng’s disciple Wang Zongyue insulted the people of Chen Village (for having bad martial arts).

A fight eventually broke out with the winner from Wang’s side even though they tended to be outnumbered.

The people of Chen Village then made Wang Zongyue a martial arts teacher.

From then on, Tai Chi was created and developed which is known to have a movement that focuses on balance and Chi energy.

  1. History of the name Tai Chi

The name Tai Chi itself comes from an ancient Chinese philosophical term contained in a book of changes that is approximately 3000 years old during the Zhou Dynasty (1100-1221 BC).

The meaning contained is very deep if you understand it further.

Tai Chi is a simple term rich in meaning. The idea for the name emerged from the designation of the Yin and Yang diagram, becoming a symbol of Taoism.

The philosophy implied is that differences can become one unit, but also to describe the breadth of the universe. 

  1. The History of the Development of Tai Chi

tai chi 1

Chinese people began to recognize the term Tai Chi in the mid-18th century.

According to the lineage of martial arts, Zhang San Feng was taught to his main student, Wang Zongyue.

After that, Tai Chi was spread from generation to generation to the Yang Luchan generations.

After the Yang Luchan era, this martial art developed rapidly when his grandson Yang Cheng Fu became the Chinese martial arts tournament champion.

In 1945, Tai Chi became more famous after a doctor named Dr. Hu Yuan Chou (Wu Fan Cheuk) defeats the main boxer of Russia.

Benefits of Tai Chi

da tai ji

Learning Tai Chi itself has many benefits. Besides being known for having strong defense movement techniques, many of these martial arts also believe in maintaining health.

The movements tend to be like meditation, which will have many positive effects such as:

  1. Improve Flexibility and Balanceda tai chi

Gentle movements in Tai Chi can increase flexibility, but it is useful for maintaining body vitality.

Increasing age makes balance and nerve cell function decrease. This martial art can train balance and make the coordination system in the body better.

This martial art can be for anyone, whether professional athletes, beginners, and the elderly.

The gentle movement will make the heart rate more stable so that you don’t waste more breath. Flexibility and balance can be trained so that you don’t fall over easily.

  1. Strengthens Muscles

Doing Tai Chi exercises regularly can make your muscles stronger, especially those in the back and stomach area.

The movements in this martial art are very suitable for the elderly because they can increase endurance and body fitness to secure health.

The Tai Chi movement requires you to support your limbs for a long period of time.

Its usefulness is that it can make both upper and lower muscle performance.

The body becomes fitter and stronger so that it can avoid this one cell tissue problem.

  1. Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Stressda tai chi people

Based on some reliable research, routine martial arts can prevent the body from the risk of heart disease and also improve blood sugar levels.

In addition, the immune system in the human body can be stronger, so it is not susceptible to disease.

The pressures of life make a person experience depression and stress.

Doing Tai Chi can reduce this risk because of the gentle movements. Before running it, it is essential for you to pay attention to your body condition so that it is safer to consult your doctor first.

  1. Increase in Concentrationtai chi shanghai

The concentration level of a person who regularly performs Tai Chi exercises can increase significantly.

The movements in this martial art train the brain, feel grounded, and find calm.

The burden in mind is reduced so that the performance can be maximized.

The movement that tends to be gentle will help focus attention and reduce distractions both from outside and within your own body.

Mind clarity and focus can be trained along with routinely undergoing this one healthy activity.

  1. Helps Lose Weight

Weight loss is a problem for most people, especially obese people because it can affect the body’s health.

Although the movements tend to be gentle, doing Tai Chi regularly can prevent fat deposits.

Doing Tai Chi movements correctly can burn 400 calories per hour in the body.

Although this martial art seems relaxed and slow, it can also build muscle and improve joint movement and also make the body more flexible. 

  1. Improve the Health of the Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

This martial arts exercise can make the respiratory system better; it will be suitable for those who have problems with these organs.

Doing Tai Chi movements correctly can increase the distribution of blood and oxygen in the body.

Tai Chi makes the heart rate more stable so that the cardiovascular system will be healthier.

The circulation of blood and oxygen in the body plays a vital role in increasing concentration, reducing stress, and making the brain smarter.

5 Places to Learn Tai Chi in Shanghai

tai chi class

Tai Chi Shanghai has several courses that you can visit practice and deepen this martial art.

You can choose the type of style according to your needs, try the closest location. Here are 5 of them:

 . 1, Pure Tai Chi (Pudong),

  • the address is Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong. Open every day 07.30-22.00. You can visit the website

  • 2, Shanghai Hun Yuan Tai Chi Kung Fu Center,

  • its address is Shanghai Sports University. Open every Saturday and Sunday, 10.00-18.00. You can visit the website

  • 3, Shaolin Kungfu Cultural Center,

  • its address is Wu Ding Xi Lu near Jiangsu Lu. Open every Tuesday-Sunday, 09.00-21.00. This place was founded in 2018.

  • 4, Ta Chi Murni (Jing’an)

  • the address is Lane, Shanxi Bei Lu near Beijing Lu. Open every day 07.30-22.00. You can visit the website
  • 5, CordyKet Meditation and Qigong,

  • where these courses are located in several parks in Shanghai. You can visit the website CordyKet Meditation and Qigong.

