Friendship for most people certainly has its own meaning, not least for Chinese people. Interestingly, this relationship between friends is interpreted differently by some other countries, even there also have a celebration day every year. Therefore, you must understand everything there is to know to be good friends with Chinese people.

How Important Are Friendship in China?friendship in china

Of course, not only for Chinese people but also for friendship is also considered quite important for some parts of human life. No wonder they interpret it to be the most influential thing in their life.

The presence of Chrysanthemums flowers can show the importance of friendship for Chinese people. This plant in Japanese and Chinese is simply defined as chrysanthemums, which means “golden flowers”.

It turns out that this belief has long been used to symbolize happiness and friendship through Chrysanthemums.

How Do Chinese Maintain Their Friendship?maintain friendship

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It turns out that in China, there are several ways you can practice to maintain friendships. Many people have applied it to maintain lasting relationships or want to be good friends. People in the world have also applied these tips.

Like any love relationship, friendships must get to know each other. You need to understand the character of each person who will become a friend. Of course, this takes time, so it cannot be done in a short time.

In addition, we must also maintain a commitment to be together. Most Chinese people will have few friends but are genuinely loyal in maintaining their friendly relationships. So this is the quantity that is not important anymore, but we are talking about quality.

What are the Chinese Symbols for Friends/Best Friends?

You need to know that China has several symbols that describe the meaning of friendship there. This makes its people often use it to show affection for their friends and best friend or important partners. Here’s the review:

  1. Pandapanda

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This adorable animal is already known to live in China. In fact, pandas have been the WWF logo since 1961 as a sign of friendship in the country. According to Chinese citizens, this bear-like animal reflects an honest, happy, and sincere nature as a friend.

Since 1922, China has sent some of these animals to other governments worldwide as symbols of friendship. Interestingly, this nation has succeeded in improving diplomatic relations that were initially poor, such as North Korea, the United States, and also Taiwan.

  1. Alstroemeria Flowers2.	Alstroemeria Flowers

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This Alstroemeria flower actually comes from the United States. Still, many people around the world have considered it a symbol of friendship. The reason is this plant symbolizes good fortune and prosperity, like a relationship between friends who want to continue to prosper.

In general, the petals of Alstroemeria grew upside down and crossed. Interestingly, the shape resembles a mine winding. Many people consider this display to be able to describe the intricacies of a friendly relationship but still blooming.

  1. Irisiris

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This Iris flower symbolizes courage and strength. So many people around the world will give it as a gift for their friends. Because this plant has a white color and, of course, a display like this provides its own beauty value for anyone who receives it.

Generally, a symbol of friendship like this will be wrapped in the gift packaging as well as the pot. It is no less interesting if you give it along with friendship days around the world. So make your friends feel very appreciated when they are celebrating something.

  1. Yellow Rosesyellow rose

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This yellow rose is a flower that is synonymous with romance. Don’t think that romantic things are only suitable for couples. In fact, things like this are also appropriate when celebrated with a friend whom they have accompanied under challenging times.

Many people in the world, especially Chinese citizens, think that this yellow rose can repair the strained friendship. The bright color of this plant shows sincerity, like friendship,

  1. Chrysanthemum flowers5.	Chrysanthemum flowers

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It was mentioned earlier that the chrysanthemum flower had been considered a symbol of friendship for Chinese and Japanese people. Many of them have used it as a gift to strengthen their good relationship with their friends.

The chrysanthemum flower itself is considered a symbol of the Japanese empire and a symbol of honor for important people, such as previous heroes. This type of plant has begun to be used as a symbol of friendship starting in 1876 and has become popular in the two countries.

Best Gifts for Chinese Friends

Chinese people generally celebrate Chinese New Year every year. You can take advantage of that time when you want to give gifts to your beloved friends who are there. The giving of this gift was not only given during that period but also on ordinary days. Here’s the review:

  1. Red Envelope/Angpaohong bao

This red envelope is commonly known as Angpao. Gifts like this are considered one way if you really want to express good wishes for good luck to your friends. This gift idea is very popular among Chinese and even around the world during the Chinese New Year.

You need to know again that the amount of money to be entered varies in nominal (depending on who the recipient is). Generally, if other children can give around 1000 yuan or while for adults it is around 2000 yuan.

  1. Tea

China itself makes tea as one of the drinks commonly provided during Chinese New Year. It becomes interesting to give it as a gift to give to your friends while they are celebrating. Many Chinese people think that this gift is very polite.

You can come to a friend’s house while giving this quality tea. Keep in mind if you don’t give him tea bags, it’s better to bring them in the form of fresh tea leaves. Gifts like this are considered more respectful and appear to have respect.

  1. Fruits

Interestingly, you can also give fruit to your friends who are celebrating Chinese New Year, especially in China. Generally, gifts in this form have been packaged using baskets so that they have a beautiful and attractive appearance. Usually, many fruit shops sell them.

One of the tips for choosing the type of fruit is to buy a basket filled with apples or oranges. Both are considered symbols of security and a bright future. A gift like this can certainly be eaten immediately by your friends or even used as a treat for guests.

  1. Sweets

Not only fruit and red envelope (Angpao), Chinese New Year is also synonymous with sweets. This snack is often served during special celebrations for the Chinese. You can find them in street food shops.

Generally, there will be a lot of hawker shops selling them, especially if you are in China. Of course, it is very easy to get it. Don’t forget to wrap it all at once before giving it to your best friend.

  1. Bags and Accessories

Besides giving gifts while celebrating Chinese New Year, you can also send some unique gifts that are useful for your friends in China. One of them is a bag, especially if they want to return to their country and want a souvenir.

The bag or suitcase that he uses while on the trip will always remind you of him. For Chinese people, where they always value the meaning of friendship, they really appreciate this gift. So feel free to give useful gifts like this.

  1. Travel Pillow

Still related to bags, you can also give gifts in the form of travel pillows to your friends who are returning to China. Of course, this item is handy when they are on the move and have to travel very long distances up to days on a flight.

Choose a travel pillow that has a unique shape or is like their character. A gift like this can help them rest well even when they are on the flight. This method can also prevent them from the risk of neck pain or hit the window while sleeping.

  1. Passport Holder

For those of you who have friends from China and they really like to travel around the world, you can give them a gift in the form of a passport holder. This item will help him avoid losing essential items such as identity cards to passports before checking in.

You can buy a passport holder that has several pockets at once and also has a zipper. Models like this can be safer for storing various important items such as passports, keys, credit cards, identity cards, to money even while traveling in various countries.

  1. Multifunctional Scarves

For foreigners who want to go abroad on international flights, of course, they must be faced with very significant weather differences. For example, suppose your friend from China is going on vacation for a few days in Indonesia. In that case, you will only face two seasons.

You can just give a gift in the form of a multifunctional scarf. The goal is that this item is able to protect it from the wind or just want to cover the shoulders and neck. Especially if you are in a country full of pollution and smoke, then gifts like this are beneficial.

  1. Cameras

All tourists, be they your friends or not, will definitely want to capture all the moments while on vacation. You can just give your friends who are from China a quality camera that makes it easier for them to take pictures and videos.

Usually, a camera like this is more suitable if you give it to true travelers who often go abroad in a short period of time. Just give this gift to your friend from China so you can enjoy the holiday without having to run out of memory on your cellphone

Those were some brief reviews about everything you need to know to be good friends with Chinese (Chinese). Friendship is indeed quite important for some people. You have to recognize the character of each individual, especially if they come from other countries.

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