Old street in shanghai is One of the tours that you must visit while in Shanghai, China is the Old City or known as Old Street Shanghai. Located in Huang Pu district of Shanghai, the beauty of this place shows the face of China in the past. Want to know the 4 best destinations on Old Street Shanghai? Check it out below.

Get to Know the History of Shanghai Old Street

Historically, this location was the center of Chinese trade since the Ming Dynasty in 1368-1644. But then this place became more modern and lost its traditional side, starting when many European traders began to arrive and dominate the location.

This place used to be known by many people named Miaoqian Dajie. It is the oldest business and tourist area with many rows of traditional shops, entertainment, shops with classic nuances and cultural arts centers.

In addition, the Old City is also the center of the old Shanghai City government.

Apart from Miaoqian Dajie there is another term for this one destination, namely “Little Eastern Gate”.

This is because at the front, before visitors enter the tourist area, they will pass through a small gate first as a sign of a traditional location. The first bank owned by China was also founded on Shanghai Old Street.

Here are 3 Best Destinations on Old Street Shanghai

Old Street is an area that is much hunted by local and foreign tourists.

Despite its traditional nuances, this location is very popular because many people prefer the classic scenery of the past.

Every corner is also Instagramable. So get ready with your camera and enjoy the view.

Here, there are 4 best destinations that you can visit. Here are among them:

  1. Yuyuan and Chenghuangmiao Old Street Shanghai

chenghuangmiao old street

This one destination is very popular in Shanghai because it has views of photogenic angles.

You can use it as a cool and cool photography object or photo background.

The architecture is dominated by red and gold colors which are very oriental, typical of China in the past.

Yu Yuan Old Street is a favorite spot for visitors looking for souvenirs. Here is a paradise for cheap souvenir shopping.

Starting from clothes, hats, jackets, shoes, hangers and other unique accessories. Its clean and comfortable location makes tourists feel at home for long shopping in Yuyuan.

  1. Qibao Old Street Shanghaiqi bao old street

Qibao Old Street Shanghai is a paradise to eat in Shanghai.

From stalls to street food and all kinds of food can be found.

Get ready to empty your stomach first! before going to this one destination on Old Street Shanghai.

Because you will be tempted by delicious and fantastic foods.

Qibao Old Street is a location with many narrow streets and is full of crowds of sellers and buyers.

So while there, you will jostle a little with other visitors. But don’t worry, you will be presented with a cool night view with sparkling beautiful lights.

Qibao Old Street Food Corner
qibao old street food conor

  1. Nanxiang Old Street Shanghai

nan xiang old street

Furthermore, there is Nan Xiang’s destination which makes visitors on Old Street Shanghai feel even more at home.

There you will find a museum and a garden with a beautiful view. If you want to take a walk, it’s better at night.

Because the air is cool and the scenery is more captivating.

For those of you who like snacks like dumplings, you must try the homemade dumplings typical of the very famous Nan Xiang Old Street destination.

Many visitors are willing to queue to hunt for this delicious food. Not only famous in Shanghai, this food is even famous in China.

nan xiang old street tower

How to get to Shanghai Old Street?

For those of you who are planning a vacation to China, it’s incomplete if you don’t go to Shanghai Old Street.

If you are from Beijing, you can take the China Railway High Speed (CRH) train with a duration of approximately 4 hours 50 minutes.

The train schedule to Shanghai is available every hour from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets can be ordered at Chinese travel agents through customer service or at the station directly.

When you arrive in Shanghai, you can use a taxi to go directly to Shanghai Old Street.

These public vehicles can be found along city roads. The trip takes 1 to 2 hours depending on traffic conditions. While other options can also use the subway.

Some of the Best Culinary Options on Shanghai Old Street

There are many delicious culinary delights in Shanghai that you should try.

Ranging from fancy restaurants to roadside snacks. Prices also vary, some are wallet friendly, some can drain the contents of the pocket.

But everything is guaranteed to spoil the tongue. Here are a few options:

  1. In the Area Around Yuyuan Gardencheng huang miao bazar

This area is famous for the city’s roadside culinary. To get good food, you don’t have to go to big restaurants or expensive places to eat.