Cost (average) of a Tai Chi Class/Course

There are several classes that you can choose, according to both private and group needs.

The rates also vary, from expensive to economical. Prioritize according to ability, and the distance is not too far.

Manage the schedule effectively, that way the maximum results.

  • The cost of private lessons once a week for individuals (teachers come to the house) is around 689 CNY per month.
  • The cost of private class exercises once a week for individuals (students who come to the teacher’s house) is around 358 CNY per month.
  • The cost of a group exercise class once a week for 2 people is around 918 CNY per month.
  • Fee for group class exercises once a week for 3 or more people starting from 1148 CNY per month.

For those of you who are interested in practicing Chinese Tai Chi, you can choose a tariff that suits your needs and is not burdensome.

This cost is proportional to the many benefits that can be obtained by doing these exercises regularly.

How to Choose the Right Taichi Class?

Choosing a Tai Chi class is very important for your body’s strength and needs.

The right style and movement will influence the success of this martial arts goal.

These activities will bring many benefits if they are done right.

  1. Make sure you physically ready

Physical readiness has the right effect, with conditions that do not meet the requirements, injury, or other things that can occur.

Make sure when choosing the type of exercise to make it safer and with maximum results, consult your doctor first.

The reason behind this is that this Tai Chi movement emphasizes technique over strength.

For those of you who have problems with joints, spine, fractures, or heart, and are pregnant, it is better to consult a doctor first.

  1. Look for Experienced Teachers

Experienced teachers can teach and help you to learn Tai Chi movements properly.

These considerations can make training more effective and efficient.

Far or near the training location, make sure the instructor has qualified abilities.

The most important factor in the success of practicing Tai Chi is the style of teaching.

Teachers’ choice will have a lot of influence because the social support from them can generate enthusiasm. That way, when doing it more relaxed and fun.

  1. Select Instruction Style

Make sure to choose teachers who have the same goals, such as health, martial arts, and others.

You need to pay attention to the purpose of following these exercises.

Try to study Tai Chi seriously, not a place to compete and show greatness.

This style of instruction makes training more effective and efficient.

Experience in accordance with the field can make you quickly master the movements that the teacher teaches.

Generally, learning aims to develop sensitivity and expertise in a cooperative way.

  1. Choose a Tai Chi Style That Fit Your Needs and Interests

Finding or reading information related to Tai Chi is very important because it can help better understand the benefits both physically and mentally.

A teacher will look for the right ideas for you to master the movements in a style you want.

Tai Chi itself has six of the most popular styles derived from the family tree, namely, Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun, Wu-Hao, and Fa.

This type is focused on health problems and martial arts. Make sure you choose as needed. 

  1. Choose a Comfortable Exercise Location

Choosing the right place can make your practice more effective.

Try to find a location where you can relax and increase your concentration.

Enjoy time by relaxing your mind so you can relieve stress and depression or other life burdens.

A place with wind and calming air can make you enjoy exercising more and refresh your mind from each day’s busyness.

Smooth circulation of blood and oxygen makes the performance more optimal and increases concentration.

Learn Tai Chi Self-taught

Before learning Tai Chi by yourself, you need to make sure that your body’s health condition can support you to do it or vice versa.

This martial art for beginners focuses on positive thoughts, and the basic positions are quite simple.

  1. Starting Position

Position the body properly, how to stand straight with both legs open.

Place your hands on your hips, then slowly turn your head in the same direction slowly, repeat twice. Next, do the first move, but in the opposite direction.

Place your hands on the abdomen below the navel about 5 cm, then push in a little.

Next, slowly inhale and exhale through your nose, with your lips tightly closed but not slowly until your shoulders lift.  

  1. Relaxing Hands

Raise your hands to stomach level, keep your arms straight, then move your palms as if shaking a grain of water.

Perform this movement by inhaling and exhaling three times.

Then raise your hands forward, move them like you are gently sweeping the wall.

When doing this, try to have your fingers facing downwards, then lower them slowly with your limbs straight up. Do this six times by taking deep breaths.

  1. Two Full Moon Movements

Raise your arms forward until they are perpendicular to the body.

Lower back until your hands come back and form a perfect circle. Repeat the movement six times, ending by realigning it to its original position.

When doing these movements, try to maintain a stable concentration and movement.

Relax your body so that your muscles are not tense, do regular exercises to get better at them, so you don’t stiffen your body.

  1. Spread the Wings

Raise your arms to chest level, placing your palms almost touching.

Do the movement to open the as your arms to spread the wings.

Then return to normal, repeat this movement up to six times. Always try to keep your breathing steady.

When performing this movement, concentrate on moving your arms slowly and in a relaxed manner.

Always try to wear flat-footed shoes without high heels. This is to avoid injuries when doing this one martial art.

  1. Splitting the water

Bring your arms extended forward at chest level with palms facing down.

Next, make a movement like you’re swimming and slowly splitting the water. Swing the body part back to its original position, repeat up to six times.

When doing this exercise, wear loose clothing that tends to be stretchy and breathable and comfortable.

These movements are basic techniques that you can learn on your own.

For an advanced level, it would be better if with expert supervision, because they are more complicated.


Tai Chi has various benefits for the body. Course sites are available in several countries, especially in China, where it was born.

In the Shanghai region, there are many locations that you can visit to learn martial arts.

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