China, the country with the largest population, has charming many diverse of tourists today.  In fact, there are interesting objects, ranging from themed nature, sightseeing, shopping, and other tourist attractions. There are many tourist and leisure destinations in Shanghai to spend your time with friends, spouse, and family. One of the unique recreational spots in Shanghai is the show attraction at the Shanghai Circus World.outside

Having an area of 22,500 square meters, Shanghai Circus World can be one of the attractions and circus centers in Shanghai, China. The main facility offered by Shanghai Circus World is the Acrobatic Grounds, which can accommodate nearly 1,600 people.

You don’t have to worry about accessibility because Shanghai Circus World is on the Shanghai Metro Line 1 and close to the Shanghai Circus World station.

Types of Shows At Shanghai Circus World

Shanghai is one of the big cities in China, which has a charm of beauty; the towering buildings are very majestic and also impressive to look at. Shanghai Circus World has become an icon of this place with extraordinary performances that showcase modern themes as well as a classic touch of China. No wonder this recreational destination is always crowded with visitors.

The Shanghai Circus World performance schedule for Era Intersection is every day at 19.30 Shanghai time. During the holiday season, there are additional shows during the holiday season, such as New Year, Spring Festival, May Day, and Chinese National Day. The average length of the show is 1.5 hours.

On the Happy Circus ticket option, the show schedule is 14.00. This is held every weekend, holiday season, and certain festivals. The difference from a regular performance is the type of attraction. Usually, there is acrobatics with a touch of comedy that is entertaining. The duration of the show is also approximately the same as Era Intersection, which is around 1.5-2 hours.

How to Get to Shanghai Circus World

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Shanghai Circus World is located in Jing’an District. It is located across the south from Zhabei Stadium and next to Guangzhong Park to the north. To get there, there are several routes you can choose to get to Shanghai Circus World, such as:

  1. Using Metro Transportation

For tourists who want to come to Shanghai Circus World can use metro transportation. The route takes towards line 1. Then get off at Shanghai Circus World Station. After that, get off at Exit 3. The location of the stadium is about 200 meters southwest.

You can also easily take metro shuttles from Lines 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12. All of these codes belong to various locations in Shanghai. For the route, it is the same as the first route. Usually leads directly to the Shanghai Circus World Station.

If you need guidance and assistance regarding Metro transportation in Shanghai, you can ask the local community for help. However, transportation in Shanghai is relatively easy to understand even if this is your first time coming to Shanghai.

  1. Using the Bus

It is faster and more convenient for visitors to come to Shanghai Circus World by another transportation such as bus. There are many buses stops within easy reach, especially for newcomers who don’t know the streets of Shanghai.

If you decide to take the bus, then within 500 meters, there are about 10 stops. You can also ask and tell the bus driver to take you to the nearest stop to Shanghai Circus World, after which you can walk to purchase tickets for Shanghai Circus World.

How to Book Shanghai Circus World TicketsSCW

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You must visit the Shanghai Circus World while in Shanghai because you will get a thrill of attractions and circus fun in Shanghai.

To be able to enjoy the performances of the great attractions of this circus, visitors must purchase tickets in advance. If you don’t know how to book tickets for attractions and circuses at Shanghai Circus World, here’s a quick guide.

You can book online through a website or several ticket service providers. Make sure the ticket type is appropriate so that you don’t get confused when you arrive. If you haven’t booked your Shanghai Circus World ticket online, take it easy, you can still get the ticket at the location at the Shanghai Circus World ticket booth. At the location of the Shanghai Circus World Theater, there is a direct ticket booking place. Visitors only need to state the type of seat and pay for it on the spot.

Regarding tickets, please note that there will be no refunds after you pay them. Shanghai Circus World is also not responsible if you lose your tickets.

If you need assistance or do not speak Chinese, Shanghai Circus World staff will assist and guide you.

But to avoid long queues, long waits, or other unpleasant things, it is recommended that you book your Shanghai Circus World tickets online. Most tourists prefer to book tickets online. This is because they don’t have to queue up when they arrive. In addition, there are usually purchase promo offers at certain moments, so it becomes more cost-effective.

