China is implementing nationwide the strictest cell phone number regulation the country has ever seen because of rampant and ever-worsening cell phone scams.

“You’re under arrest for impersonating Mr. and Mrs. Cellphone.”

Heads up, scammers are getting really resourceful these days: you might receive messages from a number resembling that of a bank, it might say your credit card is about to expire and asks you to click on a link or dial a number, DO NOT click—you might authorize something money-wise without knowing it during the process. Search online for the official website and check it yourself instead.

Due to the incident at Pudong Airport, the government wants this policy fully implemented as soon as possible. As of June 13, 2016, the Shanghai government has sent out messages regarding the expedition of real-name registration for all cell phones, in accordance with anti-terrorism regulations; the message did not set a deadline, but it did state that unregistered numbers will be discontinued from use.

Better early than late, here are two simple ways to get real name registration done.

One Way To Do It: Bring your personal ID and SIM card to the physical service hall of your server, such as China Mobile, China Telecom, etc. Tell them you want to register a real name for your number.

Another Way To Do It: Log onto the online service hall of your server using your phone number and password. When in doubt, click “forgot password” and verify using a PIN sent to your phone. When logged in, click “real-name registration” on the leftmost bar. Fill in personal information and upload a picture of yours for verification.

China Mobile:

China Telecom:

China Unicom:


And you’ll be all set!

Author: Enjoy Shanghai

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