Here you can get as much culinary as you like at a cheap price. Regarding taste, this area is certainly no less delicious than others.Yuyuan Bazar

In this culinary destination on Shanghai Old Street, there is also traditional Chinese food that can be seen firsthand how it is made.

For initial recommendations, you can taste foods called Sheng Jian Bao, Chinese specialties, Ji Dan Bing, Chou Doufu and many others..

  1. Xiao Long Baoxiao long bao

This dish is right on Qibao Old Street. Many say that this Qibao is the venue for Shanghai, you know. You can find Xiao Long Bao which is much in demand by local visitors.

This food is suitable to be eaten after a walk through the Old City or after sailing by boat.

You can have a taste of Chinese food while looking at the river that surrounds Qibao.

Perfect combination! Apart from Xiao Long Bao, there are also Hai Tang Gao culinary delights that you can try.

For pork lovers, here is the Pigs Trotters menu, made from roasted pork legs processed with five Chinese spices.

  1. Yunnan South Road

yun nan nan road

Culinary lovers, don’t forget to stop by for a moment to enjoy the various foods that are on Yunnan South Road.

If you are still confused about the exact location, this place to eat is surrounded by shophouses that line the road.

This culinary destination is quite quiet, so it is pedestrian friendly.

There are many other kinds of street food here that are popular among the people of Shanghai.

There are such things as Scallion Pancake, Ci Gan Tuan, Uyghur Grilled Lamb Skewers, Jian Bing and many more menu choices. You can also order to take home to your residence.

  1. Chenghuangmiao Old Street

chenghuang miao old street

On Chenghuangmiao Old Street you will find a fast food restaurant called Lu Bo Lang.

There is also Shanghai De Xing Guan and Songyue Vegetarian Restaurant.

These three eateries are very famous, in demand, and the most crowded with buyers in the area around the Old City God Temple.

Interestingly, you can not only culinary journey, but also take a walk through the Temple of the Gods in the Old City of Shanghai.

Amazingly this temple is still standing strong from hundreds of years ago until now.
It dates back to the reign of the Yongle Emperor in the Ming Dynasty in 1368-1644.

How to Plan a 1 Day Full Day Trip to Old Shanghai Street

Visiting China, but haven’t had the chance to enjoy tourist destinations, the Old City in Shanghai is worth a try.

But for those of you who have limited time, see below how to plan a 1 Full Day trip to Shanghai Old Street:

  1. Private Tour Services

Ordering a private tour will make your trip easier.

If you only have a short time, this service can help you take a vacation so that it still feels fun.

The facilities that will be obtained are usually vehicles, drivers and tour guides who speak English, Mandarin and even Shanghainese to accompany you exploring the beauty of Old Street Shanghai.

Private tours have many choices of travel packages.

Starting from tours for 1 person, 2-3 people, 6-7 people, up to 9-10 people or more.

You will be picked up at the inn in the morning and return at night. When traveling, don’t forget to bring your passport and important documents.

  1. Make a List of Destination Visits and Time

Making a visit planning list is important for those of you who have 1 day.

In this case, you can consult with the private tour agent that has been ordered beforehand, because they are of course much more experienced and understanding about Shanghai Old Street.

Apart from the list of destinations, it is also necessary to calculate the time spent.

Starting from preparations before leaving, trips to Shanghai Old Street, breakfast lunch and dinner, to traveling time to each destination.

This will help you to coordinate your time well.

Opening Hours Shanghai Old Street

This Old City tourist destination is open every day (Sunday – Saturday), so you can come to Shanghai Old Street at any time.

But specifically for shops and stalls, they are open from 09.00 to 18.00 and on certain days until 21.00 at night.

Open all the time so don’t choose the wrong time to visit.

If you don’t like crowds, avoid coming during peak hours and during the long holiday seasons.

For recommendations, come on weekdays or at certain times where tourist destinations are not crowded. But don’t visit too late at night, because the view can’t be enjoyed and you certainly can’t eat there.


That’s a review of Shanghai Old Street and the 3 best destinations on Old Street Shanghai.

How? Are you increasingly interested in visiting? It’s incomplete if you don’t stop by and buy souvenirs in the Old City area.

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