Do you have any clue why all the top actors like Ornaldo Bloom, Tim Robbins, John Cusack, and Christian Bale were cast for the shanghai job movie? As they all have played roles in various Chinese films that had reached another level of success. Just watch the movie to know the beautiful amalgam of characters.

You all believe that Ornaldo Bloom reinvented himself as a vivacious and bonafide action star. Indeed we all have been aware of the ability to swing swords and fire arrows, but in the Shanghai job movie, he acted as ultra badass! 

The Shanghai job 极致追击, previously known as SMART Chase, is a British Chinese action thriller movie produced in 2017 under the direction of Charles Martin. The Shanghai job IMDB declares, the movie a hybrid of entertainment and action by the two top actors from England and Hong Kong.the shanghai job

The film’s cast includes Orlando Bloom, Leo Wu, Simon Yam, Lynn Hung, Hannah Quinlivan, Rong Chang, Jing Liang, Da Ying, and Tom Price. 

Wei Han and Ben Pugh produced the movie, which was released all over China on 30th September and later in other countries. 

Are you searching for a comprehensive review of the Shanghai job movie? Well, keep reaching the article to know a lot about the film.    

Production and development of the shanghai job 

Previously called S.M.A.R.T. Chase; earth and fire, the movie was shot entirely at the end of 2016. Bliss Media, a Sino-American company, invested in developing the film and produced it alongside the collaboration with U.K. based production and Management Company known as 42. Bliss Media owns distribution rights; however, the Creative Artists Agency has the movie’s domestic rights. At the American Film Market event in 2016, I.M.R. International handed over the remaining global rights of the movie.

Where can you watch the Shanghai job online?

You can enjoy the collection of varying movies on different websites, which provides you the private security. To sign up for some account, you may have to pay, while some others ask you to fill-up the form and welcome you to their online browser. Some of the websites to watch the Shanghai job movie online are as follows 

  4. www.gogomovies. to

Why do you need to watch it?

Orlando Bloom works with the Chinese backed production company staring the English speaking market to contribute to action-based films. His glamorous looks fit him well in Asian movies under the supervision of his Asian counterparts. Directing Jason Statham for everything worthy he has, Bloom plays the role of security expert worried by the previous failures. He was trusted again and got a second chance to deliver the valuable vase from Shanghai to the U.K.极致追击 3 

But he failed to make it even to the airport as the artifact was theft by the same gang who robbed Van Gogh right near to him a year ago. It felt a bit of stress that anyone would hand over the world’s valuable art treasure to Bloom and his shoestring outfit, consisting of two people, i.e., a child operating a drone camera and a bold girl. Moreover, the incredible team packed with a wonderful skill set makes it reasonable to watch.

Pros and cons of the Shanghai job movie


Besides this stuff, there are a couple of things that don’t movie seems to be right in the film.

  • First of all, most of the movie’s part is in English, not surprising as both the director and leading star are English but still other characters fail to mangle with the lines. 
  • Secondly, the use of remote control drones in every other movie sucks. The Ding Dong and his drones secure a considerable portion of the film. Although they are effective, however, the repetitive use in the Shanghai job movie creates monotony. 
  • Thirdly, although the Shanghai job movie was a debut of the director Charles Martin, he doesn’t keep things smooth. Moreover, his attempt to set the fire on film activities, along with the entry of Guy Ritchie’s swagger, makes it a story with a bit of hit and miss and few surprises.       


  • The song “Roulette” is the best thing that happened to the Shanghai job movie. 
  • The best team delivers excitement and charm to the film.
  • Efficient capture of the thrill and action in the movie.    

极致追击 2

The shanghai job review:

 Orlando Bloom, famous for his looks, started his career with top hits like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings. Like the previous record, he was looking forward to securing his position in the box office. However, his latest movie, The Shanghai job, doesn’t get success. The film was anticipated to be a hit because of Bloom and the well-known cast, but the box office declares it a flop. 

As far as the review of the movie is concerned, let’s have a look at it. 

Orlando Bloom stars as Danny Stratton, who is the head of SMART. Now, what’s SMART? SMART is a small security company that has expertise in providing high-quality pieces of art. Despite the team’s hijacking and the loss of precious Van Gogh, Danny doesn’t wreck his confidence. Instead, he makes the police skeptical that he was involved in the theft. 

After a year, Danny gets a chance to do a job. Now he realizes that to regain his lost reputation, he must steal back what was taken from him. Danny certifies the security of the famous Chinese case and transfers it to the Museum of London. Soon after starting their journey, he realizes that they were attacked once again that may endanger the people they love. Danny ensures that he safeguard the vase and set the hijackers free.    

Does the Shanghai job movie worth watching despite the boring synopsis and poor reputation in the box office? Not really because the film isn’t too bad to watch, but at the same time, it’s not too good. 

The lack of creativity and terrible storytelling is not an inspiration at all. The action scenes and cinematography are not up to the mark. The use of the same neon lights since the old times makes it no surprise. Moreover, the director directs the movie in the television series, so it comes to lacking the feel of a film. 

Scenes that are supposed to drive up the audience with tension and thrill are captured efficiently, but the storytelling isn’t fair. It becomes tough to know what’s happening in the movie. 

As expected in action films, the climax should impact the audience, but in the Shanghai job 2017, the climax ends with a sniffle, as it includes only a few fisticuffs. Not a figure of fun!

At times, the use of different dialogues doesn’t seem to be laughable, and you feel sorry for the top stars who are hampered with this type of content. 

The acting of different actors is not up to the mark, so both the script and acting are the main reason for the shanghai job IMDB’s failure. 

Orlando Bloom 

Orlando Bloom put his max, effort to maintain the charisma of his personality and humor in the role. But the content doesn’t give him the margin to prove himself. Besides, the decision to dye his hair back to blonde was fallacious. 

Simon Yam 

Simon Yam staring as Mach, is known as Lin Dong’s uncle and Bloom’s partner in the film. He is a fine actor, but he did nothing to stand out with his role in this movie. 

Leo Wu 

Leo Wu is another dull and uninteresting character that looks after his girl and uses the drones to safeguard his teammates. The perfect handling of the English language makes him a bit unique in the wrong way. His English hilariously ruins the beauty of action stents. 

Hannah Quinlivan 

She is the female security agent in the movie who is supposed to show up her acting skills, but every time she spotlights her character as a rich, privileged person who doesn’t achieve what she needed. 

Lynn Hung 

Lynn Hung is another female end of the ensemble whose role is also a damsel in distress. Her chemistry with Bloom doesn’t work correctly. 

Final verdict

Collusively, The Shanghai job movie, directed by Charles Martin, is an unsuccessful action movie, recruiting every tried and tested genre from the stock phrase to the dull plot shift. The unnecessary fights, explosions, car chases, and jumping from chasmal to another, including the rhymes without any reason, has nothing to do with the movie. The direction lacks the energy and tried to drag the plot, which can be finished within half time. So early on, the Shanghai job 2017 movie falls pretty flat. 

Have you watched this boring big-budget movie? If not, then don’t spend your money to watch the rubbish student film. It’s considered a bust to see the Shanghai job movie full of awful dialogues and lazy plotting. 

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