Are you the one who had to fight with muscle tension, anxiety, and indigestion? Do you want to get introduced to the energy of life? Well, give qigong a try. It is a meditative workout that will relieve all your stress within a week or two. 

Just think, how exhilarating it would be if you can control all aspects of your life as you want, only by using the power of your mind. Using it so that you can reinstate and uphold your health, slow down the aging process, or guard yourself against injuries. This type of ability is purely enlightened as mastering and knowing the transformational processes in nature called Qigong in Chinese culture.

Before indulging in qigong certification and its importance, I think we should first talk about Qigong itself.

What is Qigong?

Qigong is a type of traditional Chinese exercise, much like Tai Chai. It’s an ancient healing and exercise technique in which controlled breathing, meditation, and movement exercises. According to the Chinese, Qi is our life energy. Traditionally, Qigong was used to inhibit illnesses, promote quality of life, and extend life.

The word Qigong has two parts, “qi” and “gong”. Qi is a traditional Chinese cultural concept, and it means information, vital energy, breath, or spirit. The second part, “gong,” means mastery or cultivation; thereby, Qigong itself is usually translated as the “mastery of your energy” or “vital energy cultivation”.

Qigong helps in the movement of oxygen and blood in your body, promotes healing, and nourishes the tissues and organs. Qigong also helps calm your mind and relieves emotional stress and mental anxiety as the physical and breath movements are linked to the brain. According to the Chinese point of view, health represents the free, continuous, balanced, and harmonium flow of qi throughout all the parts of the body. It requires control to practice Qigong accurately. Qi flows in your body as blood flows through specific channels. Qigong meditation is the necessary training that will help you develop mental control to move Qi across your body.

Qigong is practiced by three types of people: soldiers or athletes, mere people, and spiritual people. Therefore, Qigong is divided into three categories: Martial art, Medical qigong, and Spiritual Qigong. Medical Qigong is the largest category.

What are the Benefits of Medical Qigong?qi gong certification

Medical Qigong is an essential category of qigong exercise. It has many benefits for your body, mind, and health.

  1. Gentle Body Weight Appropriate for all Fitness Levels

As Qigong can be performed either by standing or sitting, this physical conditioning program is suitable for all fitness levels and ages. The slow, soft, and gentle qigong practice movements stimulate the body to enhance muscular stability, flexibility, and different motions around all joints of the body. One of Qigong’s critical benefits is the dynamic range of movements that incorporate into many of the movements. The dynamic movements also help promote better balance through the stimulation of the brain’s vestibular system.

  1. Enhances Circulation and Lowers Blood Pressure

Relaxed movements in Qigong are combined with long and slow diaphragmatic breaths. When you work on the body as a whole, blood gently moves through every artery and vein of the body and confirms the tissues’ appropriate and effective flow and nourishment. When movements are coordinated with slow, long, and controlled breaths, the sympathetic nervous is turned off, and the parasympathetic system starts working.

  1. Reduces Stress

Qigong is just like moving meditation, and similar to other meditation practices, Qigong has incredibly soothing effects on your central nervous system. As the mind, body, and breath are connected, and the parasympathetic nervous system is active, the brain releases all types of feel-good hormones like dopamine and serotonin. These hormones act on our natural opiates and create a relaxed state, which raises the healing process on the cellular level.

  1. Stimulation of Peristaltic movement

An extended diaphragmatic breath is used to connect to the lower area of the stomach called Lower Dantian during qigong practice. Three critical physiological functions in the body are stimulated while you push out belly when you breathe in and pull in the belly as you breathe out. These are: proper oxygenation of the blood, contractive pressure on the internal organs allows them to squeeze out toxins, and the peristalsis moves food along its path and enhances nutrient absorption. 

Now you are aware of medical Qigong and its importance, so let’s dive into qigong certification.

What is a Medical Qigong Certification?

Medical qigong certification is a course that provides students and physicians from across the healing discipline and an opportunity for deep self-inquiry and qi cultivation. It also provides a comprehensive understanding of Chinese medicine theory and experimental mastery of medical qigong therapeutic analysis and treatment methods. The medical qigong certification program plays a vital role in helping people to learn qigong skills. The learning schedule offered for medical Qigong is flexibly designed to acquire, practice, and develop your skills when working for this certification. This certification allows professionals to become highly trained and help your patients heal and reduce their mental stress.qi gong

Usually, the program has three main goals, which are:

  1. Self-cultivation:

    The first goal is to allow the students to learn and practice different Qigong forms, Qi sensing boundary-setting exercises, and Daoist meditation to cultivate their Qi and mind, body, and spirit health.
  2. Chinese Medicine Theory and Medicinal Daoism:

    This part focuses on giving the students an in-depth look at the critical psycho-emotional and cosmological dimensions of medical Qigong practice and theory.
  3. Medical Qigong Training:

    This part will be helpful for students in building Qi sensitivity and Qi emission practices through the use of Qi balls, color, sound, hand postures and movements, medical Qigong balancing protocols, and channel reading. Students will learn to identify, treat, and retain continuing provision to patients in different clinical settings.