Shanghai Circus World Ticket Priceshanghai-circus-world-2 (1)

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Ticket prices for watching shows at Shanghai Circus World vary widely. They may change over time or be adjusted to certain conditions. This will depend on the type of performance, attractions, and circus you choose. There are two types of performers: ERA – Intersection of Time and Happy Circus.

  1. ERA – Intersection of Time

In this type of Intersection of Time show, there are a number of seating options at different prices. The odd numbers are on the left side, while the even numbers are on the right side of the stage. The following is a list of prices that may vary or change.

  • VIP Seat: 700 RMB
  • Zone A: 450 RMB
  • Zone B: 350 RMB
  • Zone C: 250 RMB
  • Zone D: 150 RMB
  1. Happy Circus

There are two types of tickets at this Happy Circus show. Divided into Zone A and Zone D. Then Zone B and Zone E. Here are the terms of the price as a reference, which can change at any time.

  • Zone A and Zone D: 160 RMB
  • Zone B and Zone E: 130 RMB

Fun Activities at Shanghai Circus World

This huge recreational building is the place to spend the most enjoyable holidays. Various types of acrobatic stunts will provide an extraordinary experience for the entire audience. Here are some exciting activities at Shanghai Circus World:

  1. ERA – Intersection of Timeera

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This selection of shows are the best, and most captivate the hearts of the audience. There are a number of exciting activities to witness various types of attractions from great performers and professionals. This performance includes several stages, namely:

  • The Mirror Mirage: Early performances with classical music and dreamy landscapes. When you enter this room/auditorium, you will feel like you are in a fairy tale world. You will see your overwhelming reflection on the “magic” glass provided by Shanghai Circus World.
  • Magic Water: The large curtains began to open in beautiful colors. You will feel the beauty of the illusions displayed.
  • Floating Gondola: The gondola is a symbol of Chinese civilization. It appears after the curtains open and has a beautiful and refreshing view of the lake. The gondola will also be the stage where the artists and circus performers perform.
  • Music of ERA: Performance of classical Chinese and modern music from composer Michael Cusson. This music and orchestra will amaze you because it is very professional and also right for the atmosphere that is displayed by the performers.
  • Jar Juggling: The ancient acrobatics of skillful throwing, kicking, rolling, and turning that will amaze the entire audiences.
  • Wheel of Life: The spinning windmill shows that the actor got into. This is a philosophy of life without end.
  • Forever Love: The performers perform difficult stunts using ribbons with the theme of a couple. You will see a couple dancing on a rope in the air to the soft, gentle music.
  • Space Motorcycle: The motorbike spins in an iron cage about 20 feet in diameter, and it’s a very spectacular and thrilling final show.
  1. Happy Circusshanghai-centre-theatre-04

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The next type of show to be held at the Shanghai Circus World is Happy Circus. This performance has an animal theme, Forest Fun, City Homeland, and many more. That way, it is very suitable for child audiences. Here are a series of exciting activities that you can get:

  • Cute Animal Show

There are a number of animals that make cute streaks. Like the dogs lining up, the bears keep their balance, and some others perform magic tricks.

  • Funny Clown

This show invites the clown acrobat actor from Russia. The stadium’s atmosphere was filled with laughter because it had the concept of exciting attractions with a stupid style. There are additional multimedia themed on animals, nature, and humans.

  • Wild Horse Acrobatics

It shows acrobatics, which are riding swift horses. Amazingly there are other actors who ride other actors so that they appear balanced even though the horse is running. This is a very extraordinary show.


No trip to Shanghai will be complete without visiting Shanghai Circus World. Various shows and attractions are ready to be displayed for you when visiting the Shanghai Circus World. Watching great acrobatic shows from professional performers at Shanghai Circus World makes time run so fast. Various exciting activities will entertain the audience, even very suitable for young children by choosing Happy Circus tickets. Shanghai Circus World is the right destination for those of you who are looking for a place to vacation, spend time and have recreation.



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