Why is Medical Qigong Certification Important?

Qigong is not a simple thing. You are required to control your body to do meditation. Breathing exercises and body postures are included in this exercise. A lot of practice is required to achieve the level of an expert. Medical Qigong is also involved in the healing of your body; therefore, just like medical professionals have to go through some degree program to learn their profession.

Similarly, before using this exercise as a treatment for your patients, you must learn this exercise correctly. You must have hands-on experience and knowledge about this exercise so your patients can get complete guidelines about this exercise. Medical Qigong is a productive and robust healing system that has useful clinical applications.

How to Get Qigong Teacher Certification?

Many institutions are there in every country that offer Qigong Teaching program. The program helps you in learning and practicing Qigong and its effects. Usually, the program is offered for 4-6 months. There are many ways to get Qigong teacher certification; you can take the course from a trusted institute near your home. Before taking the course, it has to notice that you are legal and authorized if the ways they are using to teach.

Can I Get Qigong Certification Online?

Yes, you can quickly get an online course. Online courses are usually preferred because these are very flexible. You don’t have to leave your home. Usually, most of the professionals who want to learn this course are working who have a shortage of time. Many online platforms are there, providing experiential training courses; they also award you with certificates. 

You can go for any online or offline course which suits you according to your requirements.

Why it’s good to Get Qigong Certification?

The certification dramatically enhances your credibility, especially when you get it through a licensed school or institution. You will be provided with an elevated sense of self-confidence by achieving Qigong professional certification. You will see yourself in a new light with a better sense of self-importance and achievement. You will get professional recognition, and it will set you apart from others; you can also get access to the corporations and agencies looking for highly qualified professionals. You can also start your clinic for this particular service as you have a licensed certificate.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Qigong Professional?

  • Being a professional now, you can help others, and yourself heal and teach others to find healing.
  • It will help eradicate suffering and give happiness to other people.
  • Qigong is different than other healing methods because the awareness about Qigong is increasing, and you can become a creator in this rising sector of energy healing.
  • You would be able to support others and yourself monetarily.
  • We can find ourselves lonely and isolated in today’s world. Qigong will help you and your community become more involved by sharing the astonishing assistance of Qigong.
  • You are improving your health and wellness continuously when you help others heal.
  • You can schedule and design your work to support your priorities.

What is the National Qigong Association (NQA)?

The National Qigong Association (NQA) is a non-profit organization and the premier membership organization for Qigong. The organization is focused on promoting the understanding of Qigong for future and present generations. The organization offers professional membership certification, which is an additional benefit. Thereby, the National Qigong Association (NQA) provides an opportunity to inform the public about the depth and scope of the significant experience that helped the members of NQA in molding their specialized careers. The certification also helps you in applying as Qigong professionals in national institutes. 

What is the Salary of a Qigong Instructor?

The average salary of a Qigong instructor in the United States was $86,334 annually, as per Oct 24, 2020. However, the annual salaries can be as high as $154 000 or as low as $22,000. Currently, the salaries of the majority of Qigong instructors range from $31,500 to $149,000.

Final Words 

Qigong is a traditional Chinese exercise which has been started since 3000 years ago. The exercise was practiced to prevent illnesses and cure diseases in the past. It has the same effects now, but it has been extensively studied, and many aspects of Qigong are clarified now. Qigong is beneficial for our body; mind, body, and breath are coordinated in this exercise. Thereby, many systems of the bodywork correctly; it also calms your mind and prevents aging.

Qigong is not only an exercise now; it has become a specialized course in which people can develop their careers. Many national bodies have also decided to allow only those who have the proper certification to practice Qigong. Many authorized institutions are there that offer this program, and you can do it online as well. 

Qigong certification is essential to ensure that only professional people are practicing this and teaching it to their patients. You can earn up to $160 000 annually as a qigong instructor if you have a licensed certification.

Hope this article would be valuable to you in understanding the importance of Qigong and its certification. It’s essential to consult the person who has complete specialization in this field. 